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Anything labelled ** Means it was taken from Fallen Lords Documentation thus commissioned by him.


Buffed Brienne of Tarth **
Increased renown for Balon Greyjoy **
Increased renown for Yara Greyjoy **
Buffed Ironborn Veteran Marauders **
Buffed Faceless Man **
Added Veteran Faceless Man troop **
Added Areo Hotah as an npc companion **
Added Fireborn Veteran troop **
Added several new Wildling weapons created by Bastien Carter **
Added two new troops to Myr troop tree **
Added a new trainer to Myr where you can recruit specific troops **
Slightly buffed Gregor Clegane **
Added new special recruitable troop to the Riverlands - Riverlands Ranger Guards **
Added Riverlands Ranger Guards to Riverrun, Bynden Tully, Edmure Tully parties **
Added new npc's to Stannis Barratheons party; **

  • Godry farring
  • Corliss Penny
  • Brus Buckler
  • Malegorn of Redpool
  • Patrek of King's Mountain
  • Narbert Grandison
  • Benethon Scales
  • Dorden the Dour
  • Lambert Whitewater
  • Perkin Follard
  • Merrel
  • Morgan
Added the Mountains Men companions to Gregor. **

  • Plliver
  • Shitmouth
  • Joss Stilwood
  • Raff the Sweetling
  • Dunsen
  • Chiswyck
  • Eggon
  • Tobbot
  • Weasel
  • Perkin Follard
Switched Matthos Seaworth to be an npc in Davos Seaworths party **
Gave merc cavalry hand armour **
Updated/improved some of the flora wind shaders. **
Increased weapon proficiency of Queen's Men. **
Gave Reed a shield. **
Increased Brog shield skill to 6. **
Increased Reeds shield skill to 8. **
Added a new horse to equip Brog with. **
Increased One handed wep proficiency of Sellsword Captain. **
Increased Khiarai's power draw to 6 **
Increased Giants Head Armour values. **
Added a new unit to Dragonstone. **
Added a new recruitable troop Dornish House Guard to Sunspear. **
Adde 15x Dornish House Guards to Prince Doran Martells party. **
Added 10x Dornish House Guards to Prince Oberyn Martells party. **
Changed Red Cloak Knights armour. **
Added a new special recruitable troop to Westerlands faction. **
Added special troops to Tywins party. **
Increased Power Draw for Dongo. **
Giants arrows do damage to wights. **
Added new Giant Archer upgrade for Giant troop. **
Added three new units to Free Folk, Wildling Beserker, Wilding Vet Berseker, Wildling Vet Raider. **
Added 2 new troops to the IronBorn. **
Changed Crownlands Lancer horse. **
Added a new Crownlands cavalry troop. **
Added a new Targaryen special troop. **
Added 10 x Dragon Guard troops to Aegon. **
Added a new Stormlands Special recruitable troop. **
Added new troops to Renly's party. **
Added extra troops to The Dreadfort. **
Added a new Dothraki event. **
Added some new horse textures. **
Adjusted some Essos faction party troop compositions. **
Added the ability to deposit money into the Iron Bank. **
Added a new menu to show money loaned and deposited from the Iron Bank. **
Added several types of elephant. **
Optimised files by removing unused native assets plus some other textures etc. **
Added special elephant troop to Volantis. **
Added new Cavalry troop to Volantis. **
Added elephant troops to Golden Company. **
Added NPC's with custom dialogue written by Fallen Lord to the Iron Bank scene. **
Added a new NPC companion to Prince Adaros Aloran's party. **
Exchanged Magister Illyrio Mopatis for Magister Meryn Terys. **
Added Magister Illyrio Mopatis to Illyrios Manse. **
Added special recruitable troops from Magister Illyrio Mopatis. **
Updated Wildling and Thenn troop compositions. **
Added Elite Cavalry unit to mercenary roster. **
Added Merc Elite Cavalry to Adaros Aloran and Narbo Oloryon's parties. **
Added merc party Gallant Men. **
Added 2x new Dothraki armour. **
Added 2x new Dothraki troops. **
Adjusted some Dothraki gear. **
Adjusted some Dothraki troop names.**
Added some special NPC Bloodriders to Khal Pono. **
Added a new Valyrian Glaive. **
Added Areo Hotahs Glaive. **
Added 3x new Stormlander helmets. **
Added Sons of the Harpy mask. **
Updated Stormlands troops headgear. **
Added a new merc company, The Ragged Standard inc 4 new troop types. **
Added 2x new Bravossi troop. **
Added a new Dornish troop. **
Gave several dornish troops hand armour. **
Added 3x new Norvos troops. **
Added 7 special companions troops to Archon Alegro Tumitus. **
Added new Vale Knight troop. **
Vale Knight of the gate is now a special recruitable troop. **
Adjustments to War for Dawn quest and messenger troop. **
Added a new Merc company - Iron Legions. **
Iron Legions can be recruited from a special map location. **
Added a new special map location - Temple of the Bearded Priests. **
Added 6 new companions to High Magister Quarro's party. **
Added a special troop to Volantis tavern scene. **
Added several new npc companions to Adaros Aloran's party. **
Added several new npc companions to Euron Greyjoy's party. **
Added a new special dagger. **
Added special event quest. **
Added second special event. **
Added a new recruiter in the Temple of the Bearded Priests. **
Added a new Norvos Holy Champion troop. **
Added a new glaive. **
Added a menu option when selecting to work for a village as a farmer. **
Updated the direwolf lair dialogue to make it clear the direwolf needs to be fed to grow. **
Removed some un-needed global vars and functions.**
Adjusted lods for some flora meshes. **
Adjusted Lods for arrows. **
Increased Brienne of Tarth payment price
Changed Targaryen Local Lords horse.
Slight adjustment to the Stormlands Troop tree.
Some modifications to the Targaryen troop tree.
Changed Crownlands Local Lord horse.
Changed some westerlander troop names.
Added a new Brotherhood troop.
Modified stats slightly of most troops to allow a wider curve of stats between levels.
Increased max Weapon Proficieny by a few hundred. This allows a wider range between level 0 to max levels.
Reduced some levels of troops so upgrade costs and xp should be slighlty lower across the board (Though mainly towards the higher end of the scale).
Buffed Essos peasants to be of similar stats to Westerosi peasants.
Local Lord stats have been increased to make these a more viable option to recruit.
Buffed many special NPC's stats.
Removed the option to choose who can join you in battle as it causes several major bugs.
Improved the fog shader - SupaNinjaMan
Improved The Wall scene.
Removed the fight promoter as he doesnt actually do anything.
Adjusted/optimised how random renown amounts are calculated.
Various code optimisations.
Updated Nessa Goodbrothers age.
Gave arrows to Khiarai.
Removed fog from tavern and castle court scenes.
Dagmer is now his own faction - this stops some issues where the player could not fight him if they were also Ironborn.
Wild Hares now have horses.
Reduced the amount of timber needed for the obsidian mine by 10.
Made it clear that the mine requires the item timber rather than just wood.
Added new pretender and banner. Commission by WitchKang, dialogue written by Tages.
Tidied up module.ini and renamed some brf files.
Updated Spanish translation files from Kokemen.
Added 6 new Valyrian swords - commissioned by Paladin, Tages and Fallen Lord, created by Avelium.

  • Truth
  • Brightroar
  • Vigilance
  • Just Maid
  • Orphan Maker
  • Lady Forlorn
Added weapons to Nymeria and Tyrene Sand.
Added a few new shields.
Added a tavern sign to the tavern in Oldtown plus a few props to make it a bit more obvious where it is.
Changed 'Others' to 'Slings' in Companions Overview page.
You can now only eat prisoners if you are of Free Folk heritage.
Updated French translation files from Daneel53.
You can now die and lose when plundering religious locations.


Fixed issue with Dothraki Bloodrider trainer
Fixed small issue with Red Priests party.
Fixed small issue at Moat Cailin.
Fixed incorrectly registered skybox.
Fixed issue with Northern Horses textures.
Added various extra faction checks in invasion triggers, which should stop some rare bugs.
Smoothed some terrain at Storms End and added some extra Ai mesh for peasants.
Removed candles from under water in the opening scene.
Updated mounted archery units to have horse archery skill.
Attempted fix - Troops spawning incorrectly at White Harbour Siege scene.
Various fixes/checks for various events.
Janis Lyren should always join your party now even if you do not have room.
Fixed an issue with the random giant recruitment bug.
Fixed several reported issues with Winterfell scene.
Attempted fix - When obsidian is being added to the mine it was not being stacked.
Fixed issues with recruitment from special recruitment npcs.
Adjusted Varys dialogue so he does not ask you to meet him in to incorrect location.
Added a chest to Dragonstone throne room.
Added some extra entry points to the Red Keep Interior.
Fixed an issue which stopped the War for Dawn quest from progressing.
Updated all duplicated menu id's. This was stopping translators from translating all id's correctly. Thanks Daneel53 for pointing this out to me!
Fixes to various text issues.
Fixed passages to the castle and prison at Castle Stokeworth.
Fixed an issue where buying obsidian troops checking was out by one.
Fixed passages to the tavern in Oldtown.
Fixed a load of dialogue gender miss-match issues. Thanks to Daneel53 for pointing these out.
Fixed Lord Anders Yronwoods banner.
Gave Lord Deryn Drinkwater the Yronwood banner too. (They are sworn to house Yronwood and have no banner of there own)
Faith of the Seven troops now have upgrade paths.
Fixed issue with not all lords/ladies attending the Red Keep for feasts.
Fixed sometimes having double of some kingsguard in the Red Keep.
Fixed floating pots in Sunspear castle halls scene.

V8.1 Patch

Note: Some of these changes will not take effect unless a new game is started.


Areo Hotah is now tall
Scaled all scaleable models too tall to work right with ragdolls (for regular troops)
Revised surrender dialog logic so town lords don't autosurrender above minimum to consider
Made mnu_castle_taken_native exit like the other options
Made player's stronghold follow his/her faction changes
Fixed tournament spawning and initialization
Completed second outfit at tournaments
Increased all elephants hitpoints by 25%
Added some Targaryen armours to the Targaryen faction shop. Not all have been added as you will need to 'acquire' these yourself.
Updated Lysyra Rogare's age and clothing.
Fixed/Adjusted the Golden Company troop tree.
Gallant men now use boats when crossing the water.
Updated Red Rains description.
Updated the French and Spanish translations.
For now the player cannot execute or send lord companions to the wall. This caused a few errors and exploits.
Massively optimised the lords companions assignment code and attempted to fix the cloned issue - needs testing.
Stopped the bank menu periodically popping up. You can access this in reports -> bank menu.
Added entry points for the castle and prison in Shatterstone.
Updated French translation. Thanks Daneel53.


War for Dawn quest should now complete once finished
Fixed Dorne location specific events that could happen outside of Dorne.
Fixed face codes for Ser Myke Brax, Tregys Aeniris, Norodos Ennyl and Jabal Dos.
Ironborn and Dothraki companions should now belong to the correct faction.
Fixed incorrect weapon skill of Ser Parmen Crane.
Fixed incorrect dialogue for Khal Pono's Bloodriders.
Fixed issue where pillaging the bearded priest temple could cause many villages to lose relations with you.
Fixed there being two instances of Perkin Follard.
Fixed Pretender dialogues not showing correctly.
Fixed Arianne Martell not connected to Doran Martell.
Fixed issues buying land if their is no lord yet present.

V 8.2


Slightly adjusted stats of dagger Silence
Added Falchion to Iron Legionnaire troops
Adjusted the weapon break scripts. The Ai is around 70% less likely to break their weapons and hero troops inc the player around 40% less likely.
Troops are twice as likely to run away if their weapon breaks now.
Added Lav's tweaks so some stats can be increased to 63.
Increased stats of various troops.
Given Volantine Elephant Rider a different bow.
Adjusted Golden Company Elephant Rider equipment
Adjusted Saddle Horse stats.
Changed Pentos, Lorath, Qohor and Tyrosh starting religions to R'hllor
Updated loads of shaders on materials to increase performance.
Removed some missing meshes listed in the module files.
Removed some other un-needed files.
Updated vale recruiters name.
Removed un-needed language files.
Changed Volantis Cataphract's armour.
Wildling champion warrior now has javelins
Named giant archer as Giant Archer.
Increased stats of Northern Clansman Chief.
Increased stats of Bandit Leader.
Dornish troops - Sand Warrior, Sand Cavalry and Nomad Cavalry are now guaranteed to have gloves.
Added some higher value options for depositing and withdrawing stags from the iron bank.
Updated French translation.


Fixed Iron Legionnare exploit.
Fixed an issue with some stray parties getting dothraki troops after the dothraki event.
Fixed an issue with Piper Helmet
Fixed some duplicated meshes.
Fixed some missing flora meshes.
Fixed some missing textures.
Correctly renamed Beech wood to Ash.
Prohibit event companions from being able to tell you their backstory (Which they do not have)
Fixed issues when working for a village.
Fixed various typos and other gramatical errors.
Added some small support for WSE2.
Added all properties of Valyrian steel to Rhllors Glory.
Fixed various issues with gender comparison texts.
Fixed a few text issues in strings files.
Fixed "We take what is ours" quest not showing its description.
Attempted fix for Dirks banner.
Fixed incorrect dialogue for Benerro.
Fixed stray object in Banefort.
Fixed some floating props in Stone Hedge scene.
Fixed missing scene props at Dyre Den.
Fixed some floating scene props at Rooks Rest.
Added missing entry points to Grandview including the prison guard.
Fixed Torrhens Square internal castle door taking you to the wrong place.
Fixed issue with The Twins internal castle door leading you to the incorrect place.
Fixed issue with Crows Nest internal castle door placing you under the scenery.
Fixed internal castle door having no exit label prompt for the following:
  • Starfall
  • Braavos
  • The Eyrie
  • Stone Hedge
  • Lordpdort
Fixed external castle door having no exit label prompt for the following:
  • Banefort
  • Deep Den
  • Dyre Den
  • Castamere
  • Ironrath
  • Ninestars
  • Brightwater Keep
  • Grandview
  • Spottswood
Fixed no prison door at the following:
  • Dyre Den
  • Castamere
  • Ironrath
  • Ninestars
  • Grandview
  • Spottswood
  • Torrhens Square
Fixed no exit points for castles halls for the following:
  • Claw Isle
  • Brownhollow
  • Hayford
  • Willow Wood
  • Atrantra
  • Goldgrass
  • Blackpool
  • Amberly
  • Castle Wrath
  • Parchements
  • Gates of the Moon
  • Newkeep
  • Old Anchor
  • Gull Tower
  • Starpike
  • Kings Landing
Fixed Vale Knight recruiter dialogue not being bale to exit in certain conditions.
Fixed The Arbor inn having no exit.
Fixed the inn exit taking you to the incorrect place in Stoney Sept.
Removed the exit for the brothel in Stoney Sept as they are not supported and will take you to an incorrect place.