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Started by Produno, March 29, 2014, 06:58:53 AM

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March 29, 2014, 06:58:53 AM Last Edit: April 06, 2014, 03:09:48 AM by Produno
This is whats done so far. Hopefully we will get some internal testing done before release so this changelog will change much more yet.  I still expect 2-3 weeks until released.


Added Hedge Knights merc tree
Added Freerider merc tree
Added other mercs.
Added A Good Master whom you can buy Unsullied from.
Added Dagmer Cleftjaw and his party
Added robber Knights (bandit party)
Added more armours.
Changed Whores clothing.
Added some new weapons.
Changed all village map icons.
You can now recruit a special troop from a northern town if you have good relations with the House Stark.
You can find wandering Crows in Westerosi taverns south of the wall. They will take your prisoners in exchange for a gain in honour and a relations bonus with the Nights Watch.
More changes to the Campaign Map. (polish)
Added the Tavern Animations pack.
Added and slightly changed Hiners scenes:
Made changes to Winterfell's scene.
Changed many throne room and tavern scenes to correctly reflect location. - ongoing
Added lots of new scene props.
Added new face textures. - still more to change.
Added Goldcloaks garrison to Kings Landing
Added Unsullied Garrison to Qohor
Added Harbour map icon locations to the map.
Added Goldcloaks guards to the Red Keep.
Added Unsullied guards to Qohor's Throne Room.
Modified the falling over rate when walking backwards.
Modified Relations with kingdoms and the way they are handled for some. Notably the Nights Watch.
Lots of changes to the religious system. Added more religious npc's with special requirements to join etc. plus other bonuses.


Changed Arya to Female.
Give Bronn boots.
Lots of polishing.
Fix some funky Armour issues.
Finally removed all pretenders - needs to be checked, though all seems ok on my testing
Fixed some issues with sea travel, no more parties walking on water.
Fixed the Nights watch attacking each other - needs proper testing.
Fixed lots of missing scene prop meshes.
fixed unable to find mesh long_mail_tunic_a_jco

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