Minor Clans (Mercenaries) [AWOIAF Suggestions.]

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Suggestions for Bannerlord - AWOIAF.

Minor Clans (Mercenaries).

Part 1 : . (neutral hostile parties)
(we know that bannerlord have some neutral type of units like looters and etc.)
also we know there are few minor factions like - lake rats / Hidden Hand / Forest People and few others.

Id want to suggest having more variety of that troops and parties.

Okey , this said.
(all suggestions for numbers is to change as needed to met the balance)
- Variety for Looters and their numbers tweaks.
(setting also the number of maximum spawns of looters to the Nr(20)-(Player level)*Nr(2) (min spawns Nr(4) , max spawns Nr(40)) (Nr stays for the numbers that could be modified after balance tests) (either way the formula can be changed)

(let it begin with 4-20 looters in the early game till player let's say earn his 5 level cap )

(Rise up the spawn of looters to 20-50 (adding few advanced units like thiefs to vary the unit type , spawn in early-mid game till player get to level 10)

(Rise up the number of spawn to 50-100 (adding Bandit Lords and a bigger variety of looter types and thiefs, brigands , few units bandit cavalry. Make it till player gets to level 15)

(Rise the numbers to the maximum - (gain a number of units till 200 , adding bandit lords and even Bandit Rogue Heroes , and a bigger variety of units with better gear , making it the ultimate level of difficulty for this type of untit spawns)

Id suggest decreasing the numbers of lesser level spawns Parties and increase the number of bigger Parties spawns as player level progress through the game.

(no one want to charge a 4-20 looter parties when in late game)

(same formula aplies to other rogue mini factions - like brigands , and Slave Hunters or other that can be made)

Part 2 : . (Minor Factions) (mercenaries)
Okey , this one is more tricky, now we have some minor clans.
(in this category i put factions such as : Hill Tribes , Second Sons , Sons of the Harpy , Brotherhood without banners , Golden Company , Lost Legion , Stormcrows, Windblown and others.

First biggest difference would be an option to join any of this factions , with the posibility to make quests for the faction , also id suggest adding some unique early-mid-late-ultimate gear for each of this faction) ,in result of making quests the player would aquire renown with the factions which he is making the quests, though giving the player a bigger position - with new options to hire troops from the faction and buying a better faction gear)

(also make the factions having their own plans and goals , like getting a better contracts with bigger major factions or even overthrow some major factions) (making quests or killing the faction enemies should also increase the faction power , furthermore making other kingdoms like our mercenary faction , and offer us better contracts)

Some examples of goals can be some counteractions to player actions.
Example : The player did aprove new law of no slavery (as a ruler of a city that had to have slavery as a common thing) , this action could lead to a serie of counter actions from let's say (Sons of Harpy) if this minor faction is to be located near the city, (this counter actions could lead to Sons of the Harpy to threat player and his kingdom as an enemy , raiding player kingdom - attacking villagers, making attempts to murder or poison the player and so on.)
Same counter actions could be done with other minor factions too - for example Second Sons, that could react to player that did recruit other mercenaries if the player did that actions near their location.

Part 3 : New features
Features that could come with this new options could be a option to create an own faction (but doing that would require having a Faction Banner that could be only aquired let's say by slaying completely other faction.
(this would also get us to get our own gear for each fo the Unit tier of our factions , give us some options to increase/decrease the gold spent on faction gear and unit quality of the faction , getting a proper faction Hall that can be set in any castle or City ,also having different hall upgrades (like training fields , better faction smith , better faction recruit system)
besides that letting us choose which type of units we want our faction to have (like tier 1 - having a shield and sword or having an two handed axe , or maybe an axe and shield , or other options) (having different number of gold on each tier from which to choose)
For example : We have 1000 gold to choose an option for Tier 1 unit
(when we could get them a better axe that could cost 300 gold but not so good armor that could cost like 200 gold , or get a better armor and a cheap axe , so having this gold limit would make us make a choise.)
(also id suggest having this option not only for minor clan creation but for Kingdom creation too - but its a theme for another disscussion and il post it further in other posts suggested to Kingdom and Policies)

1) Accesing the mercenaries Menu
Avabile once the player join any mercenaries company , (opens the acces to the merch creation company aswell)

This are only some of my suggestions, i might post more of them in the future.
Sorry for any gramatical mistakes , english not my native language.
Chaos is a ladder.

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While I have made some postings of this in Discord in the past, this might be a good time to do a reveal of the minor factions that are currently planned for AWOIAF: The Known World.  Once the wiki gets a little more caught up our Bannerlord Wiki will be being populated as I work on the in-game Bannerlord Wiki.

Mercenary Companies Going into Bannerlord:

Vale Mountain Clans
Hailing form the Mountains of the Moon the Vale Mountain Clans are a fierce and independent people.  Descendant of the Old Gold Worshipers that fled into the mountains after the Andals conquered the Vale, they have a long enmity with the against the Vale.
Brotherhood Without Banners
Known also as the Knights of Hollow Hill and the forgotten fellowship, the Brotherhood Without Banners are the survivors of the soldiers and nobles sent by Eddard Stark to bring Gregor Clegane to justice.
Brave Companions
Led by Vargo Hoat, the Brave Companions are a mercenary company from Essos, which due to various contracts work in Westeros under the employment of Twyin Lannister.  While the Brave Companions may charge for their loyal service, they offer theft, murder, and rape for free.
Holy Hundred
Under the leadership of Bonifer the Good, The Holy Hundred is a Westerosi mercenary company of elite lancers loyal to the Seven and to the holder of the purse that pays them.
Wild Hares
A group on young and untested noble men under the leadership of Benfred Tallhart.  The Wild Hares operate in the North in Westeros and focus their efforts against bandits and Ironborn Raiders.
Golden Company
Founded by Ser Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers, the Golden Company is the finest and most powerful of the mercenary companies in the Essos.  While they prefer to be considered a free brotherhood of exiles it does not change the fact they fight for money and lots of it. The Golden Company has never broken a contract and claim the motto "Our word is good as gold."
Second Sons
Though the Second Sons do not have the reputation of the Golden Company, they are a dependable and well-equipped mercenary force that operate on Essos.  While older than the Golden Company, they are not as reliable or loyal to coin.
The Windblown
Established in 270AC by the Tattered Prince and five brothers-in-arms, the Windblown have already made a good name for themselves in Essos.  Their forces consist of both cavalry and infantry and have often saved their employers from defeat.
Consisting of a force of five-hundred horsemen the Stormcrows are an Essos mercenary company that primarily operate around Slaver's Bay.  The Stormcrows are an effective medium calvary unit capable of holding its own on the battlefield.
Crew of the Hag's Teeth
Led by the infamous Valyrian blooded beauty Lady Korra, the fierce young maidens under her command fight for either spoils or paid coin.  They are known to geld their male captives for laughs and giggles.  Aside from the warriors of the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and the Jade Tigress Princess Khiarai, they rank among the scariest women in AWOIAF.
Company of the Cat
Led by Bloodbeard, the Company of the Cat is a salty yet undisciplined mercenary force.  It is hard to decide if the Company of the Cat would make better bandits than they do mercenaries.
Gallant Men
An old and reliable mercenary company, the Gallant men have been around since the "Doom of Valyria."  The Gallant Men often find themselves in the employ of Lys, though they have fought for Tyrosh on at least two occasions.
Iron Shields
The Iron Shields was founded by a group of Andal Adventurers and existed roughly over five thousand years.  They are a tough reliable band of mercenaries that fight primarily on foot.    Their popularity has declined since the Century of Blood though they are still exceptionally reliable.
Long Lances
Currently under the employ of the cities of Slaver's Bay the Long Lances patrol the Demon Road. They have proven reliable in putting down slave rebellions and clearing out bandits between Volantis and Mantarys.  They consist of highly skilled medium cavalry hailing from the free cities and Westeros.
Maiden's Men
Ironically, the Maiden's Men are perhaps one of the cruelest and unlikable mercenary outfits currently in existence.  Like the Brave Companions, the Maiden's Men are hired to remind everyone that the people that hired them have absolutely neither mercy nor care for those who would oppose them.  Many famous mercenaries have served under their banner and most regret their term of service.
Men of Valor
The Men of Valor are made up primarily of Westerosi adventurers and noble sons that have no hope of ever inheriting a dime from their fathers.  They have primarily seen action only in the Disputed lands between Lys, Tyrosh, and Myr.
Wolf Pack
Created by Hallis Hornwood and Timotty Snow following the Dance of Dragons, the Wolf Pack primarily consists of northmen and are the only mercenary company to have a contract with the nation of Ibben.  They are tough, loyal, and dependable infantry force led currently by Camren Ironsmith and Aldo Mollen.
New Bandits
Jade Sea Slavers
Jade Sea Pirates
Bone Mountain Bandits
Steel Road Stalkers
Demon Road Deplorables
Yitish Outcast Marauders
River Reavers
Summer Sea Seahawks
Summer Sea Slavers

Currently 80+ troop trees are designed

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