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Started by thenorthremembers, December 12, 2017, 06:03:29 PM

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Ive recently been learning to scene and want to contribute to the mod if possible :p I have messaged produno with screens of some work I've made but as we all know he's busy a lot doing great work for us :)

If produno or any of the other scene makers for the mod know of any specific scenes he wants to add or recreate I'd be happy to work on some of them :)

I started a show type winterfell and an ironrath scene recently and was hoping to make a whitehill scene too but I can imagine produno doesn't want the extra work of creating new characters such as the Forrester's etc right now so I'd be happy to work on any he has in mind.

Of the top of the head, I can say that Essos castles and villages need new scenes. Look for those that are from native/brytenwalda.

Will do :) if produno gets chance it would be great if he could post a list, I remember he posted a list before of the nights watch scenes he wanted but I'm.not sure which ones have been done other than castle black.

Quote from: thenorthremembers on December 12, 2017, 11:19:21 PM
I'm.not sure which ones have been done other than castle black.
Well, NafNaf was working on Eastwatch-by-the-sea, though I have not heard anything from him in a long time. I'm pretty sure no one is working on Shadow Tower. Though, Produno knows better.

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Sorry for the late reply!

A few in the north are

Shadow tower.
Last Hearth.
Bear Island.
Widows Watch.

These will all need godswoods too.

So lots to go at :)


The shadow tower seems like a good place to start so if you want to put a line through it people could post here what they're working on and the list could be updated :)

Quick question did you mean godswoods just for the northern castles? I'm not sure if the nights watch castles do but I wouldn't have thought so.

Yeah just the northern castles. The wiki says all castles in the north, so I assume they only mean northern castles.

Some screens of the new shadow tower scene I have been working on, just needs AI meshes/entry points and siege adding.

Let me know what you guys think  :)






Is this still ongoing? I hope so :) We certainly need those scenes filling up!!

Yeah its still going, it was on hold for a while but I have more time now to continue :)

If You have any suggestions or requests to add to the shadow tower scene let me know!

I would like to finish it soon and start eastwatch  :P

These are looking great. I'm excited to see them in-game.

I think the outer terrain wall would be best (as opposed to raised inner terrain/object wall) as it's the largest and I designed the shadow tower with it in mind so it would be behind the castle as it should be.

Heres a screenshot let me know what you think or if you guys would prefer a wall in the inner terrain though it would be significantly smaller (width wise).


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