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V9.0 / "Let's fight!" due to no money...
Last post by tos1 - Today at 10:17:34 AM
When the player character P meets with an enemy lord E and tells her/him that P wish to avoid a fight, E offers a price, and if P does not have enough money, P says "Let's fight!":

Is there no way to avoid this battle? I don't want to fight with you.
If you pay me {reg0} silver stags, I'll let you go, recreant.
Let's fight!

However, the "Let's fight!" above doesn't seem to connect well with possible answers below except for "I shall fight to...". (I checked that the script "lord_comment_to_s43" selects one of eight sentences using the persuasion type of E.)

That may be, but it is my duty to fight with you
I shall fight to the death
Why should I care? I wish to fight with you
Ah. Unfortunately, you see, I wish to fight with you
Hold your tongue! You will have need of it shortly, while begging for mercy
I'm sorry -- I can't just let you ride away. No hard feelings?
That may be, but my duty to my liege requires me to apprehend you

In Native, there should not be the price offering by E in Native, and the problem seems to be inherited from Brytenwalda (or upstream MOD).

it might make the connection well if the player character again asked for no battle instead of "Let's fight!".

Sorry if I misunderstood because of my imperfect English.

- How to reproduce it/when/why it happens:
Have small amount of money, meet an enemy lord, repeat till the choice "Is there no way to avoid this battle? I don't want to fight with you." appears. Select it, if opponent says "If you pay me ... silver stags, ..." then check the next answer by the player character is "Let's fight!". If not so, repeat with smaller money. The opponent will say one of the 8 sentences. Check connection with all of them.

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, v8.*. Warband v1.174 downloaded
V9.0 / A ship overlaps a pier in Tyro...
Last post by tos1 - Today at 07:01:31 AM
As I select "strolled through town" at Tyrosh, I came upon a harbor where a large part of a ship (cog) overlapped a large wooden pier. On that day, I didn't check it is a for-sale but at least it was not of the player character.

I returned on another day to check again, at least in the case, it was a ship for sale. From a cursory inspection, the other smaller ships appear to be moored in the correct position in the same spot.

I have never seen the overlapped problem up to v9.3, including v8.* and v7.11 (but it may that just I didn't notice).

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, Warband v1.174 downloaded
V9.0 / Tournament odds is 1:1 (Intend...
Last post by tos1 - Today at 03:31:39 AM
Sometimes the odds for a tournament is the worst (1:1) and the stakes don't increase at all at win.

This can also happen in a town's first tournament since the new game. This has happened regardless of towns or castles since at latest at AWoIaF v8.2.

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.*, v8.2. Warband v1.174 downloaded

V9.0 / Joining to help another party ...
Last post by tos1 - June 19, 2024, 04:02:52 PM
After took the Always Winter quest from Jeor Mormont, when I found the White Walkers' party, they were fighting with Mance Rayder's party, and I saved game here.

After I joined the battle to help Rayder, regardless of the result (win/lose/retreat), state of the quest doesn't progress, and the text "... successfully completed ... Talk to ..." is not added in the quest window though the main text says "Return to ... once you have interacted with and assessed ...".

It should be difficult for players to know whether the quest has been completed or not. Some player may go back to Jeor.

(Of course, if I challenge the fight after Mance Rayder's party has been defeated and assimilated into WW, the quest ends successfully at a contact.)

Related lines:
You must gather a small force and possibly a Valyrian weapon and scout deep within the lands of always winter. Return to the Lord Commander once you have interacted with and assessed the threat.
This quest has been successfully completed. Talk to {s59} to claim your reward.
Rush to the aid of the {s1}. ({s21})

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, Warband v1.174 downloaded
(Perhaps since v9.3 or earlier version)
V9.0 / Sticky wall in Winterfell's ar...
Last post by tos1 - June 18, 2024, 02:42:31 PM

In arena of Winterfell, the wall opposite the opening with the door behind the pillars is sticky. The player and bots are stuck. The zone is mainly under the eave beneath the seat where tournament master stands, but it extends a little beyond the eaves.

(Barrowton's arena is almost the same shape, but that's fine.)

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, Warband v1.174 downloaded
V9.0 / Re: Beric Dondarion's "book" n...
Last post by tos1 - June 18, 2024, 11:01:49 AM
Related topic:
Beric Dondarion's "book" needed in 2 texts, Wrong speaker

I might have misled you. Following text is displayed when the player undertook the quest:
Beric Dondarrion has asked you to despatch a Lannister raiding party that has been reported pillaging the villages around Hollow Hill. Once completed, you must return to Beric.

It's used here.
str_store_string s2 "@Beric Dondarrion has asked you ..."
call_script "script_start_quest" "qst_relic" (i.e. "A Lannister always pays his debts".)

I don't have a complete understanding of quests in general, the quest text in quest module seems to be overridden by setting s2 from the quick string before "script_start_quest" is called, right? So probably the phrase mentioning the book should be added to the quick string, not to the quest module.

(On the other hand, I confirmed both the book was added in the dialog and the wrong speaker was fixed. Thanks.)

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, Warband v1.174 downloaded
V9.0 / Re-Follow-up: Negative values ...
Last post by tos1 - June 16, 2024, 09:40:06 AM
Sorry, the table I mentioned was out of date! I checked v9.4 dev.5 and noticed today that the values for levels 53 and above don't match the values returned by get_level_boundary in the current engine, so the values displayed are a bit off.

Currently, the initial level of troops that can become companions in AWoIaF is at most around 50, so this is not a problem for the time being, but it would be better to fix this before future expansions or spreading to other mods.

For example, a level 62 NPC should assume that the experience points required to reach the next level is 2050460032 and the difference should be calculated based on that, but when using that table it is mistakenly assumed to be 2050460000. When I experimented with v9.4 dev.5, the value displayed was indeed 32 points off from the correct value.

In the first place, this code for jq_xp_to_next_lvl should have been written using a loop like:
store_script_param ":cur_lvl" 1
assign ":end1" 64
try_for_range ":i" 0 ":end1"
  get_level_boundary ":bndry" ":i"  # get boundary value of the level, i
  gt ":bndry" ":cur_lvl"  # exceeded the current level
  assign ":end1" 0        # change upper-value of loop to break
store_sub reg1 ":bndry" ":cur_lvl"
str_store_string s1 "@{reg1}"

I confirmed the (hand-disassembled) code above works fine in my hand-patched .txt for at least level 4 and level 62 companions. (It's today that I've just learned the get_level_boundary operation for the first time.)

- Game version (and steam or downloaded):
AWoIaF v9.4-developer_version 5, Warband v1.174 downloaded
V9.0 / Re: Melee (crowd) fight at are...
Last post by Produno - June 07, 2024, 06:12:15 PM
Done some fixes for this - will need proper testing in 9.4. Thanks!
V9.0 / Re: Fatal hole in Lorathi aren...
Last post by Produno - June 07, 2024, 05:57:06 PM
Should be fixed now, thanks.
V9.0 / Re: Sticky wooden deck in Stor...
Last post by Produno - June 07, 2024, 05:52:31 PM
Fixed, thanks!