Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Started by Michadr, June 13, 2015, 03:48:15 PM

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I have the alpha. I bought the tier with the forged sword, though i havnt recieved it yet :(.

Ive only played for five mins but thats only because it still needs lots of work and optimisation.

You've bought the forged sword? :O
I'm so jelly right now. Loving the progress on this game. Real inspiration for me.
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Tyrion: I like you.

Yeah, though ive still not received it. Was meant to be sent out xmas 2014. Gonna have to get on the case and find out whats going on.

Have someone been plaing Kingdom Come yet? Any opinions? I only watched other dudes plaing it on YT, but it looks amasing...

Also I've heard that someone allready working on GoT mod for KC:D plased in Riverlands.
Valar issi Targaryen.

Great game imo. Bit buggy though.

There will be a mod from the developers of the atilla total war game of thrones mod. But don't except it to come out soon.


I've heard somewhere it would take at least a year, but that doesn't bother me, couse I have to make big upgrades to my PC before even thinking about playing it...  :-\
Valar issi Targaryen.

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