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Started by darklord5555, July 27, 2013, 06:28:44 PM

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It is the most awesome Grand Strategy game I ever saw, it is also the best historical simulator I ever saw. you start at 1399 and end the game 1820 I think. remembering the small, fractured country you started with, and seeing it in the end as one of the greatest empire in the game near the end with many colonies. And even becoming the emperor of the holy roman empire and reunite it. one of the most awesome games ever. Now I am waiting for Europa Universalis 4 which will come out in 2 weeks

Sounds good. Now if only I had a link to find this game ;).

Finally back from my trip XD, now this youtuber got and exclusive preview For Eu4 that's coming out in around 2 weeks , though he said he go an unupdated pre-beta version so features don't change in his videos well here is the link for the first video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlcscBCW4DQ

well it uses the same engine, but the main difference is that in CK2 you play as a character, But in EU3/4 You play as a country, It is easier in it to look at the big picture because there is less micro-managing, While In CK 2 internal Problems like pretenders may be your worst concerns, in Eu3/4 your concern will be more like plotting against other countries and forming alliances, Personally I prefer Eu3 over Ck2 and if you didn't know if you pre-order, You get Ck 2 and a save converter, so you can continue your Ck2 Game in Eu4

So we can play with the random new world, but it will make editing the save games impossible. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Otherwise I wont be using it.

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