Camelot Unchained ("Dark Age of Camelot 2"), player building video + game intro

Started by JamesGoblin, September 01, 2016, 10:51:04 AM

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Building is 100% free form (say, like Minecraft) - this is video by Necromaniak, one of players in alpha tests. And this is how it looks many, many hours later:

He built this by C.U.B.E. (Camelot Unchained Building Environment) and buildings it will matter a lot for the economy and especially for control and defense of conquered territories. Of course, these images represent only the style and choices of one player - furthermore, this is rather early and rough, alpha tests look of the aforementioned building tool.

Structures can be fully destroyed - unless you build offline or in starting zones BUT there will be siege windows (time for destruction) and it should take big number of players and siege engines. Victors will have the choice between leveling conquered buildings to the ground, repairing / inhabiting them or picking them apart for resources - in order to build elsewhere. Another interesting (well, to me at least) aspect is underground building - connected to mining, actual digging of long tunnels underground.

Oh, by the way - the game is Camelot Unchained aka "Dark Age of Camelot 2", PvP/building/crafting MMORPG by Mark Jacobs. Some of it's important features are three Realms, 33 different classes (! - but not all will be there by launch), physics and spell collision (say, frost + fire produce steam), players crafting their abilities from components and world - made of huge islands - changing it's texture and shape (!) based on player territory control.

Available videos mostly have 2013 i.e. placeholder models and animations, since the team was focused on building and testing their custom made engine, physics and some basic features till recently. This is major reason for NDA still on, but there is couple vines and screenshots giving orientation about game's final look - such as this or this. Game access now is kinda expensive (and, frankly, it isn't worth the money yet, unless you want to support the game) but beta should start in a month or two, and they'll have open beta (free tests) in 2017.

Looks pretty interesting. I'm not normally fan of MMORPG's though as they take up too much of my time.

I know, right? I'm not sure whether I'll have time to play either this or Crowfall (I also made a thread about it earlier) at launch. In fact, if any of these launches in 2017, I'm pretty sure I won't have time.

On a second glance, these images look too minecrafty. To show you how the game actually looks like, here's couple alpha screenshots (and even these will improve further, of course):

I hate crafting never done any crafting in any of the rpgs/mmorpgs ive played but this game was fun. SV should check it out and take some parts of it and put it into the crafting system in MO.

Yeah just played the free demo or beta whatever, Im super tired right now so I don,t know, it seems alright but not really my type of game.

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