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Suggestions & Discussion / Re: Faction Banners
« Last post by Produno on March 05, 2021, 12:05:39 PM »

Finally another bug that I encountered in the previous version and that is still in the current version has to do with recruiting rescued prisoners. If I end up forgetting to put my companions at the top of my party, the prisoner stacks all  remain at 1 for EVERY TROOP!

This was fixed in one of the last updates. Are you sure you are playing a new game on the latest version?
Suggestions & Discussion / Faction Banners
« Last post by Ben on March 05, 2021, 12:11:05 AM »
This is a supper minor add-on that would help make the aesthetics of the game better,. My suggestion is that fun future updates ; factions in the display menu that don’t have a colourful banner (Volantis, Bravos, Pentos, Free Folk, etc), could maybe be updated to look better.

Also a simple, and logical change for the banners of the North/Riverands  is that after the red wedding event happens, if you save Robb stark, the banners of the North/Riverlands should stay the same in the faction menu.

However, if you fail/decide not to save Robb Stark, then the Riverlands banner should be House Frey and the North banner should be House Bolton in order to  better reflect the current rulers of those factions.

Some other person suggestions, the siege for Hardhome  has a major bug where your troops get stuck  running at the wall due to the Wildling troops amassing under the wall platform.

Also, the recruitment for troops is weird, one time I asked for 40 Westerlands recruits, instead for 30 Westerlands  peasants and 10 vale peasants for some odd reason?

Finally another bug that I encountered in the previous version and that is still in the current version has to do with recruiting rescued prisoners. If I end up forgetting to put my companions at the top of my party, the prisoner stacks all  remain at 1 for EVERY TROOP!

Other Games / In-Development Indie MMORPGs
« Last post by franciscourant on March 04, 2021, 11:52:29 PM »
We can't predict if they'll succeed or fail, but some of them at least look innovative and interesting. Here's a list of 12 most popular indie MMORPGs that are currently developed.

Dual Universe [Beta]
Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$25M* || Engine: Unigine 2
  • Single shard persistent universe shared by all the players
  • Voxel-based universe: player-made cities, stations and warships
  • Space warfare: pirate ships, coordinated attacks, skirmishes
  • Player-controlled global economy: mine, craft, build, optimize, barter and trade

Gloria Victis [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Realistic || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$4M* || Engine: Unity 5
  • Skill-based combat mechanics à la Mount and Blade
  • Class-less system with diversified equipment
  • Open world with housing, territory control and sieges
  • Complex crafting system: leatherworking, armorsmithing, weapon forging

Corepunk [Alpha]
Setting: Cyberpunk || Focus: PvE/PvP || Budget: $? || Unity 5
  • Seamless open world with top-down view and fog of war
  • Explore the world, participate in trading, complete dungeons, or engage in PvP battles
  • Day / night cycles as well as weather conditions
  • Flexible character customization with a wide variety of builds

City of Titans [Alpha]
Setting: Superhero || Focus: PvE/PvP || Budget: +$675K || Engine: Unreal 4
  • Spiritual successor to City of Heroes
  • Players choose their own adventure, tell their own tales, and have their own agency
  • Beautiful vistas, from glorious Art Deco monuments to villain-dominated broken tenements
  • Customization of the powers: different animations, powers and colors

Crowfall [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: $38M || Engine: Unity 5
  • Spiritual successor to Shadowbane
  • Player-created worlds with parcels of terrain and pre-fab building pieces
  • GvG/RvR campaigns that guilds or factions can win
  • Deep crafting system inspired by Star Wars: Galaxies

Camelot Unchained [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: RvR || Budget: ~$20M || Engine: Unchained
  • Spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot
  • Large-scale RvR battles and sieges with more than a thousand players
  • Open world with islands that players can move to strategically reshape the world
  • Block-by-block construction with server-side stability and destruction

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [Pre-Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: $? || Engine: Unity 5
  • Spiritual successor to EverQuest
  • Deeply social: dungeons require teamwork and group strategy
  • Thrilling climbing system
  • Perception system: the world reveals its secrets through the environment

Ashes of Creation [Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$30M* || Engine: Unreal 4
  • Nodes system: player participation influences the type of content in the surrounding areas
  • Open world housing: players have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world
  • Castle sieges with hundreds of players with many moving parts
  • Harsh, unforgiving and stunning environment

Star Citizen [Alpha]
Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvP || Budget: $348M || Engine: Lumberyard
  • Spiritual successor to Freelancer
  • Procedurally generated and handcrafted stunning worlds
  • Open world PvP with high speed dog fights with multi-crew ships or intense FPS warfare
  • Exploration: hidden outpost, abandoned ships and beautiful sunsets

Project Gorgon [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: +$1M || Engine: Unity 5
  • Exploration: many hidden secrets awaiting discovery
  • Ambitious skill-based leveling system allowing the player to combine skills
  • Old-school MMO with innovative ideas, such as morphing into animals
  • 16 combat skills, 71 trade skills, 11 beasts skills

Mortal Online 2 [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: $? || Engine: Unreal 4
  • Open and realistic sandbox world
  • True, real-time combat where outcomes are decided by skill rather than levels or gear
  • Legendary crafters trading across the globe, famous warriors studying the art of combat
  • Individual reputation: people will recognize you by the impact you've made on the world

Rise Online [Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus PvP/PvE || Budget: $? || Engine: Unreal 4
  • Spiritual successor to Knight Online
  • Full PvP-based maps and events
  • PvE content like missions, creatures and bosses that take several groups to defeat
  • An endless war between two kingdoms

Cross post. *Personal estimate, may be inaccurate
Feel free to suggest improvements to this post!
Help & Support / Long Lake Bounty Hunter missing?
« Last post by Thrend on March 03, 2021, 05:04:18 AM »
I'm having a problem finding a David of Nightsong in Long Lake. I've run around the area and inside the one barn and can't find them anywhere. There looks like building on the other side of the lake but I cannot get to them. Am I missing something? :D
Other Games / -
« Last post by StanleyLot on March 02, 2021, 07:18:17 AM »
Yeah just played the free demo or beta whatever, Im super tired right now so I don,t know, it seems alright but not really my type of game.
Other Games / -
« Last post by Rufusven on February 27, 2021, 10:37:57 PM »
I hate crafting never done any crafting in any of the rpgs/mmorpgs ive played but this game was fun. SV should check it out and take some parts of it and put it into the crafting system in MO.
V8.0 / Changelog
« Last post by Produno on February 01, 2021, 06:13:09 PM »
Anything labelled ** Means it was taken from Fallen Lords Documentation thus commissioned by him.


Buffed Brienne of Tarth **
Increased Brienne of Tarth payment price
Increased renown for Balon Greyjoy **
Increased renown for Yara Greyjoy **
Adjusted/optimised how random renown amounts are calculated
Buffed Ironborn Veteran Marauders **
Buffed Faceless Man **
Added Veteran Faceless Man troop **
Added Areo Hotah as an npc companion **
Added Fireborn Veteran troop **
Added two new troops to Myr troop tree **
Added several new Wildling weapons created by Bastien Carter
Added a new trainer to Myr where you can recruit specific troops **
Slightly buffed Gregor Clegane **
Removed the fight promoter as he doesnt actually do anything.
Removed some un-needed global vars and functions.
Added new special recruitable troop to the Riverlands - Riverlands Ranger Guards **
Added Riverlands Ranger Guards to Riverrun, Bynden Tully, Edmure Tully parties **
Added new npc's to Stannis Barratheons party; **
  • Godry farring
    Corliss Penny
    brus buckler
    Malegorn of Redpool
    Patrek of King's Mountain
    Narbert Grandison
    Benethon Scales
    Dorden the Dour
    Lambert Whitewater
    Perkin Follard
Switched Matthos Seaworth to be an npc in Davos Seaworths party **
Gave merc Cavalry hand armour **
Updated/improved some of the flora wind shaders. **
Improved the fog shader - SupaNinjaMan
Improved The Wall scene.
Increased weapon proficiency of Queen's Men. **
Gave Reed a shield. **
Increased Brog shield skill to 5. **
Increased Reeds shield skill to 7. **
Added a new horse to equip Brog with. **
Removed the option to choose who can join you in battle as it causes several major bugs.
Increased One handed wep proficiency of Sellsword Captain. **
Increased Khiarai's power draw to 6 **
Increased Giants Head Armour values. **
Added a new unit to Dragonstone. **
Added a new recruitable troop Dornish House Guard to Sunspear. **
Adde 15x Dornish House Guards to Prince Doran Martells party. **
Added 10x Dornish House Guards to Prince Oberyn Martells party. **
Changed Red Cloak Knights armour. **
Added a new Brotherhood troop.
Modified stats slightly of most troops to allow a wider curve of stats between levels.
Increased max Weapon Proficieny by a few hundred. This allows a wider range between level 0 to max levels.
Reduced some levels of troops so upgrade costs and xp should be slighlty lower across the board (Though mainly towards the higher end of the scale).
Buffed Essos peasants to be of similar stats to Westerosi peasants.
Local Lord stats have been increased to make these a more viable option to recruit.
Buffed many special NPC's stats.
Added a new special recruitable troop to Westerlands faction. **
Added special troops to Tywins party. **
Changed some westerlander troop names.
Increased Power Draw for Dongo. **
Giants arrows do damage to wights. **
Added new Giant Archer upgrade for Giant troop. **
Added new unit to Free Folk, Wildling Beserker. **
Added 10 Wildling Beserkers to Tormunds party. **
Added 2 new troops to the IronBorn. **


Fixed issue with Dothraki Bloodrider trainer
Fixed small issue with a Red Priests party.
Fixed small issue at Moat Cailin.
Fixed incorrectly registered skybox.
V7.0 / Re: Bug - The Bloody Gate or "Everyones Welcome Gate" including enemies
« Last post by McCoy! on December 23, 2020, 11:53:29 PM »
There are ways of doing anything, if you hack it in or make it extremely un-performant. The case here would be having to check every single party on the map to see when they went to one of these locations, then deciding what to do with them.

It would take a lot of work to make it work right. ACoK does not have a proper North of the Wall, where parties can roam freely between the two. They are completely separated and i guess the option to not pass is only for the player. This is the easy part and can be done in about 15 mins of coding. The hard part is working out where all the Ai for travel is for the NPC parties, finding out when they get to certain locations, then deciding what to do with them, or how.
Imo, its not worth the effort, or decrease in performance for the mod to make this achievable.
Is python really that difficult to work with?
Code: [Select]
If GetDiplomacy(ValeFaction,FactionAtDoor) == Enemy or GetRelations(ValeFaction,FactionAtDoor) < -10 then
^^Instead of processing all the AI is it possible to run a check on separate threads which lets most pass unaffected and only triggers a stoppage in a special scenario? Or is all of it processed on a single thread and zero option of being able to run the two codes simultaneously? (Two codes = 1. default movement code of AI and 2. scanning of area for enemies).

Edit: Maybe a scan loop?
A Song of Ice and Fire / -
« Last post by Thgraiz on December 08, 2020, 05:37:41 PM »
The problem is, I forgot to get it. I opened the door to his dungeon, and then I passed the place where you get the sword. I obviously cant walk through him, so is there any way to get the sword?
Help & Support / Recruitment system
« Last post by Frank on November 25, 2020, 08:39:51 AM »
As an independent ruler, changing the kingdoms culture to anything does not affect the troops that can be recruited from villages, as they seem to be dependent on the players static culture. Is that a bug or a feature?