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Title: A World of Ice and Fire 2.5
Post by: Produno on September 30, 2017, 07:52:58 PM
Unfortunately this next update will break save game compatibility due to the fixes. So I will upload it as a full download rather than a hotfix. It will however be the last update before 3.0.


Added LOD's for all trees.
Lords are more likely to go into exile with the factions closest to them. This limits issues like Southern Westerosi lords going into exile with the Free Folk for example.
Added wildfire model and modified code plus sounds by Arsakes.
Wildfire can now hurt wights.
Adjusted the way trading works and prices are calculated. This should remove the repair an item exploit.
Adjusted stats of nearly all archer units.
Added Thenn Valley scene created by Moose.
Added tutorial box on game start to explain a couple of things about the mod.
Removed option to pay off village elder as this caused exploits.
The Reach will now try and assist the Westerlands in Static wars mode.
Added a chest to the settlement interior.
Selling prisoners to Yoren should now be the same as with the other Nights Watch recruiters.
Increased stats and prices of some companions.
Giving the letter to Stannis now starts a war.
Added fixes to Casterly Rock scene by Moose.
Slightly reduced the speed of the Cutlass.
Adjusted some equipment of various troops.
Unsullied now have something on their feet.
Added more model optimisation and improvements created by Marshal_157.


A Lannister always pays his debts quest should work a bit better now.
Lords of the Nights Watch should now no longer be able to be sent to the wall again if they are still part of that faction.
Fixed various character's being incorrectly referenced as the incorrect gender.
Triggered events now work even if you are enlisted or waiting.
Fixed issues with lords being indicted for treason - script errors, incorrect factions.
The Wolf den and Giants lair now work as intended. They have to be beaten before you can gain anything.
Fixed missing mesh: hacerbarco
Fixed issue with white blobs when realistic shadows on plants option is turned off.
Added arbour fix from Moose.
Added Oldtown fix from Moose.
Fixed infinite dialogue with some maesters.
Fixed issue with some companions not coming back when sent to get right to rule.
Fixed around 300 mesh/texture/material errors.
Removed a load of unused textures.
Fixed Settlement interior showing the incorrect banner.
Fixed incorrect guards showing if player joins a faction as a vassal.
Fixed some issues with alliances/wars etc.
Fixed Kings Guard boot error.
Fixed issues ambushing enemies at stream.
Fixes to Lys scene.
Fixed after completing a siege whilst enlisted would force you into a battle with your allies.
Fixed Dagmer giving incorrect faction relation changes.
More text fixes.
Added modified Kings Landing siege by Moose.
Title: Re: A World of Ice and Fire 2.5
Post by: Produno on October 18, 2017, 08:42:27 PM
Changes for 2.51

Fixed Unsullied boots.
Removed banners from knight troops for now as they caused issues.
Changed Dothraki models + textures (66% lower polies). Thanks to Kraggrim and Marshal_157.
Changed some army compositions, some faction armies should contain more knights now and less archers.
Fixed stats of Syrio Forel and Barristan Selmy.
Removed King's Guard message on game start - was a little clunky.

(may require a new game)