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Title: A World of Ice and Fire 2.2 Hotfix - RELEASED
Post by: Produno on September 27, 2017, 12:51:15 AM

Updated The Mountains armour by Kraggrim.
Removed some destructible items.
Removed the 20+ men requirement to raid villages.
Added new loading menu created by patrickokra.
Changed sound files to wav instead of ogg to hopefully alleviate crashes.
Changed some building textures.


Fixed some spelling mistakes.
Tidied up several scenes, removed floating objects etc.
Fixed a few more meshes with issues.
Blackfyre is now correctly a bastard sword.
Quest troops should now never die (hopefully).
Ice should now correctly damage Wights and White Walkers.
Adjusted Greywater Watch so the attacking army will not always drown.
Slightly moved the Guildmaster in Winterfell to make him a little more noticeable. Also adjusted player entry points to assist with this.
Fixed issues with building meshes at Flints Finger.

Fixes/Changes to Enlistment - Please report any bugs you get whilst enlisting.
- Added back the option to take a vacation, if your relations with your commander are high enough.
- Fixed glitch where you could enlist and de-enlist to reset all faction relations.
- Fixed factions sometimes declaring wars after you de-enlist.