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V7.0 / Re: Bug Report
August 30, 2021, 03:32:48 AM
Has anyone noticed that Robber and Exiled Knights are acting like a minor faction? I mean, they only attack you or people related to you. They do not act like baddit parties. I've been playing this mod since beta versions. As I can remember, they weren't like this. They were changed some versions ago, perhaps in version 6.0. Is that somenthing intentional or it is ignored because it is not game breaking?
V7.0 / Dirk has no Banner!
July 05, 2021, 01:23:29 AM
If you give a fief to Dirk, your screen constantly shows a message of error. Apparently, there is a problem with his banner.

Also, checking the banners of other companions, I noticed that Sylva uses the same banner of Symon Santagar of Dorne.

I didn't see anything about this stuff in the changelog of version 8.0, so I came here to inform it.

Also, Reed Matter and Princess Khiarai chose the same banner of you.

I haven't tested kurleket and Sam, or my own son/daughter.
Is it a Bug? It happens specially if there is flames on the battlefield. Everytime you try to take a fief many of your soldiers just stuck and do nothing until they get killed. They don't even try to defend theirselves. Sometimes, dozens, if not hundreds, just die without fighting. It happens since previous versions, but when I tried to take deepwoodmotte all my vale house guards were dying without doing nothing to avoid it.
After you meet the white walkers, did you reported your findings to Lord Commander Mormont? The main Questline will only end after you do that. If you did, I'll be honest with you dude, I have no idea about what's happening with game.

I did a small test with my game and the muttiny was triggered(day 25) exactly two weeks after I finished the main questline (day 11). Do a small test and if the results still are the same. 
Quote from: King J on February 24, 2019, 01:25:35 PM
Quote from: thenextking on February 24, 2019, 01:11:15 AM
That's not a bad idea. You known, 160 is not a long campaign. The red wedding has little importance, but complrting the main questline is the only way you to obtain a valyrian longsword, made from stell given to you by the Night's Watch. Trust me, that sword woths a new game.

You can also buy one from the weaponsmith in Qohor. Just ask any Inn-keeper for valyrian steel. You need 500 or 600 renown.

In Qohor you can buy two one handed valyrian stell blades, for 90000k each one, or a single two handed valyrian stell greatsword, for 120000k. I suggest you to buy the two handed blade, because it will be more efficient against the white walkers. You'll need to fight them on horseback. The length of the two handed valyrian greatsword will help you to avoid their strikes. So, if you want to obtain a one handed valyrian blade and a two handed valyrian blade, restart your game is not a bad idea.
Yeah, they did something that changed everything in version 3.5, but it's not bad at all. Try to visit taverns more constantly. Before version 3.5 you could, at most, 4 soldiers. Since then, hiring 10 or more soldiers has become very commom.

That's not a bad idea. You known, 160 is not a long campaign. The red wedding has little importance, but complrting the main questline is the only way you to obtain a valyrian longsword, made from stell given to you by the Night's Watch. Trust me, that sword woths a new game.
Quote from: esjb on February 23, 2019, 09:16:45 PM
the event has already triggered I was told to pick side. I am on day 160 or so, but the wedding will still be waiting for me to do the quests?

No. Even if you never go to The Twins, soon you'll receive a meessage telling you that Robb Stark is dead (maybe one week after yoou were invited for the wedding, I don't known exactly)

If you haven't complete the quest Bolster the Black  I suggest you to never go to the Twins. try to complete the main questline until you finish this quest. After that you can go to the Twins.
You need to do the main questline until you complete, at least, the quest "Bolster the Black", because that is the last time you will need to talk with Rob Stark. He dies after the red wedding.

search for "A world of ice and fir mod wiki" on Google. There is a lot of information about the main questline and other quests.

The red wedding will happen around the day 160, at The Twins.

v4.0 / Re: [4.1] Lys Issues
February 22, 2019, 12:04:36 AM
Same with me. Actually, Lys has always being problematic in A World Of Ice And Fire Mod :(
v4.0 / Re: Ser Beron Grey - Mya Stone
February 22, 2019, 12:00:58 AM
Quote from: King J on February 20, 2019, 05:29:37 PM

post here for permission to edit wiki.

You can edit Bronn's stats with morgh's editor. Or export/import character in an existing save

Editing his stats is not a problem. But, how can you edit his hiring price? I think a guy like Bronn would ask for 25000 silver stags, at least.
v4.0 / Ser Beron Grey - Mya Stone
February 20, 2019, 01:56:44 PM
That was funny :D

I hadn't hired Mya stone yet, but Ser Beron Grey talked highly of her after a battle. I mean, what? So I created a new game and did a small test: I battled with only both in my party, but he didn't say anything about her this time. Could anyone test it? I dont think it's working properly.

By the way, I made a list of companions with their liked and disliked partners. The wiki needs an update:

Companion                              Likes                                      dislikes

Anguy                                  Gendry                                     Xhondo; Dick Craab
Brienne                                Gendry                                     Ser Illifer; Broon
Broon                                   Anguy                                      Ser Illifer
Crastos                                 Brienne                                    Syrio
Dacey Mormont                     Thoros                                     Crastos
Dikc Craab                            Hibald                                      Anguy; Ser Illifer
Gendry                                 Anguy                                      Xhondo; Hibald
Hagen The Beautiful              Val                                           Dick Craab; Xhondo
Hibald                                  Dick Craab                                Gendry; Qyburn
Mya Stone                            Gendry                                     Shagga; Crastos
Podrick Payne                       Brienne
Qyburn                                Xhondo                                     Shagga; Hibald
Ser Barristan Selmy              Syrio                                        Broon
Ser Beron Grey                     Mya Stone                                Qyburn; Ser Creighton Longbough
Ser C. Longbough                 Ser Illifer                                  Broon; Shagga
Ser Illifer The Penniless         Ser Creighton Longbough           Broon; Dick Craab
Ser Shadrich                         Dacey Mormont                        Brienne; Hibald
Shagga Son Of Dolf               Broon                                      Ser Creighton Longbough; Qyburn
Sylva                                   Ser Beron Grey                         Qyburn; Ser Shadrich The Mad Mouse
Syrio Forel                           Thoros Of Myr                           Anguy
Thoros Of Myr                      Anguy                                      Qyburn
Val                                      Brienne                                    Ser Illifer; Hibald
Xhondo                               Qyburn                                     Gendry; Anguy

One more thing: I don't like to see Broon starting as a weak soldier. As Cersei says, Broon is a Battle Hardened Killer!
v4.0 / Re: Ambush (City/Town)
February 20, 2019, 01:14:29 PM
Quote from: Lucerys on February 13, 2019, 05:45:02 PM
I am lord of Pentos and face this A LOT entering the town.  The ambushers are spread all over the map and you have to go find them. One guy is always up in tower in an inaccessible section of the map. I just use a cheat because its so tedious and time consuming. Rarely is the ambush in any area an actual ambush. You will have a couple of people rush you then you have scour the map looking for a peasant.

I had the same problem in pentos...

Help & Support / Re: Mutiny at Craster's Keep
February 20, 2019, 01:06:01 PM
Thankyou for your help. I did  a test and confirmed: You need to complete the main questline in order to get the valyrian longsword.

By the way, the conversation with The Qohoric Weaponsmith needs to be changed. He still says he can forge you a two-handed blade, like in the previous versions, but you receive a one-handed blade.
Quote from: Vladyvid on February 16, 2019, 11:37:45 AM
Ships are indeed assignt to troop 9 that much is true, but as far as functionality... lets just say that the ships seem to just behave the way they want. I havent figured out yet how to manouver them or anything. I mean i did use the 'charge' command and the other boats (not the one i was on) would engage the enemy, but the boat i was on did not and was just sailing in some circles or something.

My advice is to avoid sea battles if you have more than 1 boat, becaue they are buggy in my opinion.

Yeah , i've been playing this mod since it was beta 7 and sea battles has always been a little buggy. I always try to avoid sea battles. I don't known, maybe the engine does not support something so complex.