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V7.0 / Cider Hall inner keep insta-death in siege combat
« on: May 11, 2021, 10:12:34 AM »
After narrowly winning a siege battle at Cider Hall, I had to face the final battle in the keep against the last defenders, seemingly NPC heroes. This was the final castle of the Westerlands, and a large number of lords were on hand, as well as the kingsguard. Upon loading into the keep interior, myself and my NPCs joining me all instantly fell dead as soon as we could begin moving, and thus immediately lost the fight and the entire castle with it.

I am uncertain if the bug was repeating; in order to prevent possibly losing again a very long siege and having to reload, I opted to retreat with only 2 or 3 enemies left and diplomatically force surrender. I do have the save still if wished for

Posting this here at Fallen Lord's request after mentioning it in the Discord

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