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Pre Beta / [v0.6.0] Kadaeux Bugs
« on: September 20, 2014, 04:12:42 PM »
I will list the bugs I have found in this original post and update it as I find more.

[spoiler="pre-hotfix bugs"]
(9/20/14;11:07am) I got an error popup when first checking arms market in White Harbor as a male Westerlander with all of the starting history sliders to the far left (noble, noble father, etc). UPDATE: this happens randomly when checking that shop. Not every time.
Error given was "RGL Warning: Couldn't load "Textures/talek_nordic_axe_specs.dds"

(9/20/14;11:16am) The practice shields during the melee fights at White Harbor are not displaying. i.e. Problem with textures most likely.

(9/20/14;11:38am) Not a bug, but appears to be a problem with the weapons. The "Heavy Big Axe" has less reach than the "Heavy Axe".

(9/20/14;11:54am) When speaking to Syrio in my party, I receive following errors in log at bottom left of screen:
Unrecognized opcode -2147483585;LINE NO: o:
Ai: dialog condition: dlga_member_chat:member_talk.
Ai: dialog condition: dlga_member_chat:member_talk.

(9/20/14;12:11pm) Visiting the Maidenpool Inn gives me the following error: "RGL Warning: Couldn't load "Textures/costumes3_new_normalmap.dds"

(9/20/14;12:14pm) Westerlands Infantry have no hands. Most likely texture problem with gloves. LannisGuard have same problem.
SIDE NOTE: LannisGuard have silver boots and the red uniform. Doesn't match, looks silly. Imagine going to work wearing a black suit but having silver pants.
SIDE SIDE NOTE: Apparently the Vale Knights have the no-hands problem too now. They had their hands before. Most likely a side effect of RGL popup and forced minimization of client.

(9/20/14;12:38pm) Inventory full of Vale gear gives me error
Unable to find mesh sib_lombardy

(9/21/14;8:35pm) Unable to find mesh arena_lance <-- P.S. REMOVE LANCES FROM TOURNAMENTS! Nothing is more annoying than being on foot with nothing but a lance and two people doing 0 damage to each other for 5 minutes. I mean christ. And what's with all of the javelins?

(9/21/14;8:36pm) Can't find a way to access companion's inventory and items.

(9/21/14;8:36pm) Many of the port-cities on the map don't actually have their ports sitting in the ocean, just awkwardly on the land.
Also, Dragonstone's name is INSIDE the large stone/mountain that the city is on top of. [spoiler][/spoiler]

(9/21/14;8:44pm) Some characters in tournaments will randomly be either naked or in their standard gear (this includes my character).


(9/22/14;4:34pm) Characters/units bringing their own armor/weapons to the tournament persists.

(9/22/14;4:51pm) I noticed that mail and plate armor have almost identical stats. Should plate be much heavier with much better armor than mail? Lordly Mail is better than Reinforced Plate.

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