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Beta 8 / Some Beta 8 Bugs/Issues
« on: September 27, 2015, 09:05:49 PM »
Some of these aren't bugs, but just things I have a problem with. Also, some of the things I have a problem with may have been in the mod for a long time, but I would say that my suggestions are usually logical.

1. Some of the banners(those that can be chosen by the player) repeat.
2. There are women peasants at the wall courtyard scene? There wouldn't be any women at the wall unless this is in the 5th book where Jon Snow lets the wildlings past the wall.  - Fixed -

3. In this mod, the wall itself is a castle, doesn't make sense because according to lore there are castles along the wall while the wall itself is just a wall.  - The wall scene is currently being made by Gokiller -

4. Dragonstone starts out with Felwood and the Weeping Town? Maybe this would make sense after King Renly dies, but not at the beginning of the game.

5. Ser Barristan Selmy gets dismissed by King Joffrey, yet he is still the commander of the Kingsguard in this mod.  - - I'm pretty sure he was dismissed after the purgh (the starting point of this mod) -

6. When you ask someone for a friendly duel, it says "Click TAB for begin duel now please". Should say something like "Press TAB to begin the duel", it utilizes proper grammar and I don't see why the game should say "please" lol.  - Fixed -

7. So I spoke with a sellsword captain in the inn located in King's Landing. I bought him and his company for 1000 gold, but when I looked in my party menu, I only had the sellsword captain and no sellswords. - This is correct, you only hire companies from the main menu. These Captains are different and can be controlled like companions.  -

8. Alerie Tyrell(located in Highgarden) seems to have a bit of a glitched character model. Her neck textures are a bit messed up, just find her and you'll see what I mean. - - Fixed -

9. The banner over Casterly Rock is not the Lannister banner.

10. I noticed that Lordsport, the biggest trading port in the Iron Islands, is not in this mod. I think it would make sense for it to be in this mod, as it would be a major source of income for the Iron Islands.

11. Uplands, near Oldtown, belongs to the Stormlands. I'm pretty sure it actually belongs to the Reach.

12. Plate helm is a blackish color, while plate armor is silver, I think the helm should match the armor. - You will find most armours etc have generic names, it doesn't mean they are part of a set. -

13. The new horses, like the chargers, look really shiny, too shiny. - Fixed -

14. The staircase in the great hall of Sisterton is blocked at the top by what looks like a slab of concrete. - Fixed -

15. Ser Gregor Clegane is literally a giant lol. Like he's twice the height of my character, and I chose Westerlands(tall) in the character creation. Gregor is supposed to be tall, but not like 12 feet tall. - Fixed -

16. So sometimes at random inns, your own character will be standing by the exit, and you can speak with yourself. The dialogue options are similar to that of a hireling that you would have once you own a fief. For example, "Let's hire a spy" is one and "I require information about a lord" is another. If you dismiss him, he will take on the dialogue of a different hireling. Like he might start as your seneschal but then he'll become your castellan. It's weird.

17. So I have a ship and the crew is within the size limit(30-90) but it still says I can't set sail because my crew is either too large or too small.

18. I don't know if this happens with other npc's..but I spoke with King Renly and there was a dialogue option "So I have met in my travels one who calls himself (insert player charcacter name here)..." and then Renly went off into some nonsense story.

19. Renly's Baratheon banner is incorrect. It should be a crowned black stag on a yellow field. - The banner made is taken from the TV show. -

20. Lady Lysa Arryn has gray hair when she's really only about 30 years old at most.

21. Runestone on the map, and the interior of the castle look very weird. On the map, the castle is half sunken in the ground, and the inside has these strange gray walls on the upper floor. - Fixed -

22. I think it's weird that some women are leading armies. Like Lady Lysa Arryn and Lady Alysanne Bulwer. Women in ASOIAF never lead armies, or served in them. Brienne and the Mormont women are rare exceptions.

23. This might just be me, but when I exit a castle or anything else to get back to the campaign map, the textures are glitchy for a couple seconds and then go back to normal. I don't know, this could just be me or it could've maybe been part of the game all along.  - It happens to me also, I think its to do with the map icons, they are much more performance intensive than the native ones -

24. The wall textures inside the great hall at Bear Island are a bit glitchy. - Fixed -

25. If you choose to attack King Joffrey's party, he'll call you a "boy", even though he's 13. Lol :) - Yeah, I doubt he really cares who he's addressing and his age.. he is an ass remember ;) -

Well that's what I've found so far. :)

Beta 7 / [Beta 7 Hotfix 2] Game breaking bug
« on: July 09, 2015, 06:37:18 AM »
Hey so I feel like this bug should be fixed or at least more common on the forums but I haven't seen it around

So basically if you lose a battle and your enemies take you prisoner, they'll eventually let you go, but then you can't move

It's like you're frozen in the spot where they leave you and even teleporting cheats via ctrl + LMB don't work

So yeah it pretty much means game over if you lose a battle

Edit: Oh and this happens on any save I try

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