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v2.0 / (2.2) Kings Guard Boot Bug
« on: October 09, 2017, 05:30:29 PM »
I have been running around with the King's Guard under my command, I was changing out their outfits and every time I closed out the equipment menu and opened it back up they would have a new pair of boots.

We have all watched the series, quite a few of us have read the books, so here is the question, which sword is Lightbringer?

Now, this is where things get interesting what do we know of the original hero that defeated the armies of the Night King...
We know that:
A) All stories in the lore agree he was from the North. (Winterfell as a name of a castle indicates something even more important, this was the place the Night King was originally defeated, because WINTER FELL.)
B) We know from lore the hero makes Lightbringer through folding the metal over 100 days and thrusting it through the heart of his beloved, giving Lightbringer a soul.
C) We know the blade burned of an other worldly power, that did not burn the hero, but all others agree in lore burned hot and furiously in the hands of the hero sparking comments against Stannis's sword being the true Lightbringer.
D) Only one sword has massive importance in its fate....

My vote is Ice as Lightbringer this is why:
A) It is the only radically different sword from all other Valyrian swords, first it size would indicate a more intensive process in creation.
B) Why would you give it the name "Ice" referring to a temperature... This means something happened that it lost something that made it hot...perhaps the sword's soul stopped burning on the death of the original hero making it "Ice."
C) Tobo Moht has reforged numerous Valyrian steel swords, but all of a sudden when he makes "Widow's Wail" and "Oath Keeper" something goes drastically wrong in his process of dyeing the blade red as ordered by Tywiin Lannister.  Instead both blades maintain the primary coloration of "Ice," which only indicates that "Ice" is unique in away that no other weapon he has ever worked on.
D) Ice's pieces are being tracked actively in both the book and TV series.  They make a point of this...  With Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth both headed to the North the blade is running its course to be reassembled for the Prince that was promised.

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