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V8.0 / Changelog
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:13:09 PM »
Anything labelled ** Means it was taken from Fallen Lords Documentation thus commissioned by him.


Buffed Brienne of Tarth **
Increased renown for Balon Greyjoy **
Increased renown for Yara Greyjoy **
Buffed Ironborn Veteran Marauders **
Buffed Faceless Man **
Added Veteran Faceless Man troop **
Added Areo Hotah as an npc companion **
Added Fireborn Veteran troop **
Added several new Wildling weapons created by Bastien Carter **
Added two new troops to Myr troop tree **
Added a new trainer to Myr where you can recruit specific troops **
Slightly buffed Gregor Clegane **
Added new special recruitable troop to the Riverlands - Riverlands Ranger Guards **
Added Riverlands Ranger Guards to Riverrun, Bynden Tully, Edmure Tully parties **
Added new npc's to Stannis Barratheons party; **
  • Godry farring
  • Corliss Penny
  • Brus Buckler
  • Malegorn of Redpool
  • Patrek of King's Mountain
  • Narbert Grandison
  • Benethon Scales
  • Dorden the Dour
  • Lambert Whitewater
  • Perkin Follard
  • Merrel
  • Morgan
Added the Mountains Men companions to Gregor. **
  • Plliver
  • Shitmouth
  • Joss Stilwood
  • Raff the Sweetling
  • Dunsen
  • Chiswyck
  • Eggon
  • Tobbot
  • Weasel
  • Perkin Follard
Switched Matthos Seaworth to be an npc in Davos Seaworths party **
Gave merc cavalry hand armour **
Updated/improved some of the flora wind shaders. **
Increased weapon proficiency of Queen's Men. **
Gave Reed a shield. **
Increased Brog shield skill to 6. **
Increased Reeds shield skill to 8. **
Added a new horse to equip Brog with. **
Increased One handed wep proficiency of Sellsword Captain. **
Increased Khiarai's power draw to 6 **
Increased Giants Head Armour values. **
Added a new unit to Dragonstone. **
Added a new recruitable troop Dornish House Guard to Sunspear. **
Adde 15x Dornish House Guards to Prince Doran Martells party. **
Added 10x Dornish House Guards to Prince Oberyn Martells party. **
Changed Red Cloak Knights armour. **
Added a new special recruitable troop to Westerlands faction. **
Added special troops to Tywins party. **
Increased Power Draw for Dongo. **
Giants arrows do damage to wights. **
Added new Giant Archer upgrade for Giant troop. **
Added three new units to Free Folk, Wildling Beserker, Wilding Vet Berseker, Wildling Vet Raider. **
Added 2 new troops to the IronBorn. **
Changed Crownlands Lancer horse. **
Added a new Crownlands cavalry troop. **
Added a new Targaryen special troop. **
Added 10 x Dragon Guard troops to Aegon. **
Added a new Stormlands Special recruitable troop. **
Added new troops to Renly's party. **
Added extra troops to The Dreadfort. **
Added a new Dothraki Event. **
Added some new horse textures. **
Adjusted some Essos faction party troop compositions. **
Added the ability to deposit money into the Iron Bank. **
Added elephants. **
Optimised files by removing unused native assets plus some other textures etc. **
Added special elephant troop to Volantis. **
Added new Cavalry troop to Volantis. **
Added elephant troops to Golden Company. **
Added NPC's with custom dialogue written by Fallen Lord to the Iron Bank scene. **
Added a new NPC companion to Prince Adaros Aloran's party. **
Exchanged Magister Illyrio Mopatis for Magister Meryn Terys. **
Added Magister Illyrio Mopatis to Illyrios Manse. **
Added special recruitable troops from Magister Illyrio Mopatis. **
Updated Wildling and Thenn troop compositions. **
Added Elite Cavalry unit to mercenary roster. **
Added Merc Elite Cavalry to Adaros Aloran and Narbo Oloryon's parties. **
Added merc party Gallant Men. **
Added 2x new Dothraki armour. **
Added 2x new Dothraki troops. **
Adjusted some Dothraki gear. **
Adjusted some Dothraki troop names.**
Added some special NPC Bloodriders to Khal Pono. **
Added a new Valyrian Glaive. **
Added Areo Hotahs Glaive. **
Added 3x new Stormlander helmets. **
Added Sons of the Harpy mask. **
Updated Stormlands troops headgear. **
Added a new merc company, The Ragged Standard inc 4 new troop types. **
Added 2x new Bravossi troop. **
Added a new Dornish troop. **
Gave several dornish troops hand armour. **
Added 3x new Norvos troops. **
Added 7 special companions troops to Archon Alegro Tumitus. **
Added new Vale Knight troop. **
Vale Knight of the gate is now a special recruitable troop. **
Adjustments to War for Dawn quest and messenger troop. **
Added a new Merc company - Iron Legions. **
Iron Legions can be recruited from a special map location. **
Added a new special map location - Temple of the Bearded Priests. **
Added 6 new companions to High Magister Quarro's party. **
Added a special troop to Volantis tavern scene. **
Added several new npc companions to Adaros Aloran's party. **
Added several new npc companions to Euron Greyjoy's party. **
Added a new special dagger. **
Added special event quest. **
Adjusted Lods for arrows.
Increased Brienne of Tarth payment price
Changed Targaryen Local Lords horse.
Slight adjustment to the Stormlands Troop tree.
Some modifications to the Targaryen troop tree.
Changed Crownlands Local Lord horse.
Changed some westerlander troop names.
Added a new Brotherhood troop.
Modified stats slightly of most troops to allow a wider curve of stats between levels.
Increased max Weapon Proficieny by a few hundred. This allows a wider range between level 0 to max levels.
Reduced some levels of troops so upgrade costs and xp should be slighlty lower across the board (Though mainly towards the higher end of the scale).
Buffed Essos peasants to be of similar stats to Westerosi peasants.
Local Lord stats have been increased to make these a more viable option to recruit.
Buffed many special NPC's stats.
Removed the option to choose who can join you in battle as it causes several major bugs.
Improved the fog shader - SupaNinjaMan
Improved The Wall scene.
Removed the fight promoter as he doesnt actually do anything.
Removed some un-needed global vars and functions.
Adjusted/optimised how random renown amounts are calculated.
Various code optimisations.
Updated the direwolf lair dialogue to make it clear the direwolf needs to be fed to grow.
Updated Nessa Goodbrothers age.
Gave arrows to Khiarai.
Removed fog from tavern and castle court scenes.
Dagmer is now his own faction - this stops some issues where the player could not fight him if they were also Ironborn.
Wild Hares now have horses.
Adjusted lods for some flora meshes.
Reduced the amount of timber needed for the obsdidian mine by 10.
Made it clear that the mine requires the item timber rather than just wood.
Added new pretender. Commission by WitchKang, dialogue written by Tages.
Tidied up module.ini and renamed some brf files.
Updated Spanish translation files from Kokemen.
Added 6 new Valyrian swords - commissioned by Paladin, Tages and Fallen Lord, created by Avelium.
  • Truth
  • Brightroar
  • Vigilance
  • Just Maid
  • Orphan Maker
  • Lady Forlorn
Added a menu option when selecting to work for a village as a farmer. Courtesy of Fallen Lord!
Added weapons to Nymeria and Tyrene Sand.
Added a few new shields.
Added a tavern sign to the tavern in Oldtown plus a few props to make it a bit more obvious where it is.
Changed 'Others' to 'Slings' in Companions Overview page.


Fixed issue with Dothraki Bloodrider trainer
Fixed small issue with Red Priests party.
Fixed small issue at Moat Cailin.
Fixed incorrectly registered skybox.
Fixed issue with Northern Horses textures.
Added various extra faction checks in invasion triggers, which should stop some rare bugs.
Smoothed some terrain at Storms End and added some extra Ai mesh for peasants.
Removed candles from under water in the opening scene.
Updated mounted archery units to have horse archery skill.
Attempted fix - Troops spawning incorrectly at White Harbour Siege scene.
Various fixes/checks for various events.
Janis Lyren should always join your party now even if you do not have room.
Fixed an issue with the random giant recruitment bug.
Fixed several reported issues with Winterfell scene.
Attempted fix - When obsidian is being added to the mine it was not being stacked.
Fixed issues with recruitment from special recruitment npcs.
Adjusted Varys dialogue so he does not ask you to meet him in to incorrect location.
Added a chest to Dragonstone throne room.
Added some extra entry points to the Red Keep Interior.
Fixed an issue which stopped the War for Dawn quest from progressing.
Updated all duplicated menu id's. This was stopping translators from translating all id's correctly. Thanks Daneel53 for pointing this out to me!
Fixes various text issues.
Fixed passages to the castle and prison at Castle Stokeworth.
Fixed an issue where buying obsidian troops checking was out by one.
Fixed passages to the tavern in Oldtown.

V7.0 / V7.x Changelog
« on: July 06, 2020, 10:58:37 AM »


Fixed script error on game start.
Kings Landing starts with a stronger garrison.
Lamentation and Red Rain now correctly effect Wights and Whitewalkers.
Re-adjusted the new Braavos helmet.
Re-adjusted Brogs helmet.
Re-adjusted Reeds helmet.
Adjusted the size of Piper Helmet.
Updated the chest in Kings Landing.
Fixed issue with Obsidian mine not removing obsidian when recruiting troops.



Small update to the War for Dawn quest.



Adjusted Dornish Elite Heavy Spearmen stats.
Slightly adjusted/balanced Wildling equipment.
Correctly added Alaric Wolfsbane to The Fist of the First Men.
Slightly buffed Unsullied.
Braavosi Crossbowmen now have bolts.
Balanced many stats of various troops.
Buffed/modified all Volantis troops.
Fixed Red Rain and Lamentation being invisible.
Fixed issue with Thenn Valley scene.
Fixed fluorescent polearms. thanks Dubcuda
As requested i have adjusted the proficiencies of the Westerlander pikemen.
Fixed incorrect banners at dragonstone.
Added chest back to Kings Landing.
Fixed issue with giant recruitment.
Several more fixes to some Iron Island scenes.
Added new scene to Gongaeron created by Tedeum.
Fixed a small issue with Freeing a Brother quest.

V 7.0


Immortalised the code base to GitHub.
Added new Wildling Horse Troop and Infantry troop - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord.
Added new Wildling special recruitable unit - Wildling Chieftain Elite Guard. - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Adjusted Mance Rayders Troop Roster. Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Added 2 new bronze axes and 2 new bronze spears for Thenn Troops. Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Bronze weapons are slightly sharper than their iron counterparts but break a bit easier.
Reduced the check amount to break, meaning weapons should break less.
Updated all Thenn troops to use Bronze weapons - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Added new Thenn special recruitable troop - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Adjusted Styr Magnars troop roster - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Expanded Norvos troop tree - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Expanded Ironborn troop tree - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Adjusted Balon Greyjoys troop roster - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Expanded Qohor troop tree - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Added some special troops to Orea Talordis and Nero Adory parties - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Expanded Dornish troop tree - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Added special troops to Robb Starks troop roster - Patreon Pledge Fallen Lord
Switched Lorath Bay and Thoreno party ownership.
Added a new special troop to the Lord Commanders party roster - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Expanded SellSail troop tree and slightly adjusted some equipment. - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Expanded Sea Raider troop tree. - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Slightly buffed Sea Raider/Captains - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Ensure Salladhor get slightly more renown assigned to him - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Adjust Salladhors troop roster - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Buffed Dire Wolf Companion  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Increased size of Dire Wolves  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
When executing a lord and gaining the lords inventory items, you will not receive a cracked version if it is of type Valyrian. - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Buffed Sealord Guard  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Buffed Dothraki Khal Bloodrider  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Adjusted ages of Talisa Qhaedar and Junior Triarch Alios
Renamed the Valyrian Axe to Celtigar Axe  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Braavos arena will no longer have horses  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added and modified the VC arena system so all tournaments should now be different according to the faction.
Added a couple of extra barriers to the Braavos arena
Lords of the Nights Watch should no longer be considered for auto-indictment or defection - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Adjusted the Thenn troop tree to upgrade to the correct troop type, before the ranged and infantry seemed to be mixed up  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Increased size and length of the Stone Axe wielded by Giants  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added Kindly Man to the House of Black and White where you can now recruit Faceless Men - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Dawn can now damage Wights.
Improved some of the dialogue when recruiting special troops.
Slightly raised the ground under the water in the scene for the quest - Bringing a warlord to justice. This should help alleviate troops drowning.
Removed some left over debug messages.
If the Whitewalker invasion is dealt with then the weather should reset back to normal  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
You can recruit Sealord Guards from Braavos once owned - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added a new helmet for the Sealord Guards - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added the ability to fish if you are on the ocean with the potential to gain more than just some fish.
Added Lamentation.
Added Red Rain.
Re-ordered the troop tree presentation factions and renamed some to make a little more sense. - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added and adjusted to suit the Advanced soldier management system OSP (This allows quick buttons for transfering all troops) - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Updated stats for the Wierwood, Dragonbone and Goldenheart bows.
Added merchandise flags to Wierwood and Goldenheart bows.
Added new armour and sword for Brog - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added new armour and sword for Reed - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Gave Khiarai the correct helmet.
Westerlander Elite Pikemen also wield a sidearm.
Updated Golden Company Spearmen weapons.
Updated some other npc's weapons.
Added a new quest 'The War for Dawn'  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added a new Valyrian Greatsword  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added a description to the fire sword.
Added several new OSP polearms - Thanks to DubCuda for digging these out and modifying the stats - Credits for the items (James, Luigi, RR_Raptor65, Fladin, _Sebastian_)
Added some extra special events  - Patreon Pledge, Fallen Lord
Added new Ui interface for player health - Created by Dmitry194
Updated some textures for ones created by Dmitry194
Changed Stormlands House Knight armour

New Scenes

*Most scenes and scene fixes by Tedeum*

Kings Landing Opening scene
King's Landing Town walk
King's Landing Siege
King's Landing Coastal siege
King's Landing Castle
King's Landing Tavern
King's Landing Prison
King's Landing Arena
Sept of Baelor
Northern Clansmen bandit hideout
Outlaw Poachers bandit hideout
Robber Knights bandit hideout
Slavers camp.
Dothraki camp.
Added new Water Gardens scene.
Added new Quest scene for Bringing a Warlord to justice.

Scene Fixes

Removed static sitting arena watchers and changed dynamic moving ones in Braavos.
Added prison access to Stonedance
No more floating garlic and drawbridge in Valysar;
Moved White Harbour defenders spawn point so defenders no longer get stuck;
Redone AI Mesh for Crow Spike Keep.
Fixes to Many Iron Island castles.


Fixed issue with Dark Vengeance description
Fixed an issue with the wind shaders which caused some tree trunks to sway.
Removed a few trees that do not work well with the wind shaders.
Fixed issues at Storms End tournament.
Correctly set the giants recruitment time.
Fixed some companion dialogues.
Fixed shader on Adorno wooden scene props - Thanks @Ettenrocal
Fixed some small issues with Brog and Reed companions and quests associated with these.
Gave Elwood Meadows the correct banner.
Gave Eldon Estermont the correct banner.
Gave Bryan Fossoway the correct banner.
Gave Harwood Fells the correct banner.

Upcoming Release Previews / A World of Ice and Fire V5.0 Devlogs
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:42:42 PM »

Help & Support / Modification Installation.
« on: August 05, 2019, 10:27:23 AM »
Here is a quick video explaining how to install the modification.

Installation information from @Riven

A: Here is how I went about it (beta 7, someone PM me with more updated instruction, I don't have a Mac):
1. I extracted the Beta 7 Final RAR file, kept it in my downloads folder. I used Unarchiver, but other software might also work, YMMV.
2. I extracted the hot fix 2.2 RAR file, also kept this in my downloads folder. Again, I used Unarchiver.
3. After I had both RAR files extracted and in separate folders, I then selected all (CMD+A) files inside the Hotfix 2.2 folder in Finder, and copied them (CMD+C).
4. Having copied the files in the hot fix 2.2 folder, I then opened the Beta 7 Final folder, and right clicked, choosing "paste XX items".
5. This next step turned out to be what solved the CTD problem for me, here is why:
When you choose to Paste the items into the folder, Finder will ask you what to do about files that already exist in the destination folder(beta 7 final). My mistake was that I chose "replace" and checked the box for "apply to all". This tells Finder to replace all duplicates, both files and folders, with the newest version from the hot fix 2.2 folder. But this actually causes Finder to delete other files inside any folders you choose to replace, i.e. the update actually causes Finder to delete files. And that is what causes the CTD when you try to load the mod; the files needed to load the mod are no longer there.
6. So, here is the solution, for me at least: when Finder asks you what to do with the very first duplicate file or folder, do not check the box that says "apply to all". Instead, review each duplicate file and folder(do not worry, it takes no time at all). Here is what you need to choose for files or folder, when Finder asks you:
For files: Choose "replace". Again, if the option is available, do not check the box that says "apply to all."
For folders: Choose "merge". Again, if the option is available, do not check the box that says "apply to all."

When you are done copying, open Steam, Select the AWOIAF Module and launch. When I followed the steps outlined above, I was very pleased to see the mod loading without any problems. As soon as you reach the in game menu screen, you will see Hotfix#2 in the mod title. And if you really need in game confirmation, start a new game...

A World of Ice and Fire / AWoIaF Discord server
« on: July 02, 2019, 11:09:38 AM »
Here is a link to the AWoIaF discord server ran by MojoRising and Kitaru The Kid (Not to be mistaken for the Patreon discord server ran by me for Patreon members)

Everyone is welcome to join;


v4.0 / V4.3.1-6 Changelog
« on: May 01, 2019, 07:53:17 PM »


Brightened up some terrain borders.
Adjusted Dragonstone to stop Ai getting stuck near it.
If the player owns Dragonstone when Dany invades, then she will declare war on the player and siege the castle.
The same as above but for Aegon.
Rotated Florett model by 90 degrees.
Changed Spy clothing as the current ones were broken.
Adjusted some merc troop tree upgrades.
Small changes to looting to try and fix the looting bug.
Various other small changes.
Some small map changes/fixes.
Adjusted the spawn point for Duskendale siege.
Cattle prices have been redacted but they will no longer give hides when slaughtered.
To enable you to be King/Queen of Westeros your faction also has to hold King's Landing. It's not enough just for you to be the lord/owner.
Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg should no longer participate in tournaments.
No more faction leaders in tournaments. It makes little sense for people like Dany, Balon or Doran etc to take part in tournaments.
Your healing companions can now only heal you if they are not injured themselves.
Slightly adjusted some map textures.


Fixed sometimes not being able to enter the prison door at Highgarden.
Fixed issues when exiting Thorrens Square prison.
Fixed enterprise scenes.
Fixed various issues at Flints Finger.
Fixed Timber Bay scene.
Fixes to Targ faction leaders.
Fixed issues at Ashford.
Added Dawn scabbard fix by @dovahbear.
Fixed showing Dog or Direwolf as an enemy on the after battle kill count screen.
Fixed asking for VC serial key.
Fixed issues with 'A Lannister always pays his debts' quest.
Fixed Deepwood Motte prison scene.
Fixed issues at Red Fork.
Fixed bandit lairs not being removed.
Fixed map issues when sometimes attacking caravans.
Fixed a few issues with skyboxes.


Added hints back to the UI.
Tweaked options settings slightly including default starting options.
Made it explicitly clear that harbours contain no ferries to transport you.
A Northern retinue now comes with Men at Arms instead of Horsemen.


Fixed prison door at Darry
Fixed some prop issues at Frostfangs Camp.
Fixed incorrect banner in Thenn's lords hall.
Wights and Whitewalkers will no longer fight on your side in battles.
Fixed an exploit regarding being able to keep Jon Snow as a companion.
Fixed some minor issues with deserter parties.
Fixed some bandit parties not allowed to enter the sea when they should.
Fixed Targ lords not respawning when they should.
Fixed Typo of Norvos on the faction menu screen.
Added more UI hints.
Fixed issues with Lorath Castle Hall.
Fixed Deepwood Motte needing a siege tower.
Fixed various issues with Deepwood Motte scene.
A few adjustments to castle Cerwyn, plus removed some trees.
Fixed issues at Sunhouse.
Adjusted various troop stats that were incorrect.
Fixed missing parameters on some peasant troops causing them to have incorrect stats.
Various armour changes to troops to be a bit more consistent.
Slightly adjusted some armour values of various gear.

v5.0 / V5.0 Changelog
« on: April 21, 2019, 04:17:20 PM »

Added new UI elements created by @thenewking
Added new menu loading art created by Kuk Filip
Removed many unused scenes, parties, constants and variables.
Adjusted some siege events.
You should now lose less men in any events whilst sieging.
You can no longer 'duel' Whitewalkers.
Added various new assets.
Added some extra details to the map.
Added Obsidian spots on Dragonstone:
  • You can now build an Obsidian mine if certain requirements are met.
  • Once built you will be able to mine obsidian to equip troops with.
  • You will be able to recruit special obsidian wielding troops from here.
The players son or daughter should now be assigned the players banner when given a fief.
Dothraki towns will no longer have children running around them.
It should be a bit harder to make castles surrender now.
Made improvements to battle Ai:
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Fixed Knights not switching from banners.
  • Various other improvements which should make the Ai act a little better.
Changed some menu backgrounds.
Removed any other redundant ways to recruit prisoners (You can only do this from the Camp menu now)
Changed music files back to .ogg format instead of .wav. This should hopefully help alleviate some of the crashes people are having.
Rotated banners so they face towards gravity.
Improved/Balanced Spy functionallity:
  • Adjusted price of sabotage missions.
  • Adjusted sabotage mission text.
  • Improved spy presentation menus.
  • Increased the chance of your spy getting caught, but if successfull the effects can be devastating.
  • Increased the time for spies to work from 12 hours to 24 hours.
  • Increased relations hit if your spy is caught.
Qarthigar and Taelon should now have random relations with the player and prosperity. Before it was always the same.
Added more hints.
Added new companions:
  • Obara Sand.
  • Nymeria Sand.
  • Tyrene Sand.
  • Princess Khiarai.
Son, Daughter and event companion should now have clothing.
You can now take more people with you into the farm quest.
Added some new terrain borders.
Fixed sea terrain not having a border.
Changed all the banners in the game for new ones and added many more created by Dinofelis22.
Added 9 more Lords to the Vale and 3 more lord companions.
Added 17 more lords to Dragonstone.
Added 4 more lords and 2 more lord companions to the North.
Added 6 more lords and 1 lord companion to the Riverlands.
Added 7 more lords to the Reach.
Added 10 more lords to the Iron Islands.
Added 3 more lords to Dorne.
Added 9 more lords to the Westerlands.
Added 4 more lords to Stormlands.
Added 30 more castles.
Added Chinese language files.
Added 29 new villages.
Adjusted Hagen the Beautiful's skills.
Changed Renly's personality to upstanding.
Changed Stannis personality to martial.
Given all town NPC's names.
Added several more family members to some lords.
Added two new menu options on game start.
Added the ability to start in Essos.
Added 3 new bows created by Avelium.
Added 2 Leng armour variations created by Avelium.
Updated Lannister Shield created by Prince Salt.
Added 2x new valyrian swords created by Avelium.
Increased the time to reach the red wedding event by 1 day.
Added some new music created by Kanzpel Zoba
Reduced the size of most music tracks.
Added new Obsidian wielding troops.
Added some new clothing items.
Adjusted various npc's clothing.
Added new Golden Company items.
Added the Golden Company party to the map if you select sandbox game mode. (The player will be able to hire these)
Implemented Brog Matter companion plus various extra triggers and dialogues for him.
Adjusted music and removed many tracks that were not needed (Consolidated some and fixed a few issues)
Added a new quest "Bringing a Warlord to justice"


Added the new village created in the live stream.
Fixed incorrect scene props at The Twinns.
Improved White Harbour siege scene
Improved Pyke siege.
Placed mantlets correctly at Lordsport.
Fixed scene prop issues at Thenn Valley.
Created new Free Folk camp scene.
Created new North village.
Fixed issues at Riverrun siege scene and added an extra way to enter the castle walls.
Fixes/Changes to The Twinns scene.
Added Hardhome scene created by Gokiller.
Added Lord Harroways Town scene created by Gokiller.
Added Vaith scene created by Gokiller.
Fixed issues at Honeyholt.
Fixes to Bitterbridge siege scene.
Moved the player storage chest in Lorath hall to make it more accessible.
Added Ironrath scene.
Added Dyre Den scene.
Added 9 new castle scenes.
Added 7 more village scenes.
Slight improvements to Stoney Sept siege scene.
Added Shadow Tower scene created by  @thenorthremembers


Fixed incorrect scene props and Ai mesh issues at all entrenched scenes.
Fixed losing your beard if wearing Greyjoy Elite plate armour.
Fixed losing your beard if wearing Targaryen plate armour.
Fixed various typos.
Fixed Taelon sometimes being spawned inside Qarthigar.
Fixed an issue with game_event_simulate_battle script.
Fixed error messages showing when selecting infiltration missions.
Changed various incorrect shaders on some armours plus other items.
Fixed many resource issues.
Fixed some missing meshes.
Fixed issues with missing/incorrect music tracks.
Fixed Brynden or Edmure Tully joining either the Westerland, North or Riverlands factions after the red wedding.

More texture and shader optimisations for map icons.
Various Valyrian swords were not working correctly, this is now fixed.
Qohorik recruits now have spears.
Qohoric is correctly spelt Qohorik.
Clarified in the wound popup dialogue that you can also get healed in Essos.
Clarified that the box needs to be ‘checked’ if you don't want the whitewalkers to invade.
Enabled some bandit factions to use more battle AI.
Whitewalker parties should now attack all Outlaw/Bandit parties too.
Adjusted some party factions.
Updated some armour feminised vertex animations (More armours have them).
Fixed Targ banner issues.
Fixed companions not recruiting. (Requires a new game)
Companions will recruit troops of the faction of the fief they are given.
Fixed the looting/gaining prisoner bug.
Golden Company Archers now have sidearms.

V5.2 (Currently only on Steam)
Optimised menu textures
The Golden Company will now only spawn if choose ‘TV show’ version on game start
Fixed issue with Golden Company trousers.
Several other small optimisations

Lets Plays and screenshots / Produno's Live stream of AWoIaF v4.2
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:39:10 PM »
For anyone that did not get to see it, here is the live stream of the 4.2 preview I done.

Don't forget to let me know if you would like to see more. Also help me hit the famed 1000 subs by subscribing to the channel  ;D

v4.0 / V4.3 Changelog
« on: April 11, 2019, 02:48:48 PM »

Changed all skyboxes and code.
Changed some terrain border textures.
Updated some other terrain textures.
Removed some of the ugly trees from some terrain borders.
Prohibit player indictment by pretender
Robb is now very slightly easier to defend at the red wedding.
Increased the price of cows when purchasing from villages. This is to alleviate the buying and slaughtering exlpoit.
Dornish Sand cavalry are now guaranteed a shield.
Wight troops are now much faster.
Wights are have higher HP but don't cause as much damage.
Increased the number of wights and whitewalkers.
Giant's clubs now have crush through damage.
Wildfire is now only one use.


Npc's sat on the floor at the Crossroads Inn.
Various other slight changes to many scenes.
Changed some scenes terrain borders.
Fixed some issues with scene props in Mistwood.
Fixed some issues at Castle Wrath.
Fixed banners at Felwood.
Fixed issues at Stoney Sept siege scene.
Fixed spawning issues at Kings Landing siege scene.
Fixed issues at Hornvale scene.
Fixed/adjusted bandit camp scenes.


Fixed Issues with Dawn
Fix slot_party_home_center failures
Fix AI by initializing $teams_last_fighting properly
Fix Wandering Crows still present if the Nights Watch does not exist.
Fix some towns Wandering Crows were not visiting when they should be.
Towns owned by the Night's Watch should correctly no longer hold Tournaments.
Fixes made to Targaryen faction leader.
Fixed issues with Dothraki Khal mesh.
Fixed many issues with various textures and meshes.
Various issues fixed with the weather triggers.
A few typo's.
Fixed a few issues with the main quest line.
Fixed various issues with the red wedding event.
Fixed green terrain hue.
Extra damage options now correctly apply to player companions too.
Fixed remaining issues with HDR so this can now be turned on for better graphics quality.
Fixed sometimes giving an incorrect ambush scene.

A World of Ice and Fire / Humble Bundle Partner
« on: March 31, 2019, 06:19:15 PM »
I am now a Humble Bundle partner, which means you can gift some of your money to me whenever you purchase anything from Humble Bundle. Either follow the link below or add '?partner=produno' at the end of the webpage link.


When purchasing you need to select how much of the money goes to whom.

If you don't know what Humble Bundle is, it's a great to buy cheap games whilst giving to charities. Plus it's completely legit unlike stores such as G2A.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

v4.0 / v4.2 Changelog
« on: December 19, 2018, 01:15:42 PM »

Gave Pentoshi Veterans and Pentoshi Mounted Veteran guarantee Shield.
Added shields to Riverlands House Guard.
Changed name of Braavosi swords to Florret's.
Wandering Crows will no longer be in Castle Black as it makes little sense.
Added new banner for Free Folk faction.
Added new banner for Dothraki faction.
Added new props and removed some others.
Optimised some collision meshes.
Removed the un-needed extra options to recruit prisoners.
Changed music when hunting to ambience.
Adjusted various armours.
Added Tarly House Guard troops.
Added several new armours created by Kraggrim - commissioned by Robertidaniel.
Added new Dornish Armours created by Artisan - commissioned by Robertidaniel
Adjusted/changed all Dornish troops gear.
Removed more un-needed un-used items.
Lords with specialised faction troops should no longer use those troops if sent to the wall.
Lords special companions will no longer join them if sent to the wall.
Changed all wight textures.
The undead can no longer drown.
Banners now have a chance to break.
Removed many duplicated collision meshes.
Added Lance change script from 1257AD.
Changed/updated various textures.
Adjusted various sounds.
Removed many unused sounds.
Adjusted hair textures and fixed the small lines sometimes showing on hair meshes.
Moved NPC's from Lordsport to Pyke as should be correct.
Increased the price of patrols and the time it takes to enable one.
Adjusted all battle strength scripts and added various terrain advantage.
No more children walking around towns owned by the Nights Watch.
Any town owned by the Night's Watch will not hold tournaments. (not just Castle Black as was before)
Optimised Braavos Titan model.
Named many NPC's in the game.
Added new Giant head models created by Kraggrim.
Added new Night King head model created by Kraggrim.
Added new Dawn model commissioned by @dovahbear , created by Kraggrim.
Removed 'skill' message showing.
Adjusted stats of various shields.
Queen Daenerys now wields Dark Sister.
Added Spanish translation by @kokemen
Adjusted some Qohoric unit stats.


Fixed various issues with Highgarden scene - Redone most of the scene inc siege scene.
Completely re-done Kings Landing scenes - this now gives double the performance.
Tweaked Kings Landing tourny scene.
Redone Winterfell scenes - this now gives double the performance.
Some small fixes/changes to Lannisport.
Fixed/adjusted Castle Black spawn points.
Adjusted Castle Black outer terrain.
Some small adjustments to Fairmarket.
Some small adjustments to Riverrun.
Some small adjustments to Stone Hedge.
Optimised Braavos Coastal Assault scene.
Raised beach terrain at Tyrosh so hopefully no more drowning.
Some small fixes to Volantis siege scene.
Adjusted ladders at Selhorys siege to stop units getting stuck.
Optimised Lys siege.
Fixed issues at Brightwater Keep.
Fixed issues at Weeping Town, Frostfangs camp, Thenn, Hardhome, The Wall, Karhold scenes.
Redone The Arbor scenes.
Fixed various issues with Sunspear scenes.
Fixed various issues with Pentos scenes.
Fixed various issues with Lorath scenes.
Fixed issues at Mander, Bear Village, Fingers, Pennyhill, Honeywine.
Added 2x new villages created by Gokiller.
Fixed various issues at Sea Dragon Neck.


Fixed plate armour's incorrect leg armour value.
Fixed Mail Turban incorrect armour value.
Fixed Thenn map icon.
Fixed village training mission not completing.
Fixed attacked by bandits at night mission not completing.
Removed the extra random spawns sometimes at weddings.
Fixed some duplicated meshes.
Fixed an issue with various village elders.
Fixed Eastwatch Harbour menu.
Fixed duplicate spawns in the Red Keep interior scene.
Fixed Kings Landing map position.
Brightwater Keep is correctly shown as a grey castle on the campaign map.
Various typos and other small issues fixed.
Fixes made to NPC/Lords/Kings etc respawns.
Your cook can now hold more than one feast.
Various fixes to bandit lair spawns.
Various fixes to diplomacy.
Fixed Janna Tyrell's relation.
Fixed Join the King beyond the wall quest not completing.

v4.0 / v4.1 Changelog
« on: December 07, 2018, 09:07:53 AM »

v4.1 hotfix

Fixed village relations always lowering.
Added Commoners Trust to character screen.
Removed debug info showing.
Various other small fixes.


Added 2 new companions gained from random quests - Brog Matter, Reed Matter. (Patreon pledge tiers). There is quite a lot of content for these so there will be an option to turn them off or on. (not yet fully implemented)
Many changes to the campaign map.
Changed campaign map textures so they look better with HDR turned on.
Added 1x lord, 3x castles and 2x villages to the Iron Islands.
Added 3x lord, 3x castles and 3x villages to Westeros.
Added 7x lords, 7x castles and 7x villages to Essos.
Cleaned up initial loading screen.
Changed some map icons, updated some others.
Changed size of nearly all map icons.
Changed name and location of duplicated settlement Fawnton.
The players son or daughter should now have the same colour hair as the player - fixes issues for people playing as Valyrian.
Added a max value to land wind which will hopefully stop the crazy tree dances.
Slightly increased grass flora amount.
Improved religion code for villages - this 'should' stop issues with the player sometimes not being able to recruit from villages due to negative relations.
Added Wooden Scene Props pack from Adorno (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,380806.0.html)
Added 6x villages scenes from Gokiller (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,380806.0.html)


Adjusted banners in Kings Landing keep.
Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Giants Lance.
Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Shipbreaker.
Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Whispering.
Fixed incorrect outer terrain for Ryamsport.


Updated incorrect stamina mechanics in tournaments and in the arena.
Fixed some villages showing the incorrect icons.
Fixed some incorrect strings showing for some villages.
Fixed random events sometimes firing when performing work for a village.
Fixed remaining issues with Oldtown ships getting stuck.
Fixed enslaved villages not always resetting correctly.

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