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Author Topic: [v0.6.0] Kadaeux Bugs  (Read 21513 times)

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on: September 20, 2014, 04:12:42 PM
I will list the bugs I have found in this original post and update it as I find more.

[spoiler="pre-hotfix bugs"]
(9/20/14;11:07am) I got an error popup when first checking arms market in White Harbor as a male Westerlander with all of the starting history sliders to the far left (noble, noble father, etc). UPDATE: this happens randomly when checking that shop. Not every time.
Error given was "RGL Warning: Couldn't load "Textures/talek_nordic_axe_specs.dds"

(9/20/14;11:16am) The practice shields during the melee fights at White Harbor are not displaying. i.e. Problem with textures most likely.

(9/20/14;11:38am) Not a bug, but appears to be a problem with the weapons. The "Heavy Big Axe" has less reach than the "Heavy Axe".

(9/20/14;11:54am) When speaking to Syrio in my party, I receive following errors in log at bottom left of screen:
Unrecognized opcode -2147483585;LINE NO: o:
Ai: dialog condition: dlga_member_chat:member_talk.
Ai: dialog condition: dlga_member_chat:member_talk.

(9/20/14;12:11pm) Visiting the Maidenpool Inn gives me the following error: "RGL Warning: Couldn't load "Textures/costumes3_new_normalmap.dds"

(9/20/14;12:14pm) Westerlands Infantry have no hands. Most likely texture problem with gloves. LannisGuard have same problem.
SIDE NOTE: LannisGuard have silver boots and the red uniform. Doesn't match, looks silly. Imagine going to work wearing a black suit but having silver pants.
SIDE SIDE NOTE: Apparently the Vale Knights have the no-hands problem too now. They had their hands before. Most likely a side effect of RGL popup and forced minimization of client.

(9/20/14;12:38pm) Inventory full of Vale gear gives me error
Unable to find mesh sib_lombardy

(9/21/14;8:35pm) Unable to find mesh arena_lance <-- P.S. REMOVE LANCES FROM TOURNAMENTS! Nothing is more annoying than being on foot with nothing but a lance and two people doing 0 damage to each other for 5 minutes. I mean christ. And what's with all of the javelins?

(9/21/14;8:36pm) Can't find a way to access companion's inventory and items.

(9/21/14;8:36pm) Many of the port-cities on the map don't actually have their ports sitting in the ocean, just awkwardly on the land.
Also, Dragonstone's name is INSIDE the large stone/mountain that the city is on top of. [spoiler][/spoiler]

(9/21/14;8:44pm) Some characters in tournaments will randomly be either naked or in their standard gear (this includes my character).


(9/22/14;4:34pm) Characters/units bringing their own armor/weapons to the tournament persists.

(9/22/14;4:51pm) I noticed that mail and plate armor have almost identical stats. Should plate be much heavier with much better armor than mail? Lordly Mail is better than Reinforced Plate.
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Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 05:05:16 PM
got that RGL warning in almost every town I went, had to keep minimizing the game to make the message go away and play again, eventually I got tired of it and quit

other than that when visiting towns meeting w/ the guildmaster is not an option even after you've found him (I can't find the one in Winterfel if there is one) - need to use the visit sights of the town menu

Raventree Hall should be on the other side of the river, Fairmarkets side

Selyse Florent is bald

when I first entered White Harbor I couldn't tab out, had to save then re-lead to appear out of the town, also White Harbor was the only town I could buy a enterprise, but that could be because I went to Winterfel next and did the inn keeps bounty which might have ruined my reputation with everyone

also when you enter the great hall of Kings Landing there are several of each kingsguard, like 2 Preston Greenfields ect...
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Reply #2 on: September 20, 2014, 09:17:46 PM
Ok keep em coming :). There will be lots of little bugs like this. I have removed about 500 mb of items and added another 300 back or something so i expect lots of rgl errors.

Hopefully we can pick them all up before the hotfix!

Cheers guys.

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Reply #3 on: September 20, 2014, 10:11:43 PM
just go through the cheatmenu and find item, you should pick up a few RGL errors every page, also when i go to take a walk in towns rgl errors pop up, idk if it's people causing the problem or what they have equiped

as for the guild master in Winterfel, I found him

also didn't realize that once you've met the guildmaster you could easy access him w/ the "visit the sites" (?) options, the only other M&B I have ever played is cozurs and that option has always been on the main page for cities

for guild masters, you need to complete a quest before they will let you start an enterprise, when you go to create an enterprise and decide it's not economical enough it puts you back to the home page of the guild master instead of the list of enterprises (it's kinda annoying).

fairmarket, and anything else Bryden Tully's should have a Blackfish banner instead of the Tully banner

no bridge between Riverun and Fairmarket

1st day in my 2nd playthrough House Tyrell and House Tully made a defensive pact

when defeating enemy parties and getting loot there is no option to let your companions take the leftover loot as not to clutter your inventory so your left leaving all that money there once you exit the screen

2nd day House Martell declares war on House Lannister

a lot of Greyjoy cloths just show up at white voids, kinda funny just seeing a floating head, hands, and 2 feet on the ground

pathing for the citizens of Pyke are all messed up, ALL non stationary npcs are walking into buildings

-game crashed as I minimized and I hadn't saved it yet, so I'll start up another play through later and report back more bugs when I find em, sorry I hijacked this guys thread

started a new game, gonna list some things that should be in the game but are not:

The North:
Hornwood is currently a village and should be a castle owned by one of the Manderly's or if you wish Donnela Manderly (Ramsey Snow kills her in an attempt to steal her land by marriage after her husband dies in ACOK), or could have Larence Snow own it, bastard of Hornwood.
Bear Island is currently a village and should be a castle owned by Maege Mormont
The Rill's should be a castle on the western side of the north owned by Rodrik Ryswell, Heir Roger Ryswell could also control a warband
Barrowtown should be owned by Barbrey Ryswell not Rickard Karstark
Lady Lyessa Flint owns Widows Watch now Helman Tallhart
Cerwyn Castle needs to be added owned by Medger Cerwyn, his heir Cley Cerwyn travels w/ Robb Stark, could also control a warband

The Riverlands:

Seaguard is currently a village, needs to be a castle, seat of Lord Jason Mallister, son Patrek Mallister could lead a warband as well, not owned by Bryden Tully
Fairmarket should be where Halman Paege (though it's never indicated in the lore every game mase for GoT has him owning the city) not Brynden Tully, Brynden Tully should be unlanded at the start
Raventree Hall should be moved to the Fairmarket side of the river, Seat of House Blackwood
Stone Hedge needs to be added as a castle on the opposite bank of Raventree Hall, seat of House Braken
Inn of the Kneeling Man should be moved between Fairmarket and Riverrun
Acorn Hall is owned by House Smallwood, Lord Theomar Smallwood, not House Bracken
Pinkmaiden is owned by House Piper Lord Clement Piper and Ser Marq Piper could both control warbands, not House Mallister
Wayfarer's rest needs to be added and should probably be where Raventree Hall is now, is the seat of House Vance, Lord Karyl Vance
Atranta a castle that should be added is the seat of Lord Dafyn Vance and his heir Patrek Vance both can control warbands should be on the cost of the God's Eye where the Blackwater Rush (river) exits the pond
Stoney Sept should be owned by Lord Clement Piper not Edmure Tully
Saltpans should be a town not a village and is the seat of House Cox, Quincy Cox is the named Cox during this timespan

The Vale:

Hearts Home is the seat of House Corbray, not Sunderland, could have 3 lords from this one fief, Lord Lyonel Corbray old and childless, Ser Lyn Corbray, quarrelsome/debauched, and Ser Lucas Corbray his brother
Ironoaks is the seat of House Waynwood, not Grafton, Lady Anya Waynwood is the head of the house and her oldest son Morton Waynwood could control a warband as well
Old anchor seat of House Melcolm, should be a caste, currently a village, correct location, there aren't any Melcolms mentioned during this timespan so I'd make up a name :/.
Redfort is the seat of House Redfort, Lord Horton Redfort is the current head and his heir is Ser Jasper Redfort, has 3 other sons if you want to include them as well not a fief owned by Donnel Waynwood
Snakewood, a castle, seat of House Lynderly, Lord Jon Lynderyl and his son Terrance Lynderly could have warbands, is currently a village in the correct location
Wickenden is the seat of House Waxley, not Belmore, Ser Edmund Waxley is named during this timespan
Ninestars and Newkeep should be added as keeps as seats of houses Templeton and Hersy but no locations are given

The Westerlands (including Lannister controlled Crownlands)

The Crag is the seat of Gawen Westerling, not Hary's Swyft, his heir is Raynald Westerling (could have survived the red wedding)
Ashemark is the seat of House Marbrand not Desmond Crakehall, Lord Damon Marbrand and his son who is good friends w/ Jaime Lannister Ser Adam Marbrand could both have warbands, location should be changed to closer to the Crag in a seperate valley of mountains (map needs a little reworking for that to happen)
Hornvale is the seat of House Brax, not Ryker, Lord Tytos Brax, Ser Robert Brax, and Ser Flement Brax could all have warbands from here (Lord Andros Brax dies in the battle of the camps)
Sarsfield is a castle not a village seat of House Sarsfield, Ser Melwyn Sarfield is the only one mentioned atm
Feastfires is the seat of House Prester, not owned by Desmond Crakehall, Lord Garrison Prester and Ser Forley Prester could each lead warbands
Faircastle is the seat of House Farman, not controlled by Joffery, Lord Sebastian Farman is mentioned
Silverhill is the seat of House Serrett, a castle, not a village, no Serretts are mentioned but any GoT game played during the timespan of this game gives the fief to Justin Serrett
Crakehall is controled by lord Roland Crakehall, he has 3 sons though only 2 are important, Tybolt Crackhall is his heir, Lyle Crackehall is called the Strongboar, all should be given warbands
Kayce is a city owned by Lord Terrance Kenning, not a village
Greenfield seat of House Greenfield, Wyndhall seat of House Estren, Payne Hall seat of House Payne (should be somewhere on the golden road) are all castle that should be included in the Westerlands but no locations are given
Other important Westerlands Houses omited that don't have lands are the Plumm's, Morelands, Brooms, Stackspear, Ruttiger, Foote, and Jast
Rosby should be a castle seat of House Rosby, Lord Guncer Rosby (old man)
Antlers should be a castle seat of house Buckwell, I'v seen the name Edgar Buckwell used but the only named Buckwell is the one in the Nights Watch,
Stockworth should be added as a castle near Rosby as well, Balman Byrch (also old) could use it as his seat as he is married to the head of house Stokeworth, Lady Falyse Stokeworth.
Houses Kettlebeck, Gaunt, Chestled, Rollingford and Slynt are all sworn to Kings Landing, would be nice to incorporate these houses some way
Bywater should be a Keep south east of Kings Landing in the woods that extend into the Stormlands to the east of Woodmere, Ser Jacelyn Bywater is from here and is commander of the gold cloaks
House Brune sworn to Kings Landing, castle Drye Den on the Crackclaw Point, Lord Eustace Brune and Ser Bennard Brune are mentioned (2 different Brune family branches) also mentioned is Lothar Brune known as the Apple-Eater after killing a bunch of Fossoways in the Battle of the Blackwater.

Crownlands (stannis supporters)

Rooks Rest is a castle and seat of House Staunton, Lord Simon Staunton has been used in a few GoT games though is never mentioned
Stonedance is seat of House Massey, Ser Justin Massey is the only mentioned Massey that isn't apart of the nights watch during this time
High Tide, Seat of House Valaryon not a village, a castle or could even pass as a city if you include Hull, Lord Monford Valaryon is the head of the house and Aurane Waters is the bastard of High Tide, Brother to Monford.
Claw Isle should be a castle and seat of House Celtigar, Lord Adrian the Red Crab Celtigar follows Stannis to the Blackwater and is captured, he weilds the Valyrian Steel Axe (no name given).
Other Crownland Houses and Castles that should be added but no locations are given is Sweetport Sound seat of House Sunglass, and House Rambton.
Chyttering Brook, sworn to Stannis, Lord Lucos Chyttering (teen about the age characters can start in the game)
House Farring, Sworn to stannis, Farring Crossing castle is between Tumbleton and Kings Landing, Ser Gilbert Farring, Ser Godry Farring "the Giantslayer", Bryen Farring (Stannis ward) are all mentioned
House Follard, Ser Perkin Follard follows Stannis, his seat is Woodmere located between Bywater and Farring Crossing

Stannis Holdings across the Reach and Stormlands:

Bronzegate seat of House Buckler, Ser Bus Buckler is sworn to Stannis if you don't want to use Lord Ralph Buckler who actually owns the fief, not Imry Florent
Felwood should be a castle not a village owned by Lord Harwood Fells sworn to Stannis
Greenstone should be owned by Lord Eldon Estermont (really old), heir Ser Aemon Estermont (younger than his father but still old), Ser Alyn Estermont (Aemon's son), not owned by Davos Seaworth
Weeping Tower should be a town not a village could also be owned by Gulian Swann or another house from the region, it's "occupants are unknown"
House Swann, Ser Gulian's Son Donnel Swan should have a warband as well
Mistwood should be a castle not a village owned by House Mertyns, Lady Mary Mertyn's is named
Brightwater Keep should be owned by Lord Alestor Florent, Ser Axell Florent is Castellian of Dragonstone and Ser Imry Florent (selyse brother) could both control warbands from there
Poddingfield is seat of House Peasebury, Lord Robin Peasebury is mentioned, sworn to Stannis, no location given

The Reach/Renly Stormlands Holdings:

Rain House should be a castle owned by House Wylde, Lord Casper Wylde and his uncle ser Ormund Wylde (serves Stannis) are mentioned
Evenfall Hall is seat to House Tarth, not House Grimm, Lord Selwyn Tarth is the ruler and his heir is Brienne the Maid
Blackhaven, seat of House Dondarrion, Lord Beric is mentioned (i know you wanted to put him as a companion i think so maybe give him a son or something). Blackhaven on the map is about equal in line w/ Wyl while Nightsong also a castle, Seat of House Caron is currently where you have Blackhaven

castles that should be added w/ vassals but no locations given:
Broad Arch, seat of House Steadmon, Lord Alesandor Steadmon
Fawnton you have as a village is actually a castle and seat to House Cafferen, none are mentioned yet so make up a name :)
Gallowsgrey, seat of House Trant, no none Kingsguard members mentioned yet
Grandview, Seat of House Gandison, Lord Hugh Gandison and Ser Narbert Gandison (sworn to Stannis) are mentioned
Harvest Hall, located somewhere in the Dornish Marches, seat of House Selmy, Lord Artsan Selmy

The Reach:

Tumbleton seat of House Footly should be a town not a village owned by the westerlands, no Footly's are mentioned but in several games I'v seen Patrek Footly used
Ashford should be a town not a village, seat of House Ashford, no members of House Ashford during this timespan, but I have seen Clovan Ashford used, or you can make up a name
Grassy Vale is the seat of House Meadows, not Selwyn Tarth, Young Lord Elwood Meadows is mentioned, make him around the same age as Lucos Chyttering or the lowst age character that is considered an adult
House Merryweather owns Longtable, not Lord Errol, Lord Orton Merryweather is mentioned
Goldengrove does not belong to Lyle Crakehall and the Westerlands, it is the seat of House Rowan of the Reach, Lord Mathis Rowan is mentioned
Horn Hill is a castle and the seat of House Tarly, Lord Randyll Tarly is the current lord wielding Heartsbane the Valyrian Sword and his heir is Dickon Tarly
Old Oak is not seat to House Marbrand of the Westerlands but is seat to House Oakheart of the Reach, Lady Arwyn Oakheart is mentioned
Blackcrown is not Garlan Tyrell's seat, he gets Brightwater after the Florent lands are stripped from them, it's House is House Bulwer, Lord Jon Bulwer is mentioned
Bandallon is a castle of the Reach, not a village for Stannis, it's house is House Blackbar, Ser Leo Blackbar is mentioned
Three Towers is not owned by Balon Swann (since he is in the game and not part of the kingsguard yet I'd give him Weeping Tower, Three Towers is the seat of House Costayne, Lord Tommen Costayne is mentioned (Aemon Costayne is a famous singer, maybe make him a bard if he isn't already)
Lord Martyn Mullendore rules the uplands but Ser Mark is in fact his son, no reason they both can't be in the game :)
Southshield is a castle of the Reach not a village of the Westerlands, seat of House Serry, Lord Osbert Serry and Ser Talbert Serry (son) are mentioned
House Roxton of The Ring, owns the Valyrian Sword Orphan-Maker location unknown but kinda important to add for the blade at least, no known members at this time
Standfast a castle in the Northmarches of the Reach seat of House Osgrey, Ser Eustace Osgrey is mentioned but not during the time period
Oakenshield is a castle on the closest of the shield islands to the continent, seat of House Hewett, Lord Humphrey Hewett is mentioned
Greyshield is a castle of the shield islands on the western most island, seat to House Grimm, Lord Guthor Grimm is mentioned
Sunhouse you have as a village should be a castle, seat to House Cuy, Lord Branston Cuy is mentioned and Ser Emmon Cuy (the yellow, was slain along w/ Robar Royce by Loras Tyrell in his rage after Renly was murdered)
Red Lake is a castle and seat to House Crane not a village on the boarder of the Reach and Westerlands, Ser Vortimer Crane, Ser Parman Crane (the purple joins stannis after Renly dies), Rycherd Crane are all mentioned.
Greenshield is a castle and the seat of House Chester on the northern most of the shield islands, Lord Moribald Chester is mantioned
Bitterbridge is a castle of the Reach not a village that belongs to the Riverlands and seat to House Caswell, Lord Lorent Caswell is mentioned
Honeyholt is a castle on the other side of the river that Oldtown is located just before the river forks, seat of House Beesbury, Lord Warryn Beesbury, Ser Bertram Beesbury and Ser Hugh Beesbury are all mentioned

Other Reach castles with ambiguous/unknown locations but important vassals/families:

Coldmoat, seat of House Webber, said to have been raised by the Osgreys so should be somewhere in the Northmarches, no current Webbers mentioned
Darkdell, seat of House Vyrwel, Igon Vyrwel is captain of the guard at Highgarden
Smithyton, seat of House Shermer, none are mentioned but it is known they declare for Renly
Starpike, seat of House Peake, Lord Titus Peake is married to Margot Lannister, Ser Laswell Torman, and Pykewood Peake are all in the Golden Company this castle should be somewhere between Tumbleton and the mountain ranges of the Westerlands, probably where the traning camp is located
Holyhall is seat to House Graceford and should be located near Cider Hall, Lady Alyce Graceford is mantioned
New Barrel is seat of the green apple Fossoways cadet branch of the red-apple Fossoways, Ser Jon Fossoway is mentioned probably across the river from Cider Hall, seat of the red-apple Fossoways Ser Bryan Fossoway, Ser Taunton Fossoway, and Ser Edwyd Fossoway are all mentioned as red-apple Fossoways but only Taunton survives the Blackwater, the other 2 are killed by Lothar Brune.
Hammerhal is mentioned as the seat of House Cordwayner, no known members at this time
Appleton seat of House Appleton, no known members at this time

other important houses of the reach with no known castles or towns are House Hunt, Hutcheson, Ichfield, Kidwell, Leygood, Lyberr, Bushy, Cockshaw, Dunn, Middlebury, Oldflowers, Orme, Norcross, Wythers, Willum, Redding, Sloane, Uffering, Varner, Ambrose, and Westbrook

Lord Edric Dayne is Lord of Starfall, Gerold Dayne is also mentioned known as the "Darkstar"
High Hermitage should be a castle not a village and should belong to Ser Gerold Dayne
Blackmont is the seat of House Blackmont not Fowler, Lady Larra Blackmont and her heir Jynessa Blackmont as well as Perros Blackmont (a squire) are mentioned
Kingsgrave is a castle and seat to House Manwoody, Lord Dagos Manwoody, Mors Manwoody (son), Dickon Manwoody (second son), and Ser Myles Manwoody (brother) are all mentioned
Vultures Roost is actually a ruined castle, not owned by anyone
Wyl, seat of House Wyl, not Gargalen, no known Wyl's during this time period, could always make up a name
Sandstone, is a castle located at the village you have designated Sandsore, seat of House Qorgyle, Lord Quentyn Qorgyle, Ser Guillian Qorgyle, and Ser Aron Qorgyle are all mentioned
Ser Ulwyck Uller is a brother to Harman and could lead a warband from Hellholt
Godsgrace a castle south-east of The Tor and north-east of Salt Shore on the fork of the river (opposite the village you have called the red dune), seat of House Allyrion, Lady Delonne Allyrion, Ser Ryon Allyrion (son and heir), Ser Daemon Sand (the Bastard of Godsgrace) all are mentioned
Vaith is a castle and seat to House Vaith on Salt Shore's side of the river near the end of it's southern branch after the fork, Lord Daeron Vaith is mentioned
Lemonwood is the seat of House Dalt, not Yornwood, Ser Deziel Dalt and Ser Andrey Dalt are mentioned
Planky Town is a Town, not a village, owned by the Martells
Ghost Hill is a castle and seat of House Toland, Lady Nymella Tolland, Valena Tolland, and Teora Tolland are all mentioned, Ghost Hill is located at the base of the northern most finger from the village you've designated broken arm diagonally (http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ghost_Hill) shown there
Ghaston Grey is a castle not a village the Martell's use as a retreat

you may ask why I went through all of westeros and did this, well I want this mod to be as accurate as possible and if we are going to be killing off lords there should at least be A LOT of them with A LOT of fiefs, I think I hit all the missing castles and towns, you can add villages (more for some places depending on how important the locations are) I know this is Ultra Alpha but once you get these in the game you won't have to worry much about anything else except maybe moving them around depending on the information we get from GRRM from here on out

also while looking around the map some Towns are hard to identify and look like castles, could you look into clearing that up, like making it obvious for stupid people like me whats a castle and what is a town.

also I'v noticed that the diplomacy is not locked and would suggest doing that for Westeros for the time being as I stated earlier, the Martells went to war with the Lannisters on the 2nd day, kinda game-breaking, having wars declared through events that happen at certain dates and alliances based on the show that are unbreakable would probably be best as well as locking some lords into their kingdoms like Gregor Clegan, would be lore-breaking if he defected to anywere else. anyway, I'll test this out more tommorrow, just wanted to throw some obvious stuff out there first
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Reply #4 on: September 21, 2014, 08:54:54 AM
First of all wow!
The map in .6 compared to .54 is amazing!
Also loving the custom map icons and the Lord banners!


Some Kingsguard spawn barefoot
House Lannister banner displays in Red Keep
Ser Boros Blount and Ser Preston Greenfield appear twice in the throne room
Grand Maester Pycell's name has a spelling error
Petyr Baelish looks like a bandit from Brytenwalda
Lord Swann, Morrigen and Ser Imry served Renly until Renly dies. House Florent also supported Renly with only Ser Axel being the castellian of Dragonstone
Yara Greyjoy should be called Asha Greyjoy (Personaly pref really but damn it annoys me lol)
Prince Doran Martel should be Dorne's leader rather than Oberyn, I guess you could say that Oberyn is the marshall (not warband marshall) of Doran's forces since he's too gouty to move let alone fight

Lord Wendel Manderly is only a ser, with his father Wyman being the current lord.
Ser Denys Mallister is missing the "r" at the end of his name
All Night's watch vassals have the same face
Player warband banner is 1cm to the right of the horse on the overworld map
Some locations have 2cm cut off from the end of their name tags
Got an error as soon as game started after merchant lets me out: "Your relation with Lord Bryen Carron has increased -3 to -2"
"Unable to find mesh Lannister_guantlet_L"
Tracks on the ground (weird horse hoof ones) even though I have 0 in tracking

One suggestion I have so far:

I play with font size 100 to avoid death announcements in battle covering the screen but I find this font quite hard to read. I know it's not as pretty but a return to native's font or even another defaut font would have my eyes thanking you!

Really impressed with .6 so far! MASSIVE upgrade, well done!
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Reply #5 on: September 21, 2014, 10:19:34 AM
  • Arena fighters seem to have steel one-handed swords instead of wooden ones
  • After few months of game Free Citities tend to banish their vassals. Dothraki do it as well
  • Speaking of Free Cities and Dothraki, they like to declare war on Tyrell, but they never go anywhere, just patroling their cities and telling me how both sides suffered in this war
  • It's not really a bug, but can you prevent Night Watch from declaring war to anyone, but Wildlings?
  • Also I believe Magnar is supposed to be bald and it's strange for Dragonstone to be very rich
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Reply #6 on: September 21, 2014, 10:56:55 AM
good job so far. Any little thing you come across, post it here and ill work my way through them all.

The Nights Watch shouldnt be able to declare war on others, at least not randomly. Any more info on this? Maybe i missed a check somewhere.

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Reply #7 on: September 21, 2014, 11:22:50 AM
The Nights Watch shouldnt be able to declare war on others, at least not randomly. Any more info on this? Maybe i missed a check somewhere.
Only that they lost all their holdings and it was House Tyrell and reason is to curb realm's power.  Ive made an attempt to fix this so it needs testing :)
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Reply #8 on: September 21, 2014, 11:28:25 AM
Ah ok cheers. That would be the check i missed then :).

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Reply #9 on: September 21, 2014, 11:46:16 AM
White Harbour should be faith of the 7 rather than old gods The code says it should already be Faith of the Seven, can anyone else confirm this please?
Stoney sept should belong to westerlands
Scene for nun's deep player spawns down a big hill in the bushes, villagers walking to walls
Castle Black should be a town only for the sake of balance (Where is the player supposed to buy things from if a night's watch member)
Flag from being a westerlands vassal still displays after joing the watch

Not a bug but I have a request:
Can we please get the option to turn off the combat addidtions such as the extra damage from behind and the bleeding damage? Hated that in Brytenwalda


CTD when finding item with cheatmenu:
"couldn't load "textures /costumes3_mew2.dds"

>Wildling caravans have squires and hired guards in party, swords and all.
>Not a bug but I believe that the Wildlings should be called "The Free Folk" as that is what they call themselves.
>Craster does not actually follow Mance raider and therefore should not be in my opinion a vassal, I'd suggest maybe Varamyr Sixskins instead
>Castle Black and other castles should have village recruiting as Night's watch are crying out for more recruiting options (wildlings have large parties yo) - the nights watch is meant to be severly lacking in the troops department, and I pretty sure the wildlings are said to out number them 100/1 or something??
>Upgrade costs for troop trees are too exspensive imo, slight reduction, noticed this in Night'swatch as without property getting money is hard. Maybe make night'swatch men free to recruit by night'swatch players and impossible for all other faction/neutral players? - I like the idea of making nights watch only recruitable by that faction.
>Night's watch troop tree is confusing, both archers and melee troops are called the same. - that's because either way they are rangers, they are still sorted into melee or ranged. Any other suggestions for being able to quickly and easily tell the difference? I didn't want to add 'melee' or 'ranged' after the name because that feels un-immersive to me.
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Reply #10 on: September 21, 2014, 08:01:38 PM
These are two simple mistakes:
When I talked to Jon Snow at Castle Black he replied "If you want to join the watch you should speak with Mance Rayder" it should be with Jeor Mormont
When I talked to Jeor Mormont and asked him "What would it take to cement a long lasting alliance with your house?" He replied "You will not take offence if I tell you that, as a KING, (...)", but he was no king Only options here is to re-work the whole kings/lords dialogues or just remove the option??
Amazing mod, keep it up  ;)
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The Iron Islands (forgot about them):
Greyjoy's that should be added, Theon Greyjoy, Lord Captain Victarian Greyjoy, Euron Greyjoy (could be a pretender), Quenton Greyjoy (slain at Deepwood Motte), Dagon Greyjoy "the Drunkard" also slain at Deepwood Motte
Lordsport another city on the Island of Pyke, seat of House Botley, Lord Sawane Botley, Harren Botley (died at Moat Caitlin), Tristifer Botley, Symond Botley, Harlon Botley, Vickon Botley, Bannerion Botley all mentioned (really only need Lord Sawane possibly his dead son and 2nd son) Lord Germund Botley is named Lord of Lordsport when Euron takes over and his sons are Balon Botley and Quellon Botley (there is a shit ton of Botley's)
Old Wyk should be a castle and seat of House Drumm, not a village, Drumms carry the Valyrian sword Red Rain (Reynes Valyrian sword they paid the iron price for), Lord Dustin Drumm, Deny's Drumm, Donnel Drumm are all mentioned
Sealskin Point on Great Wyk is the seat of a branch of the Farwynd's (since the lonley light isn't on the map), Lord Triston Farwynd from this branch is mentioned and the Farwynd's of the Lonley light that can also use Sealskin Point are Lord Gylbert Farwynd, Gyles Farwynd, Ygon Farwynd, and Yohn Farwynd
Ironholt is located on the island of Pyke, not Saltcliffe
Saltcliffe should be a castle not a village and is seat to House Saltcliffe, Lord Donnor Saltcliffe is mentioned
House Goodbrother has ten more daughters than the 2 already included, Greydon Goodbrother is heir to Lord Goodbrother, Gormond and Gran Goodbrother are Greydon's triplet brothers, Goodbrothers own A LOT of land on Great Wyk and some on Old Wyk w/ cadet Goodbrother branches...needless to say if you need more Goodbrothers theres a shit ton of them to choose from.
Pebbleton Tower is a castle and seat to House Merlyn, Manfred Merlyn can be added
Blacktyde Castle (castle not village), is seat of House Blacktyde, Lord Baelor Blacktyde returns in time for the kingsmoot that sees Euron elected and because he is a followed of the faith of seven (from his time as a ward in Oldtown after the Greyjoy Rebellion) he is executed and split into 7 different piece for each aspect of his faith
Grey Garden is a castle on the island of Harlaw, seat of Ser Harras Harlaw "the Knight"
Harlaw Hall is a castle and the ancestral seat of House Harlaw Lord Rodrik Harlaw "the Reader" is mentioned, but There are a lot of Harlaws and castles so I'm gonna go ahead and condense some of them, the only Harlaw mentioned as living there is Sigfryd Harlaw who is his great uncle claiming he is going to live forever, also to condense some Harlaws, Boremund Harlaw (who is master of Harridan Hall) can be added, Hotho "Humpback" Harlaw, Eerl Harlaw, Gevin Harlaw, and Dykk Harlaw can also be added
Ten Towers should be moved to the other side of the island and is the seat of Lord Rodrik Harlaw
Volmark another castle on the island of Harlaw and seat of House Volmark, Lord Maron Volmark is mentioned (though he is a young boy)

Other important Iron Island Houses that don't have castles (because theres limited room) but should be added as vassals nonetheless are:
House Kenning, Ralf Kenning and Qarl Kenning are mentioned, Kennings of the Westerlands are a cadet branch of this family that now follow the Seven w/ the rest of the Westerlands.
House Codd, Lucas Codd, Eldred Codd, Tom Codd, and Dagon Codd are all mentioned (they are looked at as Davos Seaworth is looked at by the nobility supporting Stannis, not well liked)
House Myre, John Myre is mentioned
House Orkwood, base of operations is the island of Orkmont, Lord Alyn Orkwood is mentioned (suggesting he owns land)
House Sparr, comes from Great Wyk, Lord Sparr (no first name, could make one up), Steffarion Sparr (his son), and Rodrik Sparr are all mentioned, Lord Sparr could own a village
House Stonehouse, of Great Wyk, Lord Stonehouse (no first name again called "The Stonehouse", could own a village) and Ralf Stonehouse are mentioned
House Stonetree, of Harlaw, Sigfry Stonetree is mentioned
House Sunderly of Saltcliffe, Lord Sunderly (no first name) is mentioned, could own a village on the island
House Tawney of Orkmont, Lord Balon Tawney and Little Lenwood Tawney are mentioned (could also own a village on Orkmont.

other lessor houses that could be included is House Ironmaker (Erik is forcibly married to Asha Greyjoy, he has 3 grandsons), Weaver, Sharp, Shepherd, Netley, and Humble

Bugs as I'm playing:

Idk if this is intended or not but when I talk to companions i only get 3 options, none of which are to equip them w/ anything, only thing I can do is change their skills, I can't send them out to get me rights to rule

would like an option in camp mod to shut off weather effects and time of day
also for mod options would like to see an option where it allows you to increase the number of units allowed per battle and how many reinforcment waves are allowed

certain trees and bushes on maps cause units to get stuck when pathing, could you look into removing these things?

Ice the sword is shown as a one-handed sword but it was actually a Greatsword two-hander

city scene's that need to be re-done (because they look like I would expect gaelic cities to look like in the dark ages)

King Landing
The Arbor
Lys (to rough)
Bravos (looks like what I would imagine Westeros cities to look like, not Essosi)
Dothraki Camp (seems to sophisticated for a bunch of nomads)

Lannisport is excellent

White Harbor
Frostfangs Camp
Norvos (RGL errors in Norvos)
Volon Therys
Winterfell are all good

another thing that is kinda peeving me is that I'm only allowed 20 prisoners, there is no prisoner management on the character sheet (that I saw) so maybe add it or make it so we can have unlimited prisoners, kinda like honorable men in Cozurs mod (only other warband I'v played, never played Vanilla). - As Snuff said, is calculated on how large your party is.
 Also would be nice to be able to make businesses in cities right away rather than having to do a quest or win a competition first. - This is really to curb the ammount of businesses and make it a little harder to poses them.

almost all character portraits/avatars need to be re-vamped, I have very rarely found someone in the game that is described as they are in the books or appear in the show thus-far. - Would be awesome if someone wants to take up the challenge of editing all the face codes ;p ??
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Reply #12 on: September 22, 2014, 12:30:58 AM
I'm in NYC for the weekend... come back and find my thread has become the unofficial v0.6.0 bug reporting thread haha.

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Reply #13 on: September 22, 2014, 12:49:37 AM
I'm in NYC for the weekend... come back and find my thread has become the unofficial v0.6.0 bug reporting thread haha.

ya sorry I hijacked it but seemed convenient :/

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Reply #14 on: September 22, 2014, 10:02:53 AM

another thing that is kinda peeving me is that I'm only allowed 20 prisoners, there is no prisoner management on the character sheet (that I saw) so maybe add it or make it so we can have unlimited prisoners.

The amount of prisoners you can have is relative to your party size like Brytenwalda. No prisoner management skill to waste points on. Which I love.