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Author Topic: Bug Report  (Read 1580 times)

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Daemon Glasseye

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on: October 24, 2020, 10:05:53 PM
Definitely Bugs:
1. The master of whispers does not show up in my court at King's Landing.
2. Sneaking in to bust out prisoner can only be done in some of the castles. Many castles are bugged in one or both ways: can't talk to prisoner or can't access prison once the prison guard is killed.
3. Dragonstone coastal assault. The sound is not working properly. Half of my troops jumped into deep water and went unconscious when they disembark. So I guess there need to be more ground to land on. The reinforcement is also strange. Once I only killed 250+ out of the 450+ garrison and won the fight. Another time I killed 170+ and only lost 100+ out of my 300+, but my reinforcement stopped coming and I lost the fight.
5. The bride's father show up to present his daughter during a wedding of elopement. Ned Stark showed up this way when I married Sansa.

Issues that could be bugs:
1. Princess Khiarai has a dragonbone bow in the troop files, but not in game somehow.
2. The minister, the master of coins, the master of laws, and the master of whispers don't seem to change by editing the troop file. Coins and Laws seem really low-res, and very out-of-place in grander castles.
3. Building settlement and troop quarter seem to be redundant features. Troop quarter is way stronger being free and on-demand.
4. When the bastard companions(snow and stone) get fiefs, they exclaim that they are bastards no more, but still keep their bastard name afterward. When the knight companions get fiefs, they become Lord Ser such and such.
5. When I supporting Blackfyre claimant to takeover Pentos, I was forced to plunder every castle and town I took. No option prevents that. Maybe he's just that mad and cruel? Could use more clue about that. Also, he doesn't have a banner.
6. Targaryens have the wrong banner.

1. Assign more personalities. Most lord and about all the ladies have random personalities while many of them are establish characters in the story. A moralist Cersei Lannister is really odd.
2. Assign companions to fixed locations. Running into Shagga in deep Essos doesn't really make sense.
2. Dance of the dragons! Allow duel Targaryen invasions. The book seems to be going for that anyway, and would be totally awesome.

Thank you so much for this mod! I did not list anything I could fix myself using Morgh or avoid completely.

Offline thenextking

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Reply #1 on: August 30, 2021, 03:32:48 AM
Has anyone noticed that Robber and Exiled Knights are acting like a minor faction? I mean, they only attack you or people related to you. They do not act like baddit parties. I've been playing this mod since beta versions. As I can remember, they weren't like this. They were changed some versions ago, perhaps in version 6.0. Is that somenthing intentional or it is ignored because it is not game breaking?