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Author Topic: The Titans of Essos  (Read 1412 times)

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on: August 11, 2018, 10:38:34 AM
I modded the mod via morghs to give myself a few companions to start with, all of us had low-lord level and stats, but rags for equipment. I turned  on cheats, teleported us to the Pentos. The basic plot is that each member of the party is an exiled member of a major family, some of which are said to be extinct (making them throne pretenders). None of us are part of any of the really main family branch if we share a name. As a basic list, here is the families of each companion and the crimes/events that got them exiled from their homelands. Also their roles, both in and out of combat. I wish I knew a way to change their personalities but that is beyond my ability so they all have unfitting bases for my little lore.

Sei Gardener (Courted another mans betrothed.) [Sharpshooter/Persuader/Trader]
Jeirin Martell (Shot and killed a relative with a poison arrow over a dispute.) [Horse Archer/Tracking/Path-Finding]
Ryal Stark (Was dishonorable, abandoning his duty as a squire on multiple occasions which led to his lieges death on the battlefield.) [Infanty/Foraging]
Sam Balerys (Father of the next companion, Sam was a ruthless king over a small surviving patch of Valyrians before being driven out by raids from Dothraki hordes.) [Cavalry/Looting/Tactics]
Pyra Balerys (Son of Sam, the only of his seven sons to survive the Dothraki horde.) [Cavalry/Spotting/Training)
'E' Lannister (Abandoned his maester duties to pick up the trade of espionage, and also accused of training in the art of assassination.) [Assasin/Engineer/Surgery/Wound Treatment]
Stine Durrandon (Declared himself rightful heir of Storms End. Laughed at and given the option of the block or exile.)  [Heavy Infantry/First Aid]

and Finally...

Crimson Blackfyre (Because of his name, he was immediately sent into exile by allies of the Targaryens to save his life. Because of his families deeds, he starts with negative honor and a negative relationship with all Westorosi lords.)

(This happened in 3.0, so I will probably be doing a remake of this run soon.)

Starting in Essos, the Companions met at a tavern and vowed to stick together after several drinks and laughs. The new friends had a rocky relationship to start, but the plan was simple: Win enough tournaments to become a full fledged mercenary band. It took nearly two months for them to get properly equipped, even with risky bets that they placed, they finally got their bit of renown as the Titan's of Essos. The Titan's traveled, far and met many influential figures in Essos, facing down Dothraki raiders and fighting with a fervor none would expect from a measly 8 men. With enterprise's being started on the parties agreement, every town in Essos, save for the Dothraki home capital, had a sort of business funneling gold to the Titans as they continued their tournament runs. To solidify their noble natures, Crimson took the money to get each of his companions a valyrian weapon. A dagger for 'E', a longsword for the rest, and a great sword rivaling the size of Ice for himself. It cost him the fortune of dozens of castles, but with these blades in hand, they never lost a tourney again (or had to reload a save).

Westeros was in turmoil by the time they stepped foot upon its soil again. The Reach and the Vale worked together to pincer much of the realm, the southern westerlands being eaten up. Stannis had taken most of his brothers lands. The North owned half the Iron Islands, and the Free Folk conquered their first castle on the far side of the wall. The Vale and Easterlands belonged to Renly Baratheon, now crowned Protector of the Realm, and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. There was much work to be done. Taking to restoring the groups honor, Crimson took odd jobs, helped villagers with no pay, and set up more enterprises gradually. It was then an opportunity presented itself. Over time the Westerlands had been wittled away at, time after time. Riverlands taking harenhall, the Vale taking every town and castle south of the trident. The Lannisters poured all their efforts on recapturing Kings landing, and that was when Crimson took his chance. His companions had built his right to rule and it was far higher than most in Westeros. First he conquered all the towns and castles immediately around Lannisport whilst the Lannisters wasted all their forces on Kings Landing. It was brutal, and despite a surplus of over 300 elite troops, Crimson had little over 90 by the time his immediate conquest ended. At this moment 'E' was awarded Casterly Rock and Lannisport, and Crimson named him Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. He recruited a food upstanding and good-natured lords of the Westerlands to fill his few castles as he swiftly rebuilt his troops. The Lannisters had been returning in small waves to attack him, but the main force arrived to retake Kayce. 'E' rode out to combat them with the other lords while Crimson set his sights on the true prize: King's Landing, freshly conquered with a low garrison, he rode as fast as he could, and sieged it. Down with the Westerlands, The Seven Kingdoms, for the first time, had a Blackfyre officially crowned. Around this time, Aegon landed, and he was none too happy to have the descendant of a bastard sitting on his throat. He declared war on a few rivals first, which gave Crimson the time he needed. Lady Arryn sent over half of her lords into exile for treason, so Crimson took this time to strike. He recruited all the upstanding lords he could, prioritizing loyalty over quantity.

With a swift military campaign The Titans now held The Vale in but a single war. Gulltown and The Eyrie were bestowed upon Sam Balerys, who was named Lord Paramount of the Vale. He was a troublesome and brutal man who saw himself as a mighty Dragon. Perhaps being cooped up so high would prevent anyone from see him looking down his nose. Aegon had taken most of the Stormlands, and Stannis retreated into the lands he had taken from the Dornish. The Reach had been hit hard and been reduced to only the castles and towns past Highgarden, providing The Titans the optimal time to provide a direct connection of their lands to Kings Landing. Their kingdom was scattered, so first priority was reuniting it. After a swift war with Stannis and The Reach, Kings Landing was now sitting pretty with lords of castles around it to defend it. With the conquest of Highgarden, Sei Gardener was named the new Lord Paramount of The Reach. Two follow up wars with Dorne and the Riverlands allowed to crown two more Paramounts. Pyra in the Riverlands, and Jeirin in Dorne. Though these factions were far from gone, the game gets a lot harder now that a majority of the land belonged to The Titans. Aegon began his bid for the throne, and Crimson beat him back, taking Dragonstone for himself, and giving Storms End to Stine, new Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. The last of the Titans to travel with Crimson, Ryal, would receive his lands nearly three years later after Crimson finished his conquest of the southern kingdoms. Winterfell belonged to Ryal, where he took up the family sword Ice. The Night's Watch fell, and Winter finally came for them all (they were stuck raiding Wildlings). Crimson called his host and rode North. The Long Night ended after each companion, wielding their powerful blades, slew the horde and the Night King. Peace returned to Westeros as the Wildling lands came to be merged with the land of the North, and the Night's watch was now officially disbanded.

The Titans of Essos would return to unite the world under one banner, but this had to be the conquest of one man because half the lords of Westeros were stuck in a never ending loop of ships. Essos took a shorter time than Westeros to conquer (mainly because I was op now) and it was the first and only time I ever full conquered

I got frustrated a bit midway through because lords would keep defecting (ones that I didn't want due to personality bias) so I just gave them a single village and called it a day. My kind lords were all devoted near the end. Yes, I did cheat in those extra Valyrian swords and Ice just for story purposes, but I paid for every single one with legit gold x2 (I doubled the cost since the smith only had some, it would only be realistic if I had to pay more to receive the metals of several different weapons from different sources. This part honestly took forever, but I do it because I wanted to feel like I legit earned a small party of Valyrian swords.) Over 200 hours of gameplay, and 2000+ days in game, and my goal was complete. King of all, I could put the save up for good and move on to the new version I had been dying to check out since I heard all the glitches I whined about were fixed. 200 hours, just for a single playthrough.

Thank you for this mod, Produno.
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