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Author Topic: Aegon Targaryen is wandering around seven kingdoms.  (Read 1388 times)

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Hello dear people . I am so happy to finally be here .
Before some years I found nice book - Game of Thrones - Clash of Kings ( I think that was the first part ) . Then I didn't realize what I'm holding in my hands . I read all books (that time there was only 5 of them ) In 3 weeks , I was reading like crazy ( and after red wedding I take some day pause because I get mental breakdown )
The after one or two years I realize that there is a TV show .  I'm not big fan of TV shows and movies after books ,but off course ,this one was perfect .
About mount and blade .
I'm not gamer . Really . I didn't have my own PC for long time , my parent didn't let me to play video games on ther PC (only school staff :( ) , but sometimes my sister give me here laptop to play some games . That was pretty old and slow laptop so I start to look at games what will work properly on it . I found mount and blade . I was playing all the time when my sister allow( that wasn't really ofently  , like two times per month ) . I was really struggling becomes I didn't even know how to get a castle and become a lord . But when I get my first smartphone I was starting to watch Reformist videos about M&B . And one more surprise for me - there wasn't newest part of M&B . In previous summer I finish my high school and start to leave alone . I buy laptop and Xbox one , and first game what I buy on Xbox was M&B :)
. This how I became better and smarter . This is still my all time favorite game .

And then there was a miracle - I found some videos on YouTube about M&B Ice and fire mod .
I was so hyped - my favorite game and my favorite book series  together ? Cabot be possible . But here I am .

And let's be honest - THIS IS AMAZING .


But about gameplay .  I made character based on G.R.R Martin book Knight of Seven Kindoms . First I want  to make Duncan The Tall ,but then I change my minds when I find that you can chose your race like Valerian . So I made a character  - Aegon V Targaryen . In seven kindoms his nickname was Egg, I made him one more name - The small one . It fit perfect :)
Now I'm doing Varys quest line to get Deaneries in Westeros . ( it took me whole day to finally get army and defied that rober knights (but that is amazing )). In the same time I'm looking  fir Valerian steel sword to be real Targaryen.

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Reply #1 on: June 05, 2018, 03:31:56 AM
Nice story, im glad your enjoying the mod :)

There is also another GoT mod you should probably try after finishing with AWoIaF, its called A Clash of Kings ;).

Have fun conquering ;)