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Author Topic: The Shadow Prince - My "Roleplay" Playthrough.  (Read 1198 times)

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on: October 05, 2017, 10:14:41 AM
What's up guys, I thought i'd be the first to drop a post in this new section. Produno created this section for us to share our in game stories (however true or false, however legit or cheated) and I personally think its a great idea, so here we go.

One of my recent playthroughs focuses itself around The Shadow Prince, a mercenary captain out of the Free Isles of Essos. His father was a slave in Essos and so that's how he grew up as well, constantly a slave, under the foot of greater and richer men.

It was only when he reached adulthood that he decided to change things, he departed from Essos as quick as he could and gathered together a band of mercenaries to help him obtain enough money to recruit an army of Freeriders, enough Freeriders in fact to take him to the west, to the land of Westeros, a land where the lords are all fat and wealthy and where there is always good work for a mercenary of his caliber. Starting out with no knowledge of the local politics he joined forces with the first lord he approached upon landing at King's Landing in Westeros, that lord just happened to be Ser Devan Lannister within the Great Hall, this same Ser Devan signed The Shadow Prince into his first 30 day contract within Westeros, and may have doomed The Westerlands to ruin for what The Shadow Prince saw in his time fighting for the Westerlands, he did not like. The Westerlands were over-fond of using a brute called "Ser Gregor Clegane" a man that The Shadow Prince later learned to be nicknamed "The Mountain that Rides" Ser Gregor would spend his "free time" pillaging vilages & scaring villagers into joining his levy's, growing up as a slave The Shadow Prince, despite being a mercenary, did not prey on the defenseless, and his companions were like-minded. Seeing all of this occur he decided that The Westerlands was not the place for him, and worked out the rest of his contract battling around the area of Greywater Watch, heavily contesed by The Westerlands & The North. The Shadow Prince turned his attention towards the Riverlands then, though they weren't at war at this time they were more than happy to pay The Shadow Prince to patrol around their lands, keeping away the threat of war from The Vale, as The Riverlands had recently provoked them.


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