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Started by Produno, September 30, 2017, 07:53:02 PM

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A relatively new game engine I have been looking at to do some commercial projects.

Take a look:


Quote from: Heaux on November 15, 2017, 09:03:58 PM

What else would you recommend?

One of the good things with Godot is it's completely royalty free. The only cost is your own time and effort.


Godot 3.1 has just been released. If anyone wants to have a try at gamedev this is the engine for it :)


Quote from: Produno on March 14, 2019, 11:09:18 AM
Godot 3.1 has just been released. If anyone wants to have a try at gamedev this is the engine for it :)

Godot is getting better and better, maybe not for creating big games or for console but enough for indie games for pc, linux mac and web or mobiles
How is your game evolving?


The lead dev says Godot 4.0 should have the capabilities to compete with the likes of Unreal and Unity for 3D rendering. For 2D it is possibly already better due the fact it has its own 2D renderer and does not rely on camera trickery in a 3D renderer. One of the reasons I decided to use it as my game is 2D with some small amounts of 3D rendered within it.
The only issue with Godot currently is the scripting language GDscript is not as performant as C# in Unity or C++ in Unreal. Although 3.1 now offered typed script in GDscript which now allows them to drastically improve the performance of the language, so in the future it shouldn't be too far behind. Not enough to worry anyhow.

You can also use C# alongside GDscript, although i think that is still being developed and if a part of your code drastically needed a performance increase there is nothing stopping you from adding functionality yourself from the actual engine code, seeing as its all open source this can be done.

As for my game, I will probably do another small update blog on it soon. I am considering releasing a small demo to a select few to gather some feedback, though I'm unsure whether I should do this yet or not.

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