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Author Topic: Bugs, downloaded game  (Read 1345 times)

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Offline Uhtred of Bebbanburg

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on: August 05, 2017, 02:17:02 AM
1. If I capture a ship or two, at some point my other ships change the material they are made from. I usually buy only Oak Cogs and suddenly one or two become Pine or Ash and are heavily damaged as well. Very frustrating. I've also had it happen when I bought a ship in a town and went to get my other ships and then merged them at that town. Suddenly I've got damaged pine cogs.

2. I'm still getting a bug where caravans keep going in and out of a town. Right now it's Dragonstone and Gulltown. Back and forth. Back and forth.

3. Maybe not a bug but definitely annoying. In ship battles my ship is often slower than the second and third ship in my party. That's inconvenient as the first ship has the best troops in it and I'd rather archers not engage with the enemy. Commands to hold ground or fall back don't seem to do anything.  Maybe I don't know how to use them?

4. I've seen it reported that recruiters have pathfinding errors. Same here. Sometimes they are at sea and they run into the beach but don't land or maneuver around.

5. I don't know if it's a bug, but some of the armors are not consistent in their weights, damage resist, and whether they are classified as medium, or heavy. For instance, the Lamellar that the Sea Raiders wear weighs 12 pounds (iirc) but it is classed as a Heavy Armor.  That makes me think the classification is based on the damage resist. But other armors like the Brigandine that Exile Knights wear has about the same damage resist and weighs more but is a Medium Armor.  Anyway, it's not intuitive.

6. When defending Storms End, the initial spawn of defenders is placed out in the water. They are often mobbed before they can get back to the castle which means the defenders aren't in place and the castle can be overrun quickly. I'm a heroic dude and I held them off on some stairs, but other players aren't as awesome as me.

7.I've never found the guild master at Valon Therys (iirc). It's the city to the north west of Volantis. I just use cheats now when finding guild masters. It saves me hours of game time.

8. I attack lords and they bring a half dozen cogs or more to the battle but I almost never capture one. It's very frustrating since there they all are sitting there tide up to all my boats at the end of every battle. How can I not capture them? It would make being a pirate a lot more lucrative (and fun).

9.Spies get caught in my own castles and then I get even more negative relation with the castle.

Thanks for you hard work.