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Author Topic: Runtime error  (Read 3312 times)

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on: April 25, 2015, 05:42:55 PM
I downloaded the mod in its Beta version 7 and Final Hotfix # 2, but when I finish creating the character I've come across the dreaded runtime error.

Here's rgl_log

Code: [Select]
Starting new log file.
 Version:  1.163
-- OS: Microsoft Windows 7  Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 32-bit
-- RAM: Available physical RAM: 1394MB/1982MB
-- CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU        E3300  @ 2.50GHz (GenuineIntel)
 - L2 cache size: 1024K
 - Number of CPUs: 2 ( Speed: ~2500MHz / ~2500MHz )

-- GPU:
 - D3D9 Adapter: 0 / Driver: igdumdx32.dll / Description: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset
 - Texture Memory: -1 ( Available Texture Memory: 792 )

 Processing Ini File {
 Module_name =  A
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  use_case_insensitive_mesh_searches . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  use_texture_degration_cache . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  use_scene_unloading . Skipping.
 Num Hints =  0
 Setting Map Min X =  -225.000000
 Setting Map Max X =  225.000000
 Setting Map Min Y =  -252.000000
 Setting Map Max Y =  252.000000
 Setting Time Multiplier =  0.250000
 Setting Seeing Range Multiplier =  5.000000
 Setting Track Spotting Multiplier =  0.800000
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  maximum_number_of_notification_messages . Skipping.
 Setting player_wounded_treshold =  5.000000
 Setting hero_wounded_treshold =  10.000000
 Setting Skill Prisoner Management Bonus =  5
 Setting Skill Leadership Bonus =  3
 Setting Base Companion Limit =  20
 Setting player_xp_multiplier =  1.000000
 Setting hero_xp_multiplier =  1.500000
 Setting regulars_xp_multiplier =  2.000000
 Setting damage_interrupt_attack_treshold =  3.000000
 Setting damage_interrupt_attack_treshold_mp =  3.000000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_cut =  0.800000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_pierce =  0.450000
 Setting armor_soak_factor_against_blunt =  0.500000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_cut =  0.800000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_pierce =  0.250000
 Setting armor_reduction_factor_against_blunt =  0.650000
 Setting horse_charge_damage_multiplier =  1.000000
 Setting couched_lance_damage_multiplier =  0.350000
 Setting fall_damage_multiplier =  1.000000
 Setting shield_penetration_offset =  30.000000
 Setting shield_penetration_factor =  3.000000
 Setting missile_damage_speed_power =  1.300000
 Setting melee_damage_speed_power =  2.000000
 Setting multiplayer_walk_enabled =  0
 Setting mission_object_prune_time =  180
 Scan Module Textures =  1
 Scan Module Sounds =  1
 Loading Module Resource  textures_face_gen
 Loading Resource  textures
 Loading Module Resource  materials
 Loading Module Resource  env_materials
 Loading Module Resource  materials_face_gen
 Loading Module Resource  OSP_Jaakko_Materials
 Loading Resource  raw_materials
 Loading Resource  barrier_primitives
 Loading Resource  test
 Loading Resource  shaders
 Loading Resource  simple_primitives
 Loading Resource  uimeshes
 Loading Resource  helpers
 Loading Resource  pictures
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_pictures
 Loading Resource  ui_server_filter
 Loading Module Resource  user_interface_b
 Loading Resource  user_interface_c
 Loading Module Resource  particle_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  particles_2
 Loading Module Resource  core_ui_meshes
 Loading Resource  ani_man_walk
 Loading Resource  ani_twohanded
 Loading Resource  ani_onehanded
 Loading Resource  ani_death
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_guardsman
 Loading Resource  ani_human_mounted
 Loading Resource  ani_lady_stand
 Loading Resource  ani_poses
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_shopkeeper
 Loading Resource  ani_man_cheer
 Loading Resource  ani_stand_onhorse
 Loading Resource  ani_throw_stone
 Loading Resource  ani_strikes
 Loading Resource  ani_equip_arms
 Loading Resource  ani_run_p
 Loading Resource  ani_run_forward_left_right
 Loading Resource  uni_strikes3
 Loading Resource  ani_walk_sideways
 Loading Resource  ani_run_sideways
 Loading Resource  ani_stand
 Loading Resource  ani_crouch_down
 Loading Resource  ani_low_walk
 Loading Resource  ani_turn_man
 Loading Resource  ani_attacks_single
 Loading Resource  ani_lancer
 Loading Resource  ani_attacks
 Loading Resource  ani_kicks
 Loading Resource  ani_parry_attack
 Loading Resource  ani_walk_backward
 Loading Resource  ani_run_lookingsides
 Loading Resource  ani_defends
 Loading Resource  ani_walk_lookingsides
 Loading Resource  ani_jump
 Loading Resource  ani_wedding
 Loading Resource  uni_jump
 Loading Resource  uni_stances
 Loading Resource  uni_equip
 Loading Resource  uni_strike
 Loading Resource  uni_throws
 Loading Resource  uni_fistswing
 Loading Resource  uni_lord_stand
 Loading Resource  uni_defence
 Loading Resource  uni_sideways
 Loading Resource  ani_horse_mounted
 Loading Module Resource  ani_overhand_spear
 Loading Resource  anim_b
 Loading Module Resource  dedal_tavern_anims
 Loading Resource  skeletons
 Loading Resource  horse_skeleton
 Loading Resource  custom_banner
 Loading Module Resource  got_banners
 Loading Resource  arabian_castle
 Loading Resource  arabian_houses
 Loading Resource  arabian_props
 Loading Resource  arabian_village
 Loading Resource  castle_a
 Loading Resource  castle_b
 Loading Resource  castle_c
 Loading Resource  castle_d
 Loading Resource  castle_e
 Loading Resource  castle_f
 Loading Resource  castle_g
 Loading Resource  castle_h
 Loading Resource  castle_i
 Loading Resource  churches
 Loading Resource  destroy
 Loading Resource  doors
 Loading Resource  dungeon
 Loading Resource  fake_houses
 Loading Resource  food
 Loading Resource  gatehouse
 Loading Resource  houses1
 Loading Resource  interior_thirsty_lion
 Loading Resource  interiors_a
 Loading Resource  interiors_b
 Loading Resource  interiors_c
 Loading Resource  interiors_d
 Loading Resource  interiors_steppe
 Loading Resource  object_b
 Loading Resource  object_c
 Loading Resource  object_meshes
 Loading Resource  prisons
 Loading Resource  prisons_b
 Loading Resource  scene_small_tavern
 Loading Resource  ship
 Loading Resource  snowy_castle
 Loading Resource  snowy_houses
 Loading Resource  square_keep
 Loading Resource  steppe_fake_houses
 Loading Resource  stone_houses
 Loading Resource  town_houses
 Loading Resource  town_houses_b
 Loading Resource  town_houses_c
 Loading Resource  town_houses_d
 Loading Resource  town_houses_e
 Loading Resource  valleyProps
 Loading Resource  viking_houses
 Loading Resource  village_houses
 Loading Resource  village_houses_a
 Loading Resource  village_houses_b
 Loading Resource  wall_meshes1
 Loading Resource  workshops
 Loading Resource  arena
 Loading Module Resource  scene_props_highgarden
 Loading Module Resource  scene_props_ironborn
 Loading Module Resource  scene_props_kings_landing
 Loading Module Resource  scene_props_dreadfort
 Loading Module Resource  almohad_castle
 Loading Module Resource  dutch_castle
 Loading Module Resource  french_military_props
 Loading Module Resource  khayran_wall
 Loading Module Resource  moorish_mosque
 Loading Module Resource  theodosian_wall
 Loading Module Resource  umayyad_castle
 Loading Module Resource  OSP_Monastery_Bridge
 Loading Module Resource  OSP_Italian_Props
 Loading Module Resource  castle_z
 Loading Module Resource  castle_props_stoun_1
 Loading Module Resource  castle_props_stoun_2
 Loading Module Resource  castle_props_stoun_3
 Loading Module Resource  la_grandmaster_tribal
 Loading Module Resource  sceneprops1
 Loading Module Resource  sceneprops2
 Loading Module Resource  sceneprops3
 Loading Module Resource  sceneprops4
 Loading Module Resource  OSP_new_rome
 Loading Module Resource  wildling_scene_props
 Loading Resource  object_bodies
 Loading Module Resource  meshes_face_gen
 Loading Resource  body_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  awoiaf_hair
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_beards
 Loading Resource  goods_meshes
 Loading Resource  item_meshes1
 Loading Resource  armors_c
 Loading Resource  armors_g
 Loading Resource  boots_b
 Loading Resource  boots_c
 Loading Resource  armors_new_heraldic
 Loading Resource  heraldic_armors
 Loading Resource  arena_costumes
 Loading Resource  boots_a
 Loading Resource  sarranid_helmets
 Loading Resource  armors_new_a
 Loading Resource  armors_new_b
 Loading Resource  armors_new_arena
 Loading Resource  full_plate_armor
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_bilwit_armour
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_armours
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_ironborn_armour
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_wildlings
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_gauntlets
 Loading Module Resource  armour_pack
 Loading Resource  sarranid_lady_dress
 Loading Resource  bride_dress
 Loading Resource  fur_armors_a
 Loading Module Resource  tunicalarga
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas1
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas2
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas3
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas4
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas5
 Loading Module Resource  tunicas6
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_helmets
 Loading Resource  deneme2
 Loading Resource  tableau_shields
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_rus_armour_pack
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_misc_osp_armors
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_medievalhelmets
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes1
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_b
 Loading Resource  dart
 Loading Resource  rock
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_weapons
 Loading Module Resource  shields_large
 Loading Resource  shields
 Loading Resource  weapons_e
 Loading Resource  weapons_f
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_d
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_e
 Loading Resource  crossbows
 Loading Resource  spear
 Loading Module Resource  bry_axes
 Loading Module Resource  Shields_round_medium
 Loading Module Resource  shield_small_round
 Loading Module Resource  bry_knives
 Loading Module Resource  spears
 Loading Resource  weapon_meshes_c
 Loading Resource  horse_a
 Loading Resource  grooming_horse
 Loading Resource  horses_b
 Loading Resource  arabian_horses
 Loading Module Resource  animals
 Loading Module Resource  horses
 Loading Resource  scene_encounter_spot
 Loading Module Resource  op_terrain_borders_b
 Loading Resource  tree_f
 Loading Module Resource  map_tree_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  tree_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  xtree_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  grass_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  plant_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  OSP_Jaakko_Trees
 Loading Module Resource  tree_e_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  xtree_meshes_c
 Loading Resource  skyboxes
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_skyboxes
 Loading Resource  map_icon_meshes
 Loading Resource  map_icons_b
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_map_icons
 Loading Module Resource  floris_map_icons
 Loading Resource  map_icons_c
 Loading Module Resource  xtree_meshes_b
 Loading Module Resource  iconos1
 Loading Resource  instruments
 Loading Resource  costumes_d
 Loading Resource  khergit_lady_dress
 Loading Resource  gauntlets_new
 Loading Resource  interiors_arabian
 Loading Resource  wb_mp_objects_a
 Loading Module Resource  otrositems
 Loading Module Resource  bows_and_arrows
 Loading Module Resource  furandpaddedarmour
 Loading Module Resource  colourfull_cloth_clothes
 Loading Module Resource  forfreecities
 Loading Module Resource  vikingarmour
 Loading Module Resource  bry_byrnie_and_chainmail
 Loading Module Resource  battlebanners
 Loading Module Resource  bry_footwear
 Loading Module Resource  bry_cloaks
 Loading Module Resource  wedding_rings
 Loading Module Resource  desnudos1
 Loading Module Resource  sail
 Loading Module Resource  bry_swords
 Loading Module Resource  std_banners
 Loading Module Resource  std_banners_default
 Loading Module Resource  std_flags_vertical
 Loading Module Resource  bry_hoods
 Loading Module Resource  tunicasyropavaria
 Loading Module Resource  bry_helmets
 Loading Module Resource  vegetacion
 Loading Module Resource  vestuariomujeres
 Loading Module Resource  variosadd
 Loading Module Resource  rock_n_mountain_v3
 Loading Module Resource  fantasy_scene_props
 Loading Module Resource  snow_object_meshes
 Loading Module Resource  snow_wooden_fort
 Loading Module Resource  placeholder_armours
 Loading Module Resource  weapons
 Loading Module Resource  boots
 Loading Module Resource  robes
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_religions
 Loading Module Resource  standard_bearers
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_WFAS_Objects
 Loading Module Resource  custom_missiles
 Loading Module Resource  barf_skeletal_horse
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_items
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_xeno_armours
 Loading Module Resource  AWOIAF_xeno_shields
 Loading Module Resource  Tempered_mesh
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  network_compatible . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  hide_other_mod_servers . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  ground_weapon_collision . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  use_missile_damage_type . Skipping.
 Unrecognized Module_info directive =  allow_unset_script_params . Skipping.
} //Processing Ini File Finished
 Loading Music...
 Loading Textures...
 Finished Loading Textures...
 L8 Format is  unsupported
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP SOUND CODE:  snd_release_crossbow_medium
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP SOUND CODE:  snd_release_crossbow_far
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP SOUND CODE:  snd_bullet_hit_body
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP SOUND CODE:  snd_player_hit_by_bullet
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_missile_dives_into_water
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_troop_upgrades_button_clicked
 WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE:  game_character_screen_requested
 Loading Module...
 Loading item kinds...
 Loading dialogs...
 Loading mission templates...
 Loading party templates...
 loading time:  161473
 Finished All...
 load_map_data complete.
 Init_map complete.
 init_meta_mission complete.
 map mesh built.
 429 parties added.
 launch complete.
 Switching to menu window...
 SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 22: Invalid Script Parameter ID: 1; LINE NO: 1:
 At script: change_troop_renown.

Please help me, I am an expert fan of Game of Thrones.

Offline Produno

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Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 06:09:05 PM
Try updating your warband to 1.66. It has quite a few optimizations that help with memory issues.


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Reply #2 on: April 25, 2015, 06:32:43 PM
You can send me the link to download the patch? For my Mount & Blade Warband is - Viking Conquest SKIDROW.

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Reply #3 on: April 25, 2015, 08:14:34 PM
The patch will be on the taleworlds website.

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Reply #4 on: April 26, 2015, 03:23:12 AM
A legitimate copy would probably help mate. I know who SKIDROW is ;)

"AT-STs will no longer be deployed on planets with an abundance of trees or other known obstacles such as rock-wielding primitives."

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Reply #5 on: April 26, 2015, 09:10:05 AM
Ah i see. Locking thread. Dont be a pirate, or a cheapskate.