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Author Topic: Beta 7 Hotfix  (Read 6249 times)

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on: March 14, 2015, 11:34:49 PM
I will post the Beta 7 hotfix download and changelog here. Once im happy most of the bugs are fixed ill submit it to Moddb.

Beta 7 Final Hotfix #1 can be downloaded here


Beta 7 hotfix #1 Changelog

Fixed merchant inventories for all the new towns.
Various scene fixes.
Various mesh, texture and shader fixes.
Various text fixes.
Various map fixes/Improvements.

I will continue to fix and release hotfixes until i feel enough bugs are fixed to upload to Moddb. Its entirely upto you if you download these, but if you want to test and report bugs its always best to start a new game after updating.
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Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 10:01:07 PM
 Hotfix #2 Changelog

Removed the random wars and peace for now, or at least most of them. This should stop most of the crazy peace arrangements or wars started.
Fixed The first part of Varys quest.
Fixed the 'Lannister always pays his debts' quest.
Various text bugs fixed.
Ive reduced some of the bandit parties sizes due to high demand from others, ive also increased the spawn rate and added an extra (easier) outlaw type with 2 extra spawn points.
Made adjustments to killing Lords and fixed a couple of bugs associated with that.
Hopefully removed the Targ parties that seem to spawn at the beginning of the game.
Changes to some lords inventories.
More map changes.
Completely overhauled all spawn points. They should be more diverse and in better locations according to lore.
Adjusted more lords inventories.
Fixed the siege crashes and some crashes for ship/sea battles.
Started adding new starting quest.
Removed being able to sell slaves to the brotherhood.
Updated all bounty quest troops.
Added Master of Coin.
Added Master of Laws.
Added Master of Whisperers.
Now if you kill a Lord you gain their possessions. This allows you to claim some unique weapons and armours.
Added new archery animation.
Fixed shiny horses.
added some new items
Changed Plankytown scenes
Changed all faction namers.
Added The Stormlands
Switched some Lords about.
Added Pentos, Sunspear, Lys and Ashford scenes by LordCanute.
All lords personalities changed - thanks to Machiavelli24
Added special patrol parties for the Nights Watch and the Free Folk.
Ice and Dawn sword should no longer break.
Changed much of the ui and background pictures for better polish.
Fixed bugs reported by testers..
Added all new terrain borders and skyboxes in prep for the Beta 8 scene overhaul.
Added xeno's weather scripts.
Added new title music.
Adjusted camp scenes.
Unified all mod options into one menu from the PBOD options presentation. - not all options work yet and still have to be integrated correctly.
cleaned up some code.
Adjustments to arena fighters in visit arena scene. You will mostly find troops of that towns owned faction sparring.
Lots of other fixes and improvements.
Re-enabled armour penalties.
Gave the special weaponsmith the correct Valyrian blades and adjusted conversation slightly. This fixes the problems when not being able to afford the weapon and him thinking you have bought it.
Adjusted the conversation for the Good Master. You can now rehire more unsullied after a certain amount of time.
Fixed a tonne of shaders and textures/meshes.
Added some new armours.
Adjusted the way weapons break.. or dont, as it didnt seem to be working as it should before.
You should now be able to kill all lords/hero's even if you dont own your own faction.
Changed outpost to fort. - more changes will be made to this in the future.
Added new dialogues for hired religious troops in your fort.
Changed requirements for some shields.
Added a Lance type recruitment system for the crossroads in and at towns. This will be expanded on in the future but i think serves its purpose for now.
Fixed some scenes inc lys hall scene crash and no chest in the Red Keep.
Fixed some ai meshes in some scenes.
Lots of campaign map changes/fixes.
Some relations fixes for different bandits and religious parties.
You can now sell prisoners to any lord that belongs to the Nights Watch.
Added more helmets.
Added more armours.
Added more footwear.
Added claimant and story written by kazansky22.
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