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Author Topic: Bugs by Puttzy  (Read 1742 times)

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on: May 20, 2014, 03:52:59 AM
I am playing version A0.5.02 as House Lannister and I've mentioned to you that they are the most powerful in the game so far, I assume its because they almost all have swords/shields while other factions are just swords. but to the point.

Village Issues:
[spoiler]I conquered now two factions with about 1/16 the loss of what they suffered but when I took out the Riverlands three villages failed to join the House Lannister faction.
Greywater Watch, Acorn Hall, and Pink Maiden remained in the Riverlands control so I have had to capture and keep all of the Riverland Lords prisoner.[/spoiler]

Reputation issues:

[spoiler]My party group companion reputation seems to slowly lower even when I have victory after victory and give them gifts of iron cuffs. I recruited Gendry and I got him to +7, I sent him on a mission to grant me Right to Rule and he came back with -42 within the time frame he was gone. Over time it says my reputation has increased from -42 to -40 etc etc. [/spoiler]

WAR issues:

[spoiler]Upon capturing any lord of a faction other factions declare war on them as if they are so weak its just free game. I captured a leader and every Faction declared war upon them e.g. I captured the Reach King amazingly defeated him with 600men vs my 150(I only lost 20) every nation from every corner of Westeros declared war.[/spoiler]

Recruting Issues:

[spoiler]1. I'm not quite sure if this is a bug it seems to have ironed itself out for me, occasionally I am unable to recruit by the old method (visit village menu [Recruit Volunteers] forcible recruit has never worked other lords have always taken the men.
2. There is an infinite recruit process but it will surely dent your purse.
You are able to ask the village elder to speak good on your behalf to the villagers and if you do this several times or maybe even once and then ask if he found anyone he will tell you he found you 1 - 209 men to join you and the recruit cost is cheap, I recruited 230men for 1010gold.
You can repeat this process without even leaving the menu screen.
3. When you ask your Troop Manager in your towns/castles and ask for him to recruit men for you it takes less than 3minutes to have them bring back the number you asked him. (GREAT FOR QUICK DEFENSES!)[/spoiler]