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Author Topic: v0.5.0 Bug Observations by Odysseus  (Read 2679 times)

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Offline Odysseus

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on: May 14, 2014, 11:41:10 PM
I will keep this list organized and updated until circumstance demands a new thread. I will cross-reference other threads where relevant.

Gameplay Issues Last Updated 20:56 27/05/2014
  • Winterfell hates player's Old Gods Faith. Similar inconsistencies exist elsewhere. Perhaps not a bug but a symptom of religion's massive code sprawl still needing attention. Fixed
  • After donating 1000 Stags to the Old Gods Faithful in Winterfell's Great Hall, war was immediately declared on "The Old Gods of the Forest" which meant, for some reason, the player. Aggressors included House Stark, House Tyrell, and some Free Cities. FIXED
    • Two Additional Tests yielded apparently random results. The first test saw war declared by Stark, Greyjoy, Nightswatch, and Wildlings. Test two saw literally everybody DOW the Old Gods and the Player. Relations with belligerents drop to -100 (Vengeful).
  • There are intermittent but frequent errors when the game checks for courtship data. The details have been noted elsewhere, and is perhaps a symptom of characters not yet fully implemented. Will test further.

Fief, Map Issues Last Updated 20:49 27/05/2014
  • Greywater Watch is currently attached to The Twins and is loyal to House Tully. It should at least be attached to Moat Cailin and a member of House Stark, though it should be truly be replaced with a castle. The swamps and bogs of the Neck are unlikely to be productive, but are a formidable military challenge.
  • One of the bridges outside Highgarden has the wrong graphic orientation, although it functions properly.FIXED
  • Volantis desperately needs a boat launch/river crossing nearby. Presently it is very isolated from its Hinterland by an obnoxious eastward trip around the river. FIXED
  • Volantis has no port but it should.FIXED
  • White Harbor has no port but it should.FIXED

Graphics and Aesthetics Issues Last Updated 20:50 27/05/2014
  • There seems to be some sort of alignment issue with the map text. The ends of location names are cut off on the end by a fraction.
  • Mikken, Winterfell's Blacksmith, should be an older man, but is currently a young woman. FIXED
  • Maege Mormont is bald. I know that a lot of face codes need tweaking, but she looks more like Jeor Mormont right now than Jeor Mormont does.

Localization, Text Issues Last Updated 20:38 27/05/2014
  • In the prelude, Eddard Stark is referred to as a King, though he was a Lord Paramount when he died. False Bug Resolved
  • Wendel Manderly's name is spelled as 'Wendal Manderly. FIXED

It's a varied list. I will keep it curated for when sections were last updated. Please advise if developers prefer different formatting or want more detailed feedback on anything. I have also noted where I am already testing things further. I like figuring out why stuff doesn't work like it should, but this is my first time volunteering as a bug hunter, so be gentle.  :P

UPDATE: The above list has been edited on 27/5/2014 to acknowledge fixes.
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Reply #1 on: May 14, 2014, 11:55:14 PM
Nope, thats perfect. Very concise and easy for me to read and understand whats going on! Thanks.

I will edit your post (with a fixed next to the bug in question) when the bugs youve reported have been proven fixed.


Regarding this

"•Winterfell hates player's Old Gods Faith. Similar inconsistencies exist elsewhere. Perhaps not a bug but a symptom of religion's massive code sprawl still needing attention."

Does this hold true on every new game?
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