Updated 12/26: Minor and Big Bugs in 9.9

Started by akbarshoxxx, December 25, 2016, 04:46:28 AM

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My first thread was posted as a guest and I can't edit it, I figured its more easier to read my updates in the main post rather than replies.

Major bugs:

I've completed Vary's questline and the Targaryens have invaded, with each lord having 600 soldiers and the King has 1800.
Problem 1: They scattered themselves all over the place and went ahead and declared war even on the vale and riverlands, along with westerlands, stormlands and the reach. They are stretched thin.
Problem 2: They have no objective, for the first week or so they are a force to be reckoned with, however as days pass, their forces dwindle and arent able to replenish because they arent sieging any castles or towns.
Problem 3: I've joined them as a Lord and became Marshall, no lords are following me except one Jon Lothston. Upon further investigation the lords are scattered among the area and do not move, when I ask them what they are doing, (for example Balaq Sotoros) he said he's in Moat Calin, resting while he was idle in Kings Landing area.
Problem 4: Clones of Jon Lothston, I've counted 3! One is the actual, who has the regular options when speaking with him, the other is roaming around Dorne, and the third clone only gives option to speak privately and then upon exiting the game takes us to the pre battle screen as if he were invading a village and I am opposing him, does not give the option to battle, only leave.
Problem 5: Dorne still hasnt joined the war, I assumed I needed to speak to someone, I spoke with the prince, and then went looking for the actual prince again in water gardens (who happens to have the same name as the prince ruling dorne)

New major bugs/problems as of 12/24/2016:
1. With many lords I still have the option to talk to them privately, even if they say "I'd prefer we keep things out in the open".
2. The Targaryens are still roaming the land even after their faction was defeated.
3. In battles, after my death, everyone charges (as they're supposed to) except for archers, they are stationary and do not advance. Enemy archers function as intended and as usual.
4. In siege battles, many times it comes to a stalemate because the enemy is constantly trying to walk through walls and are completely backed up and refuse to advance, same for my troops, they back away from the enemy, pushing themselves onto walls and no one fights. Im thinking this is because it says "infantry/cavalry/archers returning after destroying 'x' unit", perhaps if you remove this, they will siege as normal? Also is it possible for the multiple ladders/paths to be used instead of only one? (in this case bravos siege)
5. In PRE siege, you do not have to actually wait the x amount of hours to build mantlets or sewage system/pipelines, you simply need to click it and go back to planning page whenever you want to have it already finished. (Might I add to reduce the amount of hours it needs to build these?)
6. My master of whisperers is no where to be found, with no option to hire a new staff member. I defected peacefully from Dorne giving up Oldtown to start my own kingdom in Greenstone, my master was nowhere to be found, checked oldtown. Master of whisperers is only available when  you have a town
7. Extremely difficult to sustain a basic army, I have over 10 enterprises, with around 6 or 5 of them dye works, a village and a castle. In total I command 300 soldiers (with 200 of them always garrisoned for 50% less expenses) but I still take a hit every week, can you up the revenue a bit? Otherwise I need to spend 3-4 days per 2 weeks doing nothing but capturing dothrakis and selling them off. Just capture a town, around 6k income if its a decent city
8. When my player faction asks for a truce, that truce never expires, so I end up being in an eternal peace.

Updated as of 12/26/2016

1. It is officially a state of war with any faction as soon as relation drop below 0, even if its -1 I have factions launching campaigns, raiding villages attacking lords, as soon as a gift is sent to normalize relations, they back off, please have a limit to when they can declare war, maybe when it hits -20? or -40
2. Lords from defeated factions never actually rejoin someone else, they respawn, gather up whatever army they can, and either idle or roam. Ser Duckfield for example is in the dead center of a castle making it impossible to interact with him because the selection goes to the castle and never to him.
3. Pyke prison door doesnt have option to enter, you can only access it by bribing the prison guard making the jailbreak impossible
Link: http://imgur.com/a/AKrpM

New minor bugs/problems as of 12/24/2016:
1.Can you relook Stormlands militia? It seems to me they are pretty powerful considering their armor and how well they fight.
2.In some castles I capture I always release random prisoners such as The Hound or a Tyrell only for them to say "Im Busy!" Same goes to Lords I interact with who aren't actually supposed to be there (they are clones)
3. When electing Marshalls, there is always 2 elections, the first one is where Lords state who they support when you speak to them and then in the end the monarch chooses the marshall via text. Right afterwards,  there is always an election between 2 candidates in an actual original Mount and Blade Warband screen, where Lords cast their vote with yours being the last. So there are redundant Marshall choosings.
4. Impossible to read books, monk in the citadel does not want to be disturbed, states "please dont disturb be while I'm training"
5. Captured enemy lords aren't automatically released when war ends, also, some lords have laughable ransom offers such as 200-500 denars.
6. Can you add 1-2 more surgeons to the game besides Qyburn?
7. Even when mantlets are built generally the amount of casualties when we advance with the main army is still the same.
8. When accessing list of known lords by relation, my lords have a statement "ruler of house akbar", some lords have statements "reputed to be [liege]", when you ask who they feel about kings from those lords, they answer with [liege]
9. Essos never goes to war
10. In tournaments the indicator above AI's head goes away, making it nearly impossible to know whos on your team
11. Many say random gibberish when stating that they dont want to talk privately
I could care less if you wont be able to take a look at the minor bugs/problems, as they in no way impede the game, but the major ones really make it difficult

Thank you!
If you have any questions please let me know

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