Bridge of Skulls Bug 9.5.6

Started by Master Rawl, June 03, 2016, 11:09:37 PM

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Hello there. I'm getting great performance from this patch but the new Bridge of Skulls is buggy.

*When entering the Bridge of Skulls you get a screen as if you have begun a conversation with a servant at a fief. http://imgur.com/gxxBVM5

*After I hired some spies ;) I was greeted with a battle screen with no enemies. http://imgur.com/c4QIBJW

*Then a battle map loaded with no enemies. http://imgur.com/9rRyOUR

*After exiting, the mission wasn't completed and all attempts have been the same. http://imgur.com/yHI2c3N

Also, while waiting in Braavos your troops lose morale as if you are on a boat because the town's model lies beneath the waves, I think.


Thanks for the report, not really sure what's happened to the bridge of skulls. It was fine last I checked, maybe a compilation error. I shall check it out and get a hotfix out.

You have been the first one to properly report the bug so thanks.

Same problem, that didn't happened on beta 9.5 BETA, I accomplished the quest without problems there, Produno, it's something added between that and beta 9.5.6

Same problem mate. How can i keep in touch when you publish a new hotfix?

Beta 9.6 is out, you can download it from moddb. It fixes this problem

i used the patch and started a new game and it's still not working. I still can't get the mission done

It just happened to me too... You get to talk to yourself and you get an option to tell other kings ''you met a guy called [YOUR NICKNAME]''

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