Beta 9.5 Changelog

Started by Produno, May 02, 2016, 11:13:33 AM

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May 02, 2016, 11:13:33 AM Last Edit: June 03, 2016, 04:16:41 PM by Produno
The changelog for Beta 9.5


Your kingdom culture will now depend on which 'people' you choose when creating a character.
You can now only change to affiliated cultures.
Added Riverlands as a starting 'people' choice.
Adjusted AI mesh for Thorrens Square.
Adjusted AI mesh for Pyke.
The Reach and Riverlands no longer start at war with the Westerlands.
The Riverlands start allied with the North.
Re-done trigger for auto indictment.
Added the ability to change your faction colour.
Added ages to all women.
Buffed Giants.
Added Dragonstone scene made by LordCanute.
Changed some terrain borders and textures.
Removed the faction coloured display messages - i thought these were too distracting and ugly.
Tried to standardize all the display message colours.
Made the events a little better.
Added more npc's.
Your son and daughter now look younger.
Added new quest - Old Valyria.
Added menu's to harbours.
Adjust every single generic face code. All cultures should look different now.
Added new armours with permission from Bilwit.
Added Bolton troops.
Added Karstark troops.
Added Stark troops.
Added Frey troops.
Added Lannister troops.
NOTE: all troops are pretty much the same for now - but with different armour/items/names. Later when time allows i shall change type and stats.
Bolton, Karstark, Stark, Frey and Lannister lord's armies are composed of only there own troops. This includes the fiefs they own inc guard/prison/castle troops. Making them effectively their own faction within a faction.
Modified and balanced the bridge of skulls quest.
Modifications made to the campaign map.
Added a new option to start with static wars.
Added new events.
Added new quest - Bastards and Broken Things.
Added 9 more castles and 8 more villages to Westeros.
Made adjustments to horse/camel stats.


Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting one of the female faces.
Fixed any more instances of missing mesh pictures.
Fixed incorrect town/castle mesh pictures.
Fixed an issue where you would only receive 2 wildfire and not 10.
Fixed some issues with some scene props.
Fixed an exploit with the Mystic Merchant.
Fixed issue with character creation overlaying text when clicking on 'random'.
Fixed issue with village elders.
Added back lord companions that was accidently removed.
Fixed wildfire exploit.
Fixed and added back Winterfell brothel.
Fixed prison entry in Castle Black.
Fixed entry points in Kings Landing.
Fix faction strings.
Fix script error when winning a tourney.
Fixed not being able to choose Dothraki, Targaryen or Vale as starting 'people' choice.
Fixed battle order menus - thanks to Moto.
Fixed measter not appearing in your fort.
Fixed moon brothers camp scene.
Fixed Dothraki camp scene Ai mesh.
Fixed septons not appearing in courtrooms.
Been through every town and castle scene and fixed passages/entry points plus ai mesh etc.
Fixed religious troops not changing if the center changes religion.
Fixed flying missile meshes.
Lots more small tweaks/fixes.

Please PM me if you would like to test this beta.