A few Bugs and Issues

Started by Roye, December 22, 2016, 12:15:45 PM

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Bugs :

1)It doesn't let me continue Vary's questline - I told him I don't have time to do the quest(Cause I had no tracker skills which would have made going after the spy impossible) , now I cant go and get another quest from him.

2)You can die - Your character gets killed in battle and is removed from your party. It also happens to companions , but im not sure if companions dying would be considered a bug or if you did it on purpose.

3)Baggage missing - It happened to me a few times that the baggage box didnt apear in battles(This bug is easily solved by simply changing gear , and once you do , the baggage box should reappears at the next battle) , since its solved easily its not a major problem , but its still a bug.

Issues(I know these are not bugs , but I got no idea were to post these , and im too lazy to make another thread) :

1)Lanisters always die , they are attacked from all directions , none of the sides ever sings peace with them and they usually die by day 200(Unless I join them , in which case they got a chance as long as im on the battle field to save their little asses).

2)The Free Folk are too weak - In the seiries \ books the Free Folk have an army of 100K soldiers ready to destroy the Nights Watch , while it has barely any warriors of its own.

In other words seeing the Nights Watch beat the Free Folk every time(Unless you help the Free Folks yourself) , makes no sense(Maybe add a questline were they get wiped out by Stanis or the White Walkers , or have the White Walkers apear after a certain date and destroy the Free Folk).

In my game Lannisters are dominating. And I never needed the tracker for the soy, he just goes south of kings landing on the road and goes a bit into the forest, in my previous game I failed Varys once and he never gave me a quest again for lack of trust, I think it's intentional
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