9.9 Bugs

Started by Bersia, January 08, 2017, 08:06:43 PM

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  • I believe it was Riverrun I was invited to a tourney and there's a non rendered fence that surrounds the field. It's just white.
  • Recruited a group of mercs in Essos, Tattered Prince refers to me as "No String"
  • Lords defect to join my kingdom, where they automatically join. They do not come to my court, I must track them down to initiate the discussion where even if I do turn them down they still join.
  • Golden Tooth looks like a town on the map, with houses and stuff, is it supposed to be a town or castle like it is?
  • Banefort (I'm pretty sure it was) siege starts half underwater, as well as seems to be under the ground I walked into the water and my men and theirs according the minimap were under me.

"AT-STs will no longer be deployed on planets with an abundance of trees or other known obstacles such as rock-wielding primitives."

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