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If you would like to help with the mod and gain access to our special Team Members only forum, then please apply by sending me a message. Your message should include your skills, and some showcase work.

Who do we currently need?

Texturer - can you texture? We have lots of models specifically made for the mod that require to be textured

3D Artist - Mainly we need armours making, but if your able to make other stuff aswell then thats great!

Scener - We have lots of scenes that need producing, can you create awesome immersive scenes?

2D Artist - How good can you draw? We have lots of menus that need to be created.

well I can take the job of the researcher, plus I am in the last episode of the games of thrones right now, so if you think I can be of help, then I would like to join too

Quote from: darklord5555 on July 24, 2013, 05:47:53 PM
well I can take the job of the researcher, plus I am in the last episode of the games of thrones right now, so if you think I can be of help, then I would like to join too

I shall set you a task, if you complete it your on the team?

I only really want one researcher and someone that will get the job done. You would be amazed how many people ask to be on the team as a researcher, i set them a task, they cant find it on the wiki so give up. So you must be prepared to use other sources.

Hopefully we can find a texturer soon so I can actually get some models ingame, im absolutely hopeless at texturing so anyone who is any good at texturing please PM me :)

April 29, 2015, 06:24:47 AM #6 Last Edit: April 30, 2015, 06:20:20 AM by ImmortalGG
I can help with the texturing of banners
Edit: I can also help with the Moddb page adding gfx and such, as you probably have no time to do so

2D artist I guess? What do you intend to do anyway? Change the whole GUI?
I'm very skilled at Photoshop and I can create nicer interface, need to know the names of the files though because I've never modded Warband before.
I did just discover this mod and I like it a lot, so I decided to apply here because almost every Warband mod is the same interface wise..Everyone just keeps the vanilla buttons, vanilla fonts and whole vanilla interface. Only stuff that get changed are loading screens and that sometimes bothers me.

June 21, 2016, 01:22:47 PM #8 Last Edit: June 21, 2016, 01:34:45 PM by ull50kk
If you need any help with soundfiles, making new ones etc.
Generally anything to do with sound or music, PM me!

Got a high end studio :)

Awesome mod btw!

I want to help this mod progress, i even started learning coding !
Give me a task that doesn't require any special skills and i will gladly try to help.

Well I can be a scener if you want but I only when it suits me because you know, school, personal stuff.

Hi Produno, I can help out with 2D art.

I really love what you're doing with this mod. I put in quite a few hours into ACOK several years ago, and after season 7 ended I wanted to get back into it. I saw your mod in the steam
workshop after I bought Warband and gave it a try instead. I'm not quite at a professional level yet- I'm still a student and learning and improving everyday- but I feel like i can contribute a lot. I'm definitely
on par with most of the artwork i've seen, such as the opening menu, and I'd like to contribute.

I'm currently attending a traditional atelier, yet summer isn't over and I think this would also be a great way to flip back over to doing digital art.

I could send some jpeg images of my previous digital work, and a link to my art Instagram just to show some traditional chops I've been working on.

Can't wait to see what 2.0 brings, keep up the great work!

I'd like to apply as a Scener. I've worked on other mods, so I have expirience and it's my hobby making maps and castles.
I've made a few ones just for fun and I try to follow the show/book or any pictures i find of places in GoT as best as I can.
bEnD tHe kNeE oR i wIlL dEsTrOy yOu.

Send PM to Produno then - it would be great to have more places in the mod, especially in Essos :).

Hello Produno!

i am sure, that ya dont know me. but i play this mod ever since and prefer it to AcoK Mod.

Your Mod as the potential to grow big and advance into a new world ... of ice and fire. :P

for some previous Versions i have made a large nd detailed report, but my old computer died and so all the datas did. after half an years without any electic machine ( phone aside) i´ve bought a new computer and started playing again.

3.0 is awesome. everyone can see your advance this far and beyond . now back to topic:

i really want you to help. i thought about it yesterday, when i was at "Oldtown" ... ... which does not look so good.

i offer you to be your first sword of bughunting and maybe i will make some scenes as oldtown and more.

Before we..or i go any step further, i will make my Bug-Report as detailed as possible and i will send it to you in .. at least a week or two.

ps. please reply me about this bug-hunting thing. maybe we can catch some volunteers which may help.


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