A Song of Ice and Fire

Started by cwr, August 11, 2013, 05:09:59 PM

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Best book/tv series ever?

42 (89.4%)
5 (10.6%)

Total Members Voted: 26

The tv show is certainly the highest production value I ever saw in tv medium. In terms of story it has a lot of flaws that make it less interesting than the novels, but it's still very entertaining to watch, unless you can't seperate the fact that it will never be able to copy the novels' plot with perfect faithfullness, the show is an adaptation and since it relied so heavily on being faithful until season 4, naturally it plummeted after it caught up to Martin's writing. I dislike what they did to Dorne, not only the exclusion of their Essos arc, and conspiracy but also how the nation's character was butchered when they decided to have the sand snakes murder Myrcella. Stannis obviously much worse character, and consequently story arc than his novels' counterpart. And finally their falling back to old duality based fantasy tropes in s7 with the epic and perfectly timed rescues and whatnot that Martin so much hates and deconstructs in the books.

As I said previously, all the flaws are things I can cope with because I don't need to have the perfect translation on screen of what the novels represent, in fact, the divergency only heats my desire to read the next novels even more since it will have a lot of stuff I won't be spoiled to by having watched the show in advance. For this reason I won't pick either option in your poll. At this point in time, ASOIAF is the greatest and most interesting book series I have read, with a style I wasn't used to in books, that keeps me hooked from beggining to end. As for the show, it is in one way the greatest series tv produced so far, all things accounted, but it fails to live up to the fullest of its potential. Perhaps they should've noted that Martin would never finish writing it before they caught up, and had instead done a more free adaptation. Martin however is probably to blame in part, he rejected many offers to sell the rights before this show, and then he allows them to start making it before he's do writing. I'm not intimate with the man's opinions and his current relation with the shows' writers/producers so it's possible he actually wants things to go this way. If I'm in the majority, then Martin will bank a lot with the fact that the latest seasons won't be the same as the 2 last books, and so people will not shy away so much from reading them just because they already watched it on tv.
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