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Title: The Winds of Winter release date
Post by: Sonar on July 30, 2020, 07:38:13 AM
Look what I saw just yesterday:


I guess more than one here is waiting for The Winds of Winter. Apparently George R. R. Martin thought it would be ready for... yeah, yesterday, and it's pretty clear it's not the case. However, right now I'm way more excited about Elden Ring than about The Winds of Winter (it's been so long since the last time I read one of his books, I think I'll have to re-read them once The Winds of Winter is out). I guess it's not easy for him to create so many worlds and stories, so I get it. I mean, I get it's taking so long. Also he's probably sick of ASoIaF and he wants do something new, so I'm not really concerned about that last book. And, honestly, it's not like he has to measure his productivity, he doesn't need too keep writing (even though I hope he keeps doing it). He's already rich. Anyway, what do you think, though? It's going to be released this year? Next year? He's gonna die before finishing it?
Title: Re: The Winds of Winter release date
Post by: Produno on July 30, 2020, 03:39:00 PM
A couple of years maybe. He has no real reason to rush imo other than the wash his hands of it, though i get the feeling he does not want another S8 on his hands where its rushed out and sours the rest of his books.
Title: Re: The Winds of Winter release date
Post by: shaerk on July 31, 2020, 02:07:38 AM
I don't think it's going to release this year or next year, I'd say about 5 more years. It's was well known in the community that he trashed everything back in 2015 because he was frustrated with something some people suspected it was him trying to get daenarys out of mereen, I don't like to say this but he did wrote himself into a corner. There was also a rumor that he wanted to do a timeskip kind of like resetting the board in the story so he wouldn't have to explain how certain characters got to where they are but the publishers won't let him.

Not to mention he's involved in other projects like world-building for Elden Ring, after Dance with Dragons released he also spent time writing for the lore books like Fire and Blood, now he's also involved being a serious advisor for HBO's House of the Dragon, in real life apparently he bought a train set that he plans to rebuild.

I would like to see the effects of it when it releases because I think it will be a best selling book, but will the last two books deliver? we don't know, I honestly think it will make some people angry because the effect would be along the lines of in the show where Cersei and Jaime dies underground (tragically unsatisfying because I think that was george's idea in the first place). I also think it will destroy the careers of the two main show writers even more because everyone would be up on their faces about it.