Author Topic: Bug list for Beta 9.5.7 - 6/12/2016  (Read 1496 times)

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on: June 12, 2016, 09:19:55 PM
Hello! I have decided to start another bug list for beta 9.5.7. Once again, I will upload screenshots to an album on Imgur. The list will be updated if I run into any more bugs. Thanks for the update!

Screenshot album:

Bug # 1 - Companions complaints.
Description: Companions complain about each other even though it is disabled in the preferences.
How to reproduce: Have two incompatible companions in the party, disable companion complaints in the mod preferences and fight against someone.

Bug # 2 - Faction leader dialogue.
Description: Faction leaders have 'claimant dialogue' with your character's name in it.
How to reproduce: Speak to a faction leader.

Bug # 3 -  Bugged helmet.
Description: I opened up the cheat menu to see what new armors were added. I took interest in a helmet and equipped it only to see that the helmet appears in the ground instead of over the character's head.
How to reproduce: Enter cheat menu, go to helmets portion and pick the specific helmet in the screenshot.

Bug # 4 - Spelling mistakes.
Description: Two screens have a small spelling mistake. Heir is misspelled as hier. The screenshots show which.
How to reproduce: Wait for the popups.

Bug # 5 - Horse Merchant of Norvos.
Description: The Horse Merchant in Norvos still has the wrong body type.
How to reproduce: Go to Norvos and look for the merchant.

Bug # 6 - Some quests have missing descriptions.
Description: A few quests have missing descriptions, such as "Bastards and Broken Things" and another one you get from the peasant in The Arbor to kill ironborn raiders.
How to reproduce: Get the quests.

Bug # 7 - Duplicate battle reports
Description: I started to notice some battle reports being duplicated in the log. Mainly arrow distance and backstab damage.
How to reproduce: Go into a battle.

Bug # 8 - Red text
Description: After capturing King's Landing from the Westerlands, I got some red text about invalid party IDs.
How to reproduce: Capture KL.

Bug # 9 - No option to leave King's Landing after building an enterprise.
Description: I captured King's Landing, waited for some income, requisitioned an enterprise and the 'Leave' option disappeared, perhaps due to too many options. I managed to get out by doing a banquet for the troops and clicking outside the city after it ended.
How to reproduce: Go into King's Landing after building an enterprise.

This was another great update to the mod. It just keeps getting better! Thank you!

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Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 01:01:24 PM
hello guys! ;D

I' m gonna add one more bug to this list:

Bug # 10 Master of laws troop training
Description: When you ask your master of laws for meele units, he gives you archers or calvary units. when aks for an alternate promotion, you receive infantry units. The only exception is the northern man at arms. The Northern Man at arms develops correctly. If you ask for meele units, you receive Northern Guardsman. When you aks for an alternate promotion, you receive Northern Pikeman.
How to reproduce: Ask your Master Of Laws to train troops for you.

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Reply #2 on: November 28, 2016, 02:32:24 PM
Very nicely done report.